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3:30 PM yesterday treacle commented on There's a Rumor Floating Around the Internet About an Upcoming White Power Rally in Ballard. We're Checking It Out..
Best and most successful counter-protest response I've ever heard about what when a crowd of people showed up contra an unwanted (but legally protected) KKK rally in a small Michigan town, and dropped trou and mass-mooned them.
Apparently the KKookyKids got super-flustered, packed up, left, and never came back.

In the spirit of that, best to launch humor and mockery at the StormyFronty types -- if this is even a real thing.
12:34 PM yesterday treacle commented on CDC: Marriage Rates Up in 2014, Divorce Rates Down.
@1 - Conversely, using their accurate names allows these sorts of articles to be found in web search engines, so that people who are "on the fence" about the ammosexual homophobic (self-loathing) haters can learn other facts, and even opinions about the hater-classes. We're not here to pander or not-pander to their inflated egos. Besides, using "othering" names only makes us sound like the rightwingnut babies who can't hold an informed, well-argued debate to save their souls.

Ok, this next video may be of interest to all the lovers and marriage-ers out there.
The History of Love

(disclaimer: the video is relatively short and does leave out some important details, such as the patriarchal sexism of the last 2000 years, anything to do with the lower-classes at all, and does gloss nuanced details of various schools of thought/expression. But hopefully you can either see past those lapses, or fill in the gaps yourself, and take some useful context from the information and the spirit in which it is given. Sincerely, treacle)
12:20 PM yesterday treacle commented on Wait, Turkey and Gravy Potato Chips?.
Mmmmm... "flavored".. . . .
Nov 20 treacle commented on Looks Like This Ben Carson Joke Is Finally Nearing Its End.
While Ben Carson is personally full of nonsense, it's still tragic to see him being used as a tool by the GOP to "show" that they are not racist (while actually proving it), and to stretch the "field of political discourse" deep into the crazy-zone, so that the level and quality of public political discussion in this country remains a fact-free emotionalist shouting match (see also: Trump).

Also, Ben Carson has caused me to reconsider how I regard rocket scientists too...
Nov 20 treacle commented on Cat Ladies of Seattle, Unite!.
You didn't "Kittify" your text sufficiently.
Gato the link, have it correct your text, then purrlease repost the article.
Nov 20 treacle commented on Seattle FBI Bureau Investigating "Threatening Language" Directed at Local Mosques.
@8 No kidding, Daesh is ISIS? Well color me insipidly bored. I know that. Others don't.

Their goal is a shooting cultural war. And yes they pay attention to that. US, French and other "patriots" bombing mosques and killing innocents is exactly what they want. It's a manipulation. And a highly successful one.

Did you even read the article I linked?

Want to actually do something positive? Help out World Relief Seattle, as they are helping refugee families here locally.
Nov 20 treacle commented on We Actually Kinda Need a Youth Detention Center and We Will For a Long While.
I think we should just lock up all children from about 5 until they're 25. Train them up properly while they're in there. Give them good skills, and make them proper little productive members of society. They can each have their own "wire mother" in their cell to cry themselves to sleep with every night. That way we wouldn't have foetid-breathed ranters like ol' SB and Lib_Cen @8 to worry about any more, because they'd live in a perfect world...
Nov 19 treacle commented on Seattle FBI Bureau Investigating "Threatening Language" Directed at Local Mosques.
How do we make it clear that by attacking random Muslims and mosques you are doing exactly what the terrorists want us to do!
The *want* division and discord. They *want* more violence. That fuels their war.
The way to stand against the actual terrorists (ISIS, Daesh, Al Qaeda) is by showing solidarity, demonstrating peace, and refusing to give in to their violence by being violent.
Nov 18 treacle commented on Where's the Proof that Jeb Bush Is a Christian?.
@1 - Your cat is heir to a half-century long dynastic political family that prefigured the CIA and created two presidents so far? Fancy cat.

I'll bet it has a 24 security detail.