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Jan 22, 2012 gayfriendlymomma commented on Gingrich: The Story Is False! I Did NOT Ask My Second Ex-Wife For An Open Marriage!.
Here is a quote from Newt Gingrich given to the NYTimes by a friend of his. At the time that he was divorcing his first wife, Jackie, who had been his high school geometry teacher.

" A few weeks before Mr. Gingrich filed for divorce, he called his political aide and friend Mr. Carter to talk about his marriage. Mr. Carter said he and other friends had been worried that the marriage was falling apart. Mr. Gingrich told him why he wanted a divorce. "He said: 'She's not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of a President. And besides, she has cancer.' It sounds harsh and hokey, but anyone who knows him knows it's perfectly consistent with the kinds of things he says." Read the whole article here:….

The article goes on to report that Gingrich did not pay either alimony or child support, despite the fact that Jackie had paid for his education and supported him through the first years of their marriage. Friends had to take up a collection to help her provide for her children at that time.

Six months after the infamous hospital room meeting following Jackie's surgery to treat uterine cancer, he was married to Marianne Gingrich, who, recently diagnosed with MS, would similarly have been unable to cut the muster as First Lady.

Jan 20, 2012 gayfriendlymomma commented on Newt Gingrich: Doing Monogamish All Wrong.
Has anyone actually verified that Callista is human? She seems more like an animated blow up doll to me. And I've never actually seen her face move...
Jan 14, 2012 gayfriendlymomma commented on Savage Love.
@168: I'm a mom too, of a 15 year old girl and 10 year old boy. I am very pro-Dan Savage, and I spread his definition of santorum as often as I can. I do this because kids not much older than yours and mine are KILLING THEMSELVES because they are living in a world where the right, led by people like Santorum, demonize gays, which creates an environment in which kids feel justified in bullying gay kids. If it were not for Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" campaign, and the attention he's brought to this issue (and let's face it, repurposing Santorum's name in such a provocative way did bring lots of attention to the issue), more kids might die.

So I'm OK with explaining the story to my son, so that he can stick up for kids at school if they are bullied, even though no one actually likes to talk ass juice. But I'd rather have a gross conversation with him now than try to explain why a classmate of his might have chosen to kill himself because he couldn't stand the bullying anymore.
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Jan 12, 2012 gayfriendlymomma commented on Savage Love.
I am a middle class straight, married mother of two (15,10.) This despite having had gay friends all my life. Heck, our neighborhood includes many gay families, and so far, my hetero marriage has maintained its "integrity," though to listen to conservative politicians, you wouldn't think that possible.

Here's my problem. In my circles, I don't get to use the phrase 'santorum' too much. to say "My husband f*!#ed me in the a** so hard last week that there's still santorum running down my leg" simply wouldn't fly in my social circle.

So I've started using the term santorum to include the stuff that I have the vet squeeze out of my dogs' anal glands. I can work that into almost any convo ("I've got to go call the vet, because Luke is loaded with santorum. Or, "I've gotta run or I'm gonna be late for Gus's appt to get the santorum squeezed out of his anal glands." Or, "The dogs just got their anal glands expressed and the doctor is worried because their santorum is so runny..."

You should add that to the google definition so that everyone can share in the fun!