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Aug 15 jack chandelier commented on I, Anonymous.
19 already beat me to it, but in case you missed it: I can't believe the very first comment wasn't, "JUST TURN YOUR FAN AROUND."
Aug 11 jack chandelier commented on I, Anonymous.
The_Shaved_Bear: "tipper" and "spitter" do not rhyme. Ziff: That video wouldn't be allowed on YouTube. Both of you: Please stop commenting for at least a month so the rest of us can enjoy this rag without your ridiculously petty and immature pissing contest (which is not winnable, by the way) ruining it.
Aug 4 jack chandelier commented on A Former Mormon Watches The Book of Mormon.
You are quite wrong, it actually portrays you in a great light. You should get over your fear of certain words (they can't hurt you) and go see it and make up your own opinion about it. You know, think for yourself (I know that's not a popular thing to do in most organized religions though).
Jun 26 jack chandelier commented on I, Anonymous.
I've had this conversation more than once when I owned an automatic:

Them: Can I borrow your car?
Me: Sure. Wait, can you drive a stick?
Them: Oh, it's a stick? I thought it was automatic.
Me: It is, but if you can't drive a stick, you don't really know how to drive, and you can't borrow my car.
May 7 jack chandelier commented on I, Anonymous.
I will jam you into next week!
May 1 jack chandelier commented on A Dictionary of New Terminology for Single People.
This is really really dumb. Also vagbros?! I think you mean Eskimo brothers.
Apr 6 jack chandelier commented on Total Compensation Is the Only Way to Raise Workers' Income and Preserve Your Local Favorite Small Business.
David I would like to know what you have to say about all the small businesses who's staff make little or no tips. Even if total compensation (or at least tip credit) is passed they will still have to pay huge wage increases while business owners like you will not. Thoughts?
Jan 23 jack chandelier commented on Wait... Guns Do Kill People!.
@36 Yes, safety training TOTALLY reduces accidents.…
Jan 22 jack chandelier commented on Last Days.
Um, 1.6 MILLION?! My butt can be sniffed and probed all day for that kind of scratch, jesus!

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