Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Nov 10, 2012 me3 commented on Get Gay Married in King County, Help At-Risk LGBT Youth!!.
From what I've heard, someone from Youth Care was sitting next to Joe McDermott while phone banking and suggested it to him, and that's how they got $35,000. I'm advocating for transparency and equity in allocation of funds. I'd like to hear why one org is preferred over another, and what the process for choosing how government $ is allocated is with regards to choosing organizations. A month ago, Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, an amazing org serving homeless youth, almost had to close because of lack of funding. API Chaya, an amazing org that has a program serving LGBTQ youth of color, is also in need of funding to maintain its programming.

@14 thanks, I will ask Joe. I would love if Dominic also used his power as a reporter to ask these questions as well. That's how transparency works.

As to comment 15, Queer Youth Space does have a space, provided a summer leadership camp for 13 queer youth, and has hired all youth staff and is implementing programming. If you are ony reading the Stranger's coverage of Queer Youth Space, then I would understand your doubts. However, the staff of the Stranger has never showed up to any of QYS' programming, and the article you cited is incredibly misleading. The article Dominic wrote about QYS' search for a permanent space neglected to mention that the grant was incredibly restricted- it required an ADA accessible space on Capitol Hill. That takes time to find, and the youth worked incredibly hard to find it. And the new space is beautiful. I would encourage you to check out Queer Youth Space for yourself, which is something the Stranger's staff has so far chosen not to do.
Nov 8, 2012 me3 commented on Get Gay Married in King County, Help At-Risk LGBT Youth!!.
How were Youth Care and Lambert House chosen over other queer youth orgs, such as Queer Youth Space, Seattle Young People's Project, etc? Why was there no grant process? Or community input on where this HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY ended up?
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Nov 12, 2011 me3 commented on Plenty of Nothin'.
Wow, look, the same article (link below) not written by a hater with an agenda who wrote the exact same rant in December of 2010!! Dominic, what's your problem with Queer Youth Space? The reason this article has NO facts and NO statements directly from QYS youth leaders is because you were so negative and unsupportive last time you wrote this same article and they knew better than to talk to you.

PEOPLE- read the Seattle Gay News article that actually sat down with the youth with an open mind- not an agenda. They have 4 sites they are considering currently. They MUST put the space on Capitol Hill by the terms of the grant. They continue to meet weekly and their meetings are open. If haters like Dominic have a problem with the pace, SHOW UP at their meetings and offer your support.

Queer Youth Space continues its search for a home
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