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Jun 18, 2012 iluvsiamese commented on Church or Cult?.
I read an interview about Mark Driscoll from some New york paper... and I busted out laughing... He was telling the reported how he grew up in such a rough area... (I went to school with him and I can't think of anything that would categorize Burien as a rough area back at that time. We grew up in a White washed suburban area. When we went to elementary school, there wasn't even any racial diversity, I think there were two people of asian descent in our class and one black person who was two years older, other than that we lived in a sea of white Middle class families... by the time we reached high school, there was a little more cultural diversity, but not much. We still lived in a very sheltered safe environment. I still live here and while it has changed drastically with population booms and many different ethnicities now, I still don't consider the area as "rough"

I think Mark is just a con man, lets start a church so we can take the congregations money and we don't have to pay taxes on it because we're a church... Where else can you travel all over the world do whatever you want, dictate what others need to do and lord over women without having a real job or going to jail... He needs to come back to reality.