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Mar 22, 2016 Dr Gil Mobley, MD commented on .
Thanks again for your points, take_a_breath.

The samples were submitted in their original factory sealed, 502 labeled packages and photographed by the lab and news media. Is that sufficient?

I set out to prove that the LCB is not doing their job. I chose only recreational products because the growers are, by law, supposed to be reporting their pesticide use to the LCB and public by lists provided by the shops. Not surprisingly, most stores had no list to provide the consumer as required. That's a violation that needs exposing and rectifying immediately. Sorry your LCB was so slack and inattentive.

The very few growers that did comply with the law often reported that they used organics but lied. They used same real bad actors that led to recalls in Colorado.

Don't you think some one should have at least checked this before me? There has been zero random testing by the LCB you'll recall. I just don't get how you can be so angry that I would expose a significant health hazard with your state's safety of their cannabis.

Why would I test medical cannabis if there are no rules governing it and no watch dog? Their day is coming, trust me!

There's a totally wrong way to legalize cannabis, take_a_breath, and Washington State is writing that playbook. (Colorado has gotten it right!) The chapters get more and more absurd as time goes on! From the lack of home grows to the absurd DUI provisions implying impairment three days into abstinence to your pesticide laden weed at levels off the charts on the shelves (that no one has bothered to test what-so-ever and no one has any authority to do anything about)*, Washington state has failed in many ways to legalize cannabis in a responsible way that protects the public.

I wanted to show that little of the promised regulation is happening and that there are frank and dangerous violations that are being neglected. BINGO! My hypothesis was spot on! There's a total break down in your system. It is puzzling that you'd defend it, frankly, and so critical.

Medical has no laws yet. I chose to expose a big deficit in your legalization scheme that exposes the public to undue and varied health hazards. PERIOD.

And, regarding Ebola, I single-handedly started fever screening in international airports on passengers arriving from West Africa, the concept of fever screening centers once ER's might get overwhelmed, (adopted promptly) and tracking of international passengers arriving from West Africa by local health departments. What did you do for the epidemic?I also predicted it would spread quickly to our health care workers that were not properly protected. I was right. (And it was the CDC quoting millions of Ebola cases in the world......no me pal.) I have no regrets about my Ebola activism or my pot activism or my anti-Trump activism.

What else can I help with? I appreciate your concerns.


Dr. Gil
* The DOH will issue emergency recall rules for recreational cannabis tomorrow. You can thank me for that, take_a_breath.
Mar 21, 2016 Dr Gil Mobley, MD commented on More Products on Shelves at Recreational Marijuana Stores Have Tested Positive for Sketchy Pesticides.
Thanks, take_a_breath, for summarizing your baseless apologetics for the pathetic job Washington State has done in their feeble attempt to legalize cannabis.
First up, you have markedly diminished authority (not to mention no back bone at all) without either identifying yourself personally or providing your scientific credentials. What is your occupation? What is your dog in the fight? We all assume your are an attorney defending an unscrupulous grower or the LCB. Or maybe you're one of the pesticide spewing bad-actor growers themselves.

Regarding my opposition to 502, perhaps you should review the record and my history. I am a staunch advocate for the complete legalization of cannabis in several states and locally in my home community of Springfield, MO. I've lost some skin in that advocacy effort but I always say what I believe. I've testified before local and state governmental entities as a Medical Review Officer and respected medical doctor in several states that cannabis is safer than alcohol, that it's not usually addictive and it is not a gateway drug. I also own the domain www.homegrowsforall.com that is in the final stages of design.
You'll recall I opposed 502 solely on the basis of the unscientific DUI-C provision that nails regular cannabis users for DUI-C up to three days into total abstinence at the 5 ng level. I think I did a great job alerting the pubic of the issue.
(Derosiers, NIDA 2014: Anal Tox) I'd be delighted to forward the manuscript if you dare identify yourself, My email is below.
I'm also leading an effort to refine the medical cannabis profession by establishing protocols, best practices, continuing medical education for practitioners and QA policies. I'm hardly the zero tolerance zealot you'd prefer the readers to believe I am.
You'll also note in the run up to 502, I testified numerous times to the LCB about 1 issue: PESTICIDES. Specifically, I warned them that this travesty with pesticide contamination of cannabis at dangerous levels would happen. I have the audio of that public meeting in Lacy in the spring of 2012 if you'd like that. I gave the same testimony to the Colorado legislature. They listened.

Yes, cannabis needs to be legal but not "Washington State way" where drivers are accused of DUI three days after they put down their joint and their cannabis concentrates give off cyanide gas when the pesticides are burned or vaped.
Secondly, I've learned a LOT from Steve Sarich. As crazy as he can be, (and I was scared the death of him for the first few years I knew him) he is actually pretty smart on some important issues. For instance, your state crime lab would still be utilizing GCMS chromatography that yields falsely elevated DUI blood levels as it converts THC-A to delta-9 in the heating process in blood samples submitted for DUI testing. I intervened and made a big stink about this problem and now that method is totally discredited. Your lab had to buy a million dollars worth of equipment to rectify the issue. You can thank Steve Sarich that your state won't be falsely elevating THC levels in their labs any more.

