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Mar 20, 2012 Been there... Left That... commented on A Mars Hill WikiLeaks, Of Sorts.
The link has no information. Just a brown background. Looks like someone hacked it..
Feb 2, 2012 Been there... Left That... commented on Church or Cult?.
@ 104. Nothing you said proves that I am misinformed. The point of my comment was not to prove which doctrine "Pale's" in comparison with cultistic practices. It was strictly a warning that MH is heading into a similar path. The LDS church is well known for using clut like tactics to retain and discipline members and former members. If you're a member in good standing you dont see these tactics and will blindly defend the church because they already have you under control. Just like MH...

FACT: The LDS church indoctrinates children at a young age. 4 years old.
FACT: MH wants to indoctrinate children at 2 years old.
FACT: The LDS church holds the man above women and children, then clergy above them all.
FACT: MH does the same.
FACT: The LDS church holds a view of God that is similar to that of MH.

Therefore your statement about me being misinformed holds no water. Also, If any of the pastors of MH are on a tax free payroll (as if it's their day job) for the supposed "godly" work that they're doing (LDS clergy do not recieve pay) then that is another indication to stay away. Men of God are not supposed to be rich, drive bmw's or buy bling.
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Feb 1, 2012 Been there... Left That... commented on Church or Cult?.
The LDS (Mormon) faith starts indoctrinating their youth at 4 years old. They call them Sunbeams. They wrote a song about Sunbeams and then you sing it in your Sunbeam class over and over. That is the beautiful beginning of a life filled with manipulation, fear, and guilt. It always starts off beautiful and innocent and turns into control. The LDS doctrine also states that the man is the head of the household and the woman is subject to him. The LDS faith also makes anyone over 8 years old (age 8 because that is when you are baptised and you now know right from wrong...) commit to and wear a CTR ring (Choose The Right) The LDS faith also envisions God as a manly, violent, jealous God. This all strikes me as very similar to the doctrine of Mars Hill. Watch out folks. The very minute your church asks you to sign a contract, do any "holy work" on any other day than a Sunday or gives you a "calling" It's time to leave. Any church that gets in between you and your wife, lover, relative or friend is no church at all. Hitler also had a plan for the youth.

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