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8:32 PM yesterday treacle commented on Drunk of the Week.
Did you know that, while sleeping seriously drunk, you can actually cut the blood off to your arms necessitating their amputation? Look it up. Dude is in a possibly life threatening state.

@14 - Generally drunk of the week is a consensual affair, this, however, not so much. However, given the now-always-public state of affairs that is the Internet and social media, perhaps this is the necessary public shaming and/or call-to-awareness/intervention that this fellow needs to alter his potentially drug-abusive actions. Only he and Time will tell.
May 27 treacle commented on How Many People Does It Take to Install Two Hot-Pink Fighter Jets Kissing in a Light Rail Station?.
Was the artist present for the installation process? Or was that done entirely by the be-helmeted workerfolk?
May 25 treacle commented on Are Beards a "Disgusting Fad"?.
The Beard Festival. Take note, Seattle. You can do better.
May 22 treacle commented on The Polar Pioneer Failed an Important, Basic Coast Guard Inspection This Week.
At the risk of sounding alarmist, it was noted today that the ESA's CryoSat has shown the Antarctic has been experiencing rapid glacier ice loss since 2009, due to warming ocean waters.

May 22 treacle commented on Are Beards a "Disgusting Fad"?.
They are a lazy fad, young men today just can't take the time for personal grooming, so they let their face-carpets grow wild. Hippies.
May 21 treacle commented on Leaked E-mail: What a King County Superior Court Judge Really Thinks About Raising the Cost of Traffic Ticket Fines.
I know, how about a penalty fine as a percentage of your income, or on a scale relative to your income. So, for example, if you make $1million per year, and you get caught speeding, you have to pay a $10,000 fine. But if you make only $40k/yr you pay a $400 fine.

Seems fair, no?

@7 -- How about a world-class transit system so that people don't have to own cars. Oh, right, you've never experienced that anywhere (because you've never left the USA) so you don't believe it exists or consider it an option.
May 21 treacle commented on Foo Fighters Were the Final Guest on David Letterman’s Farewell to TV. Does This Sound Right to Anyone?.
Well, Nirvana was unavailable (obvs), and OK-GO was out of town on a project.
May 20 treacle commented on São Paulo Prepares for Water Riots with US SWAT Training.
If there only were a way to stop the rich and powerful from buying tanks and training attack-police... hmm.. if only their money were suddenly worthless, then perhaps they couldn't buy weapons or pay for uniformed violence...
May 14 treacle commented on New York Is the Worst Megacity in the World.
This is why Detroit will be the first major 'Green' city in the US. It was effectively bombed, and as Dr. Memory points out with that destruction comes the opportunity to rebuild it better than before.

Also, comparing NYC to Kolkata is... well... depressing. Sure, if the entire world lived like American's we'd need 5-7 Earth's to support that material consumption and waste & we clearly need to scale back and make much smarter institutional choices. But if the entire world lived like Rio or Kolkata, we'd be living in an authoritarian police state-world with most of humanity merely existing in squalid conditions.

From my vantage point the neoliberalists shaping the global economy with Privatization, Ho! seem to be interested in reducing Americans to those "third-world" living standards, largely in order to maintain a pliant working force, but also to ensure that people are economically trapped with usurious fees and expenses so that they can't challenge the status quo, nor participate in a democratic society.

If we had real economic democracy, would our megacities be greener already?

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