Thirdly, I have no affiliation with CCA. None. I paid $3500 out of my own pocket for my own testing. Tobias found an entity that did the same, CCA. He combined our results. I did the demonstration project to show, rather dramatically. that your state not only has poisoned cannabis on the shelves of the 502 stores, but worst yet, no one in your state has the authority to recall these products that contain extraordinarily high levels of pesticides. These same products would be ripped off the shelves in other states in a New York second.

And your last comment hits the ball out of the park: your state has been derelict in their duty buy not identifying tolerated and threshold levels for pesticides in cannabis.

Thanks for this opportunity to discuss these issues, take_a-breath. I trust I've cleared a few things up. Let me know if you need the references mentioned. My email is drgilmobley@gmail.com.

Gil Mobley, MD
Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians
Diplomate, American Board of Emergency Medicine
Medical Review Officer; Certified MROCC
Mar 13, 2012 Dr Gil Mobley, MD commented on The Anti-I-502 Campaign Goes Rim Negative!.
News Flash........

Sorry, Dom, you stand corrected:

The No ON i502 Campaign repudiates such tactics and would in no way be affiliated with (or grant interviews with) individuals promoting such trash.

Gil Mobley, MD

Mar 7, 2012 Dr Gil Mobley, MD commented on Pot Activists vs. Pot Activists.
Correcting Dom-

I'm not an attorney, I am a physician and researcher. I shy away from speaking about all the additional negative issues surrounding i502 other than the per se provision, but this legal clarification about Dom's assertions were forwarded from our advisory committee's lawyers and the corrections need to be noted.

"In the article Dom foolishly says that with the 5 ng limit, anyone who registers below that wouldn't be convicted under the new proposed 502 law. Wrong! Even if yr breath alcohol limit is below .08 now you can still be convicted under the "under the influence" prong of the dwi statute (which is used by pros. For those who refuse the breath test) even though you won't be convicted under the " pro se" prong.

Of course if 502 passes, and you have more than 5 ng in yr system you will likely be convicted whereas right now, if you exceed 5 ng. They can only convict you if they prove you are "under the influence."

Hope that helps.


Gil Mobley, MD
No on i502
Mar 2, 2012 Dr Gil Mobley, MD commented on Are Stoners Throwing Patients Under the Bus?.
Please see the exact scientigic abstracts I'm relying on, in addition to my own patient
scenarios in my testimony in Olympia found at www.patientsagainsti502.org
Here you will see the scientists' own words in summary and NOT
have to rely on lay interpretations as above.

Gil Mobley, MD
Mar 2, 2012 Dr Gil Mobley, MD commented on Are Stoners Throwing Patients Under the Bus?.

I remain convinced that significant numbers of regular cannabis users will stay around 5 ng for a couple of days after ceasing use. I've seen it for myself!

How strong was the cannabis used in that study and on a regular basis by the regular users, BleedingHeartLibertarian?

Clearly, that could be an issue if the cannabis used in WA state by my patients is any better than what the NIH supplies. You think?

Are you sure you are comparing apples to apples. I'm not! My results and those of the studies I showed you yesterday are convincing to me, sir.

Indeed, not all regular users of cannabis will stay positive for days. MANY will and that is the main reason that I am vehemently opposed to 502. This is a terribly, terribly strong conviction that I have and know as the truth!

Thanks again though.
(I'd like to correspond with you BHL on a more confidential manner if possible. Please consider emailing me at drgilmobley@gmail.com. Maybe we can hold a journal club and go through these studies critically together. You have a lot to offer it seems and maybe can offer guidance to clarify future issues.)


Gil Mobley, MD

Mar 2, 2012 Dr Gil Mobley, MD commented on Are Stoners Throwing Patients Under the Bus?.

GREAT QUESTION, Baconcat. (If you are not impaired why would you get pulled over and be subjected to a drug test?) Answer:

Yes, there must be a reason for an officer to ask for a blood test indeed. HOWEVER, an accident is a good reason. Probably forgetting to signal a turn is as well. So is an officer seeing or smelling cannabis. Other reasons are very subjective and easily manufactured.

While it's legal to posses, it's not legal to use and drive. If an officer sees cannabis in the car, s/he can imagine or fabricate enough indications to justify demanding tests. With the new law, it's shooting fish in a barrel. What cop could resist, especially if it's a longhair or a minority?

Additionally there's the issue that if 502 passes an individual won't be able to challenge a field sobriety test in court due to disabilities that effected the testing or additional factors such as high heels and sub freezing temps causing the subject to shiver uncontrollably.
EACH OF THESE EXAMPLES ARE REAL LIFE CONTEMPORARY and ON GOING CASES. Currently, these cannabis users have that defense. If 502 passes, they are nailed on a number alone and NOT objective impairment findings. They cannot mount a defense.

