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May 9, 2012 jasonjdotbiz commented on Obama Comes Out for Same-Sex Marriage.
Go Obama; the gay communities President Lincoln! Well I think it’s about time we have a just and brave President who actually believes in equality across the nation. I am however extremely saddened over Amendment 1. In North Carolina, it is perfectly legal to marry your FIRST cousin (well, unless he or she is gay) but yet your neighbors love and legal rights/responsibilities are to be voted on by strangers??? Very sad day for NC, the nation, the world! It is sick and shameful, especially because N. Carolina already has an existing discriminatory law banning same-gender marriage so the only thing this did was cause unnecessary conflict and tension between many people/neighbors. Not to mention MILLIONS of dollars were spent on this initiative and that is money that could have went to starving children, battered woman shelters (that are closing by the hour nationwide) and the list goes on. And we should not use religion as there are many faiths that interpret the sacred text to that of a more inclusive God and perform same-gender marriages. Are we not infringing on their religious freedoms?” I wish we would all live according to Luke 6:31″Do Unto Others….” I would not want my or my loved ones right to love and legal protections/responsibilities put on a ballot. Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. – Abraham Lincoln
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Oct 20, 2011 jasonjdotbiz commented on Herman Cain, Choicer.
Damn, if that's all it takes to hook up with Dan than, "America, gay is a choice and I am straight!!!!"