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Mar 9, 2012 Simone Grey commented on Savage Love.
I take issue with the implication that sexual assault is an act of attraction or lust.

I don't believe child molesters are ordinary (messed up but good hearted) people who simply can't stop fantasizing about having sex with children.

While I solute CWIA for their self awareness and dedication to doing the right thing, I find the perspective taken here to be chilling and skewed. Like when people think domestic violence perps are just big teddy bears without anger management skills, rather than folks who are systematically targeting their partner and/or children with threatening and controlling behavior so as to control the situation. Of course not ALL perps are sociopaths. If someone cannot or is not willing to feel empathy, they are severed from humanity and a danger to our communities.
Mar 9, 2012 Simone Grey joined My Stranger Face
Mar 9, 2012 Simone Grey joined My Stranger Face
Mar 9, 2012 Simone Grey commented on Pot Activists vs. Pot Activists.
Incarceration is expensive to the tax payer. I wonder how much our state would save if our jails weren't being used to detain marijuana users.

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