Nov 20, 2012 KevinR commented on Savage Love Episode 317.
Um...could it be that the outcry after the One Direction 'twink' comment was a homophobic reaction from their fans? Implying that it's defamatory to the band to insinuate that they might be gay? (As opposed to defamatory to young gay men to be called twinks?)
Apr 4, 2012 KevinR commented on Savage U Premieres Tonight! Plus: An Interview in Interview.
HUGE problem. Huge. It's impossible to get Savage U in Canada. MTV Canada isn't carrying it, and the MTV US website is inaccessible from here. And nobody seems to be posting the first episode anywhere else online. Can you guys find a way to fix this for the Canadjuns? Thanks.
Feb 9, 2012 KevinR commented on Savage Love Episode 277.
Dan! While you're apologizing to the straights for the Gayest thing you've ever said on a podcast (your plug of Anything Goes), you might as well extend your apology to the gays who can't stand musicals. WE'RE OUT HERE!
Dec 6, 2011 KevinR joined My Stranger Face
Dec 6, 2011 KevinR commented on Savage Love Episode 268.
I'm horrified that people made Lucy feel unwelcome by hating on her laugh! Lucy is lovable. I'm a sound engineer, and what I noticed was it took her an episode or two to get the hang of working the mic so she didn't blow the earbuds out of our ears when she laughed.

The only reason it might be good to get a break from her is the barfy love-on Dan's obviously got for her...reminiscent of the barfiness of the newly coupled, or the 9th grade barfy crush I had on my first fag hag. Please invite Lucy back for visits when your lady crush has subsided to non-barf levels Dan! Oh...and time for another fag hag episode maybe?