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Jun 17 tabletop_joe commented on You Should Read Megan Seling on the Warped Tour's Woman Problem.
I remember going to Warped Tour when I was in high school. I remember they ran out of water and were selling $6 cups of ice. The Yoohoo vendor was standing on the top of his truck with a bullhorn and was encouraging women and girls to flash him for dixie cups of Yoohoo.
Jun 17 tabletop_joe commented on Today in Irresponsible Signage.
That's hilarious. I love the rust belt.
Jun 11 tabletop_joe commented on SL Letter of the Day: You're In Or You're Out.
Some one else will come along and she'll wonder why the hell she's with this guy. She should dump him now before things get that extra level of complication. Because it will.
Jun 11 tabletop_joe commented on International Franchise Association Files Their Lawsuit Against Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage.
That felt good, to win a little, but here comes the real sons of bitches and their McDuckian piles of money.
Jun 10 tabletop_joe commented on Hey, Washington Post: One Way to End Violence Against Women? For Starters, Let's Stop Blaming Women.
I also would like to point out that married women are less likely to report abuse at the hands of their husbands. So the source data isn't even reliable.
Jun 5 tabletop_joe commented on On a Wall Near 12th and Jackson: One of the Ghosts of Seattle.
Octavia Butler is my favorite ghost.
Jun 3 tabletop_joe commented on The Suburbs: Blight Without Beauty.
@4 Beautifully put. Yes, my mom lived near Wonderland Mall in Livonia for a time after the building was abandoned. The worst thing about it was the eyesore of a parking lot and the kind of things abandoned parking lots tend to facilitate.

@8 Yeah, it's totally a sensationalist lede, but it seems to be a reference to Spike Lee's statement cited in the body of the article. And he's not wrong. The creative class moves into a place, opportunistic developers take notice, and they end up fancying up the neighborhood right out from underneath themselves. After they've been displaced, it becomes apparent that they've been used to shoulder out the previous residents and up the property value for the next wave of wealthier inhabitants. This is observable in many cities, including our own. So while they're not in themselves a problem, they are a precursor to an unfortunate turn of events. I'll always welcome their appearance in whatever neighborhood I live with secret dismay.

@10 I love what you had to say, but have an issue with your first paragraph. There's a problem, I think, when we value a city of restored, architecturally significant mini-museums over the people who could be inhabiting them. Yes, we need to preserve the past--partly because the stuff we tend to build today is hideous, disposable garbage--but also for the sake of historical preservation. But we also need to keep in mind that a city lives through those who live in it and we can't allow the richest among us to dictate who's valuable enough to keep around and who is not. We need to strike a balance.
Jun 3 tabletop_joe commented on Matthew Vines Makes a Biblical Case for Same-Sex Relationships.
The production on this video is so wonderfully campy.

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