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Feb 9 tabletop_joe commented on Is Trump Mania Responsible for the Online Harassment Campaign Against Three University of Washington Teachers?.
@23 I beg your pardon, are you saying that it's inappropriate to draw parallels between Nazi intimidation events? Nice work trying to sound clever, verb-ing nouns and all, but you are way off base suggesting that Nazi activity should not be called what it is for fear of tripping some nerdy internet taboo.
Feb 8 tabletop_joe commented on Jill Stein Is a Right-Wing Tool.
Ugh. Here's one Midwesterner who's tired of the Midwestern Trump-voter apologists.

Here's some truth straight from the horse's mouth (rather than the horse's ass who's decided to speak for us): "Rurals", as we've been dubbed, didn't vote for Trump because of his economic policies. Rurals voted for Trump for his social policies. Dan espouses (and probably more!) the diametric opposite position of what Trump voters want socially, so I don't think it's his fault Trump won.

Old wounds, ignorance and fear are why Trump won rurals over. Not because of the economy, which is better here than I remember even back in the 90's. And not because Bernie didn't get on the ticket.
Feb 8 tabletop_joe commented on Jill Stein Is a Right-Wing Tool.
@16 "...did one 9-11". That's the funniest thing I've read all day.
Feb 6 tabletop_joe commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Wedding Party.
@30 I think the LW should be extra sure to pay no attentention to who shows up at one party and not the other. They seem a little like the type who notices things like that.
Feb 4 tabletop_joe commented on RETRACTION: Milo Yiannopoulos Is Not a White Nationalist.
So what if it's click-bait? It's using the same toolbox THOSE fucking toolboxes use to win. We write in-depth, nuanced prices and no one reads them or they're criticized for being wonky and elitist. More dumb attack pieces like this, please.
Feb 3 tabletop_joe commented on The Trump Resistance Playbook.
Good words, Humpy!
Feb 2 tabletop_joe commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Seven: Ben Folds.
Uh, every metal head I know loves fantasy. You were destined for that convention one way or the other.
Feb 1 tabletop_joe commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: He's Paranoid About His Girlfriend Whenever She Parties (But Is He Possessive?).
I think you're fundamentally incompatible and you should enjoy this relationship for what it is, and not the potential marriage that it's not.