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4:28 PM yesterday treacle commented on Senator Patty Murray: Ben Carson Is the "Wrong Choice" to Lead Housing and Urban Development.
@7 - You can wake up a sleeping person... you can't wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep.
4:20 PM yesterday treacle commented on It's Snowing In Seattle and We Are All Going to Die.
We're all going to die anyway,, the snow is just so much icing on the death-cake.

mmmm, death-cake.

Anyone have an extra fo---oURRK!

10:19 AM yesterday treacle commented on Jesus Saves....
@42 - Amen!
Dec 2 treacle commented on Just In Time For Trump, Jobs Are Back to Where They Were Before the Crash of 2008.
I'm sure NPR just means white employment. Black employment is still probably 9% or worse.
Dec 2 treacle commented on Jesus Saves....
Yeah, clearly it's making fun of the TV station falsely pandering to Christian mythologies: "a TV crew with CNN affiliate WVLT spotted something of a miracle" ... never mind that the house once surrounding this 'miraculous' Jesus statue is in cinders. Pretty devastating to lose everything you have, to say nothing of 7 people burning to death. I hope everyone gets help and assistance.

So wait, let me try to understand this:
If a hurricane is "retribution" for all the sin that gays create.
Why would God send a forest fire to burn a bunch of good Christian homes?
This Lord, God being is preeetty wily and mysterious. I can't find a pattern to the smiting.

Is He using the "random reward reinforcement" function of mammal psychology? That would make some sort of sense.
Dec 1 treacle commented on Open Letter to Mitt Romney: Please Sell Out and Be Secretary of State.
As Trumpkins become aware of the level of the con, and realize that they have been sold the fuck out.... that the swamp is not draining, but filling ever deeper is the time to not gloat and say "told ya so lol"... but instead extend a hand and say, "Let's fight this together."

We're not even at inauguration day and we already have an unprecedented (heh, unpresidented) opportunity to begin building bridges.
Nov 30 treacle commented on Please Stop Asking Poor Old John McCain Questions About Dumb Old Donald Trump.
@29 - But Pence is already vice-president. He's already in a position to push his ideology forward. It would seem like one fewer crazy people would be a net gain, regardless. No?

@28 - What?

@27 - After literally decades of being trained to be lapdogs, the press now doesn't have the teeth they need to confront a blatant con man. Sad.
Nov 30 treacle commented on Please Stop Asking Poor Old John McCain Questions About Dumb Old Donald Trump.
@19 - I'm guessing aneurysm, mostly because he does so much cocaine that the vessel walls in his brain must be thin and weak. Although I suppose constant hard drug use could realistically lead to various problems.

Yeah, I agree with the folks saying stop paying attention to his tweets. We have all the evidence we need that he says one thing and does another.
Nov 29 treacle commented on Why Full Employment Is Socialism for the Rich.
So if the government is in essence a "compact" between the people to collectively organize and provide for their common needs... obviously utilizing the idea that common structures are cheaper than individual structures ---
(E.g. single, organized state-funded fire department vs. multiple private fire companies)
-- then it would make sense that the government do things that are ultimately cheaper and more functional for the majority.

Why it is the case that things have been made conducive for the rich to become phenomenally wealthy, while wages have stagnated for everyone else, AND the everyone else has to purchase their own fucking cars, deal with mounting personal debt, and constantly rising prices...
...When banks get bailed out, but homeowners get foreclosed upon.
...When education prices keep rising, and rising, indebting students in the 10s and 100s of thousand dollars. (University is free in Mexico...)
...When farmers face constantly rising prices to merely farm (and lower sales prices for their produce). ..

This doesn't seem like socialism.

At least not socialism for the many, ... but it does seem like socialism for the rich.

I don't know what fact-free "jackkay" and Mr. Cthulhu are talking about.
What *I'm* talking about is economic democracy. For the majority of people.
Nov 28 treacle commented on Army Corps Says It Will Break Up Standing Rock Camp by December 5, Proposes "Free Speech Zone" Instead.
@23 - The irony, of course, is that Burning Man is a 'leave no trace', 'radical self-reliance' encampment, where everyone --and every theme camp-- is on-point to specifically come with all their own resources (incl. water), and not trash the place, picking up all 'matter out of place' wherever they find it. Most people have a pocket or small bag to put trash into when they are out and about. That's one reason why that art festival is so successful.

Moochers & slackers are the polar opposite of repeat attendee Burning Man people.