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Nov 17 tabletop_joe commented on Zuckerberg May Think This Is "Crazy," But a Fake News Creator Says: "Trump Is in the White House Because of Me".
Delete it. I did. Would you be a part of any other website that spreads disinformation so prolifically?

Delete your Facebook and you shrink their content, decrease their ad revenue, and remove a link in that ridiculous game of high stakes telephone. Do it today.
Oct 26 tabletop_joe commented on Federal Grand Jury Indicts Man for Allegedly Holding Fake, Sex-Based Porn Auditions.
Kansas, home of Fred Phelps, has done more to fight rape culture than you, Seattle. Let that sink in and fix your legislation. KANSAS.
Oct 13 tabletop_joe commented on Matt Hickey Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape.
So glad.

I'm interested to see if any of his defenders will appear on this thread, or if they were all sock puppets.
Oct 8 tabletop_joe commented on With All of These Crazy Clowns Showing Up, Now Is the Time to Appreciate Cult Horror Movie Phantasm.
Ravager was a real stinker. Stick to the first few.
Oct 6 tabletop_joe commented on Savage Love.
I had junk problems like that for my whole adult life, even while single. Switch your detergent and fabric softeners. Not to unscented--because it turns out that unscented is actually a scent--but to free and clear. I haven't had a single issue in years since I made the switch. Good luck, I remember the misery.
Sep 22 tabletop_joe commented on Sady Doyle's Trainwreck Deconstructs Our Obsession with Suffering Women.
@3 I was thinking about this. Famous people who become ostracized usually get that way because fairly or not, they come to symbolize something society disapproves of. For example, Mel Gibson is a racist. Tom Cruise has religious stuff going on. Michael Jackson had numerous deep personal issues.

There are women who suffer from the same kind of public shunning. Courtney Love, Anna Nicole Smith, Lindsey Lohan--all had/have apparent substance abuse problems and personality flaws the public loathes. Ann Coulter has odious social/political views, or will claim to to stay relevant. Like the men I named, they are easy to dislike, so a lot of people do.

Where the difference comes into the sharpest focus is when the thing that turns people against a star is her presence alone. I can only think of incidents of this happening to women--men seem to be able to rehab their image--like Justin Timberlake did. Britney Spears was reviled for just existing on the public sphere long before her meltdown. Marilyn Monroe, loved then hated then dead.

I disagree with your point about TMZ--this is a long-lived phenomenon. See my post above and look at Victoria Woodhull's sad case. Sadly, because women haven't been paid full attention by historians, and so many of these kinds of stories are shameful (thus easily forgotten), it's easy to think that this attitude is a modern one.
Sep 22 tabletop_joe commented on Sady Doyle's Trainwreck Deconstructs Our Obsession with Suffering Women.
Here's a fascinating case of the same phenomenon. Adah was hailed as a brilliant artist. They loved her until her success and astronomical wealth was perceived as unbecoming, then they hated her for the same reasons they loved her, tore her apart and chased her off to France, where she died.…
Sep 22 tabletop_joe commented on An Appreciation of Dolly Parton, America's Greatest Living Artist.
I assume you didn't mention Rhinestone because you're devoting an entire separate article to the most magnificent film ever made.

Dolly is America's spirit animal. God love Dolly.