Seasoned defense attorneys agree: "502 is a clear reflection of the inadequacies of the folks promoting this law. This is what happens when people that don't understand the criminal justice system try to tinker with it."

Hope that helps.


Gil Mobley, MD
"No on i502", Officer & Spokesperson coordinator
Fellow, American College of American Physicians
Diplomate, American Board of Emergency Medicine

Mar 2, 2012 Dr Gil Mobley, MD commented on Are Stoners Throwing Patients Under the Bus?.
Regular users of cannabis, at least on a daily basis, will stay positive for active THC at the 5 ng cut off for DAYS after ceasing use!!! IT IS A PROVEN FACT!

Slam the cannabis patients and try to change the debate as you like, but the science here has strong implications for the recreational user as well.

You cannot argue with the science! There are MANY recreational users that will not be able to drive in Washington state ........even days after use.

The scientific literature is replete with such convincing studies. There are those on this post today would object to the same rational conclusion from these studies, so I've conducted my own follow up on doctor-approved medical cannabis patients wanting to know about their levels. REGULAR USERS that have abstained (observed) for just over 48 hours were noted to have levels around 5. (a mean of 4.7ng/ml to be exact.)

Dare ANYONE suggest that it's cool to label a regular user of cannabis "impaired" after two full days after using?


Remember, impairment is a clinical finding. NOT A NUMBER!

Mar 1, 2012 Dr Gil Mobley, MD commented on We're Not Anti-Legalization, We're Anti-Bad Policy.

@ 58 NaFun

Great question and probably the most important point of the day on this blog!

Let me start by lamenting that not all officers are above reproach and I hear cases almost weekly of flagrant abuses. Gee, didn't the Seattle Police just receive a Federal rebuke for civil right violations?

Let me illustrate my point this way:
I perform Department of Transportation physicals on over the road drivers day in and day out in my occupational medicine practice. Recently I started doing the Wa State Standardized DUI Sobriety Tests on each of them as a side study to prove that nearly half of the drivers (with negative alcohol and drug screens) have SOME compromise in their performance on these tests. (Either the obese folks had to put a foot down to maintain balance or swing their arms.) It's normal but that's plenty enough evidence to fail a sobriety test if the officer says so!

The implication here is that all too often, the officer's assessments are subjective because of the wide variances on the normal responses, so he can pretty much say there were issues with any field sobriety tests if he wants. You ain't going to argue with the officer of the side of the road when he requests a blood draw.

Judging from current events, it's hardly an atmosphere conducive to pass a law that allows officers to say anything they want with absolutely no questioning their determination now is it?

But lets now turn to real life examples:

Patient 1- pulled over due to tail light out. The officer smelled cannabis as the patient been working in garden all day. Her sobriety test was compromised because she hasn't stood on one foot for over a decade due to her size and arthritic medical condition. She was labeled as impaired with an active THC level in the teens.
She presented to my office requesting an understanding of where her levels were throughout the day, before and after medicating, and requested that I correlate sobriety testing to determine if she is fine to drive at those levels.
Well, this doctor-authorized medical cannabis patient was perfectly able to drive with completely normal neurological and reflex reaction tests, not to mention the field sobriety tests, with an active THC level of 147. That's nearly 30 times the 5 ng cut off!

Currently, this patient's attorney can mount a defense about the sobriety test saying she has physical conditions that prevent her from passing a sobriety test with flying colors. BUT if 502 passes, she is guilty, period. No defense. A number says she is guilty of impairment. Off to jail she goes.

Patient 2: Pulled over for speeding. The officer smelled cannabis. She was in high heels and shivering terribly in sub-freezing temps during the sobriety test, so she had a compromised performance. Currently, her attorney can argue the ridiculous circumstances surrounding this entirely invalid field sobriety test. BUT if 502 passes, she's heading straight to hail because her residual THC level was 6 from smoking the night before and she'd have no defense what so ever.

Additionally, legal experts tell me that officers don't need field sobriety tests to demand your blood. Please remember, however, I'm a medical expert and would quickly defer such legal question to the attorneys.

Hope that helps understanding my concerns.

Please keep the questions coming!


Gil Mobley, MD

A regular user of cannabis was pulled over because her tail light was out. The officer smelled marijuana, (as she had been tending her garden) and did a sobriety test on her. She failed because, due to her size and arthritic medical condition, she has not been able to stand on one foot for decades.

If 502 passes, she has no recourse at all and her attorney cannot argue that she was not impaired. She is guilty based solely on a number.

Later, that same patient presented to my office to gain an understanding of just where her levels were through out the dayar

Mar 1, 2012 Dr Gil Mobley, MD commented on We're Not Anti-Legalization, We're Anti-Bad Policy.
Please review this presentation. It should help to understand my grave concerns about i502.



Gil Mobley, MD
No on i502 Officer and Spokesperson Coordinator