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Jul 18 treacle commented on Paul Krugman, TNCs, and the Future of Car Ownership.
car ownership will gradually return to its older status as a luxury for the rich rather than a necessity for plebeians.

Here I rather disagree. Without effective mass transit nearly everyone will have to own a car. TNCs & taxis are expensive. The plebians will keep their costs low by simply buying cheap second-hand cars, avoiding tabs and insurance as much as possible, and deferring maintenance. So we'll have increasing percentages of dangerously ill-maintained and uninsured cars cruising the roads.

We might see an increase of 'illegal', word-of-mouth "dollar vans", like various communities have in NYC. But even with those, we'll still see more risky cars.

If this was a third-world country like Guatemala, where most people don't ever expect to own cars, sure private drivers would fill the transit needs for the many, especially outside the big cities. But the USofA has fierce, if illogical, senses of intertwined independence and car-ownership (as SB @19 handily demonstrates. (The racism is a coincidental correlation)), and our cities are structured to favor vehicles over walking. So as things decline car-ownership will likely remain a point of personal status & pride.

Bicycles are great, but most people aren't (yet?) prepared to use them to haul groceries or other bulky cargo home. Maybe someday, when the bicycle revolution is more complete...
Jul 16 treacle commented on Federal Judge Rules California's Death Penalty Unconstitutional.
That is some good news!
Jul 16 treacle commented on Eventually Humans Will Have to Feed Climate-Fucked Polar Bears.
@13 - Au contraire! Cats are devastating song bird populations.
Jul 15 treacle commented on Someone Left a Shot-Up Target at the Offices of the League of Women Voters on Capitol Hill.
Since it was anonymous any assumption about motive is jumping to conclusions. Could have been pranksters, could have been someone unaffiliated trying to manipulate opinions, or could have been an NRA/"2ndAmendment" type.

Regardless, effete symbolism should not be the cause of much worry.
Jul 15 treacle commented on Let's Make Airplane Seats Even More Uncomfortable!.
I don't see why they shouldn't strap people in standing. Think how much you'd save on ticket prices! Mandatory sedatives wouldn't add that much either.
Jul 11 treacle commented on Sometimes It Seems as Though Humans Invent Technology Because We Hate Humans and Don't Want to Interact with Them.
Keep 'em isolated, reduce human interaction, and slowly they will all go slightly insane, holding increasingly polarized viewpoints, and be completely unable to band together to overthrow their masters.
It took awhile to get here, but we're well on the way.
Jul 11 treacle commented on Six Members of a Suburban Texas Family Shot "Execution Style".
I'm with CPN, the enforcement is lacking... if the cops had taken his guns AND we had mandatory background checks, he'd be restricted to his hands and blunt weapons.

also: Man, people are crazy! Why would you think that murder would ever turn out well? I mean ok, he wasn't thinking, just being enraged. But cripes...
My condolences to all...
Jul 9 treacle commented on Judge Orders Boy to Have an Erection, Let Cops Take Photos.
The concept of "consensual crimes" is itself anathema to democracy.

If all parties are consenting to the actions/events involved, there can be no crime. A crime occurs when someone is actually injured. Not someone's mother being offended.
Jul 8 treacle commented on Amanda Marcotte: Punked Then, Punked Now.
As long as a nation of 300+million people remain "represented" by only TWO allegedly ideologically-opposed parties, and not a much more reasonable 7-12 parties, then this sort of insane Us VS Them extremist thinking and vociferous hatred of "the other side" will only continue.

Much to our mutual loss.
Jul 8 treacle commented on Why Are Conservatives Fighting Contraception?.
All the while Christian/Conservatives' daughters are STILL having consequence-free anal sex...

Way to go, guys, way to go.

@38 - You are quite wrong. Various cultures throughout history figured out ways to prevent pregnancy other than abstinence: ( Heating the testicles to over 107F will kill sperm; using Rosehips in the vagina will increase acidity to kill sperm; condoms were made from animal skins; etc., etc. )
Also, quite a number of cultures didn't care "who the father was", because they had different mores and traditions around caring for children - ALL the men & all the women help care for the children. There are many ways to achieve the same goal.
Our culture is quite unaware of the majority of options available to humanity.

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