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Sep 27, 2012 stoompy commented on Make A Note Of It.
Why!? Hours of operation for museums 3,000 miles away?! Isn't there some art going on around here?
Sep 26, 2012 stoompy commented on People Are Still Talking About the Seahawks' Last Minute Win Against the Green Bay Packers.
THE REFS STRUCK A DEAL… How are we gonna go the Super Bowl Now!?
Sep 25, 2012 stoompy commented on Sewing for Ghosts.
YES!! i love you northwest mystic. I've been reading this Jen Graves for months giving her the benefit of the doubt until now. SHE SUCKS. She picked a generic flower garden as a Genius art award combined with the witless unintelligent commentary on previous art exhibits that shows complete unawareness of what art is and a cancerous growth in the seattle art community drowning out explorative interesting emerging art for overcautious crap. In an alternative news outlet that purports itself as a cutting edge and culture shifting to have Jen Graves as an art critic is abhorrent. Fuck you Jen you dissuade true artists.
Sep 25, 2012 stoompy commented on Loose Lips.
Why did Sarah Bergmann win the Betty Bowen award let alone a genius award? Please explain to me why this is art? I am totally at a loss for understanding why she won and there is no real reason anyone has given. Is it just a big F U to the art world?
Sep 25, 2012 stoompy commented on 2012 Genius Award Winners: Megan Griffiths, Grady West, Sarah Bergmann, Ellen Forney, and Lori Goldston!.
Is Seattle art that bad that a gardener won the art award? She didn't even attempt anything artistic or fantastic as Jeff Koons plant puppy. Can someone please ask the Genius who thinks a generic garden is art and of a caliber of receiving praise as an art god! You should be ashamed as an art critic for diminishing true art geniusness. Dont get me wrong the garden is fantastic for the neighborhood and urban planing much like most gardens and landscaping are but I am now beginning to despise the art scene in Seattle like a cancerous growth killing what is good because of this snotty uneducated art leadership so content with the safe boring awfulness. Do you not have a concept of what art is? Im sure you read Jerry Saltz. What do you think he'd say about this crap. I'd still bet you wouldn't understand or know what emerging art is if it isn't a salmon or tree painting. There needs to be an uprising against the art dictators in this city because from what i've seen the drunks at the bar know more then you.
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Sep 24, 2012 stoompy commented on Sarah Bergmann.
really this is art? its urban planing and horticulture with a heart warming story and certainly beautifying Seattle should be supported by the city and neighborhoods but by the art community? oh by community i mean probably just one person who decides. I know im a buzz kill but seriously WTF is up with the bad art that is propagated like its genius gold around Seattle? Are the people with clout so unaware of the contemporary art world at large or just so desperate to be uniquely safe that most every artwork pushed and glorified in the few galleries, websites, and the stranger, is nature driven and safe. Stale is the taste. STALE with bitterness from the few critics and museums who tell people lame art is good and fail to lead and teach the community while encourage true art genius.
Sep 18, 2012 stoompy commented on As Seen in Springfield, Oregon.
hahaha the guys hiding his face. Probably cause he wants old pussy. :D