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Feb 11 treacle commented on Trump's Sweeping Immigration Raids Have Started.
Capitalism, especially in the USA, depends on cheap/free labor. Why do you think we had slavery for 250 years, then segregation for another ~90? Even before slavery there was indentured servitude keeping people trapped in cycles of poverty and free labor.

These crackdowns only ensure poverty and economic violence in the American Caste system.

"Keep 'em scared, they'll work for less!"
Feb 10 treacle commented on Sugar and Spicer and Everything Nicer: A Slew of Delightful Videos to Start Your Day.
Danish Ad: Didja see the muscles on that guy? His biceps are bigger than my head. I didn't even know that was possible. He's so built he's got muscles in his ear!

Yeah, if all 7+ billion of us are going to get along on this planet, I'd propose we move away from the "clash of civilizations" bullshit rhetoric & ideas of Bannon & his puppetrump.
Which are, curiously, the same concepts that ISIS/Daesh are promoting
Feb 9 treacle commented on Senator Jeff Sessions Is Now the U.S. Attorney General.
@19 - Yep. And his enhanced institutionalization of PD racism will be haunting this country for decades.
fuck fuck fuck
Feb 9 treacle commented on Wouldn't It Be Great If Trump's Nordstrom Freakout Got Him Impeached? Or Kellyanne Conway Indicted?.
Is it just me, or do other folk see "Reince Priebus" as "Priince Reebus".

Most Reps hate Trump, I think, (he is actually a vile person) and there are serious forces lined up against him too.. eg. CIA, NSA, Everyone else in the world. But as has been pointed out, he's handed them the country on a silver platter, sooo....

If he becomes a danger to them, they'll get rid of him. They prefer predictable, and Pence is predictable. President Chump is a volatile danger.
Feb 9 treacle commented on Is Trump Mania Responsible for the Online Harassment Campaign Against Three University of Washington Teachers?.
The whole US political environment has been leading up to this... The 'balkanization' of news-information has lead people to believe completely separate versions of reality, and ignore anything that contradicts their own... and this has been happening for awhile. I personally think it's largely a result of the weakening and official disparagement of our public schools... more and more people aren't being taught how to read properly, let alone think critically. Politicians have clearly not been interested in fixing it, quite the opposite. But also the Great Recession & the Internet have weakened --if not destroyed-- many newspaper outlets, so traditionally trusted sources no longer exist. And now our populace is sufficiently under-educated and economically desperate... and boom: a strongman with simplistic solutions.

I worry that the road out of this predicament is long.

On the point about Milo Y... this is a worthy read: I Helped Create the Milo Trolling Playbook. Effectively: They have weak ideas, but the more attention we give them, the more legitimate they seem... When in fact they are a collection of fools, who can easily be shown as such with actual dialogue.

Milo's a small minded man, with boring ideas, ignorant that his very own "movement" of spotty dorks would sooner gay bash him than form a coherent ideology. It's easy to be the outrageous, hand-grenade-throwing "underdog"... but once you have any power, things start to fray pretty rapidly.

As for online harassment, there's two parts to it: (1) some percentage of the threats might be real, and thus all of them have to be seen has holding some potential of danger, and (2) their greater point is mental & emotional destabilization of the object of harassment. See point 1.

Are fringe personas and groups --coming from a place of political and personal weakness-- now emboldened to act violently? (( I consider online harassment a form of mental & emotional violence )). Clearly they are. What to do about it? I'm not quite sure.
Feb 7 treacle commented on Senate Confirms Betsy DeVos, Biggest Threat to Public Schools Since the Flu that Went Around Last Month.
@36 - What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself.
Feb 7 treacle commented on Senate Confirms Betsy DeVos, Biggest Threat to Public Schools Since the Flu that Went Around Last Month.
@36 - I dare you to drop the derogatory avatar & name.
Feb 7 treacle commented on Senate Confirms Betsy DeVos, Biggest Threat to Public Schools Since the Flu that Went Around Last Month.
@31 -The Democrats will not save us. They are bought into the system just like the Republicans. The two-party system fails ALL Americans.

Maybe we can use the chaos of TrumpBannon to establish a 5-7 party system...
Feb 7 treacle commented on Strike! A Call For a Day Without Women.
@26 - Honey, you get to offload all guilt/responsibility ANY day, not just during a Women's Strike. Viz Iceland

@27 - Now it's 1 / 27.
Feb 7 treacle commented on The Mystery Behind a Creepy, Hilarious, Official-Looking Sign About a "Plague" That Appeared in Ballard Recently.
I saw a paper version of that sign on the Hill about two weeks ago. So, it's come to upgrading to metal/professional signs, has it? Well, well, well... or, uh, Unwell, unwell, unwell.