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Jan 10, 2013 John Jensen commented on Duff McKagan's Tips for "How to Be a Man".
Kind of a fluff article but not as stupid as advertised. I think many men would benefit from reading that article. If someone here is looking for advice on How to Be a Man, I think this site is cool:
Aug 6, 2012 John Jensen commented on SL Letter of the Day: If You Don't Take a Chance, Nothing Happens.
oh god i hate letters where you wonder if it's the girl you just went on a date with
Jul 26, 2012 John Jensen commented on Torta Throwdown: A Stranger Investigation.
It is ridiculous that you've omitted tacos chuki's excellent torta from this battle.
Jul 26, 2012 John Jensen commented on Torta Throwdown: A Stranger Investigation.
It is fucking ridiculous that you've have omitted tacos chukis in this battle.
Jul 26, 2012 John Jensen commented on Torta Throwdown: A Stranger Investigation.
It is fucking ridiculous to not have included tacos chukis in this battle.
May 14, 2012 John Jensen commented on Anarchy Is
I agree with 82, Brendan. You weren't attacked for "asking questions" and it's incredulous to play the victim. The truth is that you espoused views that most people don't accept, so some others on the Internet vocally disagreed with you. The article you wrote shows an interesting side of the anarchist community, but in no way is it nuanced nor does it seriously confront questions that an anarchist would be uncomfortable to address.

I feel it's only from a place of a privilege that your typical American young man can declare what's best for a poor factory worker in China. What's worse is that this Chinese worker so far removed from the debate that he's basically a stereotype used to advance said young man's worldview; the Chinese worker simply isn't a real person. Having an opinion is one thing, but to use that declaration-from-privilege to start destroying things...

Damaging property is rightfully illegal because the government has no place deciding that Forever 21's property is less valuable than my property. I'm not convinced that a group of agressive young men should instead make that decision. It's best for a society to organize around the idea of private property that government helps keep safe. People can choose whether they want property, but they are not allowed to make that choice for others.

And for what it's worth, it seems pretty obvious that poor factory workers in China have a much better life than subsistence farmers in the rest of the country.
Mar 13, 2012 John Jensen commented on Is This What We Voted For?: Arts Organizations Deemed "Unqualified" for Education Levy Money They've Been Getting for Years While Mayor Hosts Meetings Across Town on the Importance of Arts Education.
@5, you believe that if we don't teach art in school that no artists will materialize? I disagree. Some people will probably be attracted to art and pursue it regardless.
Feb 3, 2012 John Jensen commented on A Correction.
I'm glad I read past the errors but jesus christ man it undermines the hole affair.
Jan 5, 2012 John Jensen commented on Planned Parenthood Regrets.
I don't believe many insurance companies cover viagra or cialis despite sex being an obvious issue related to health and the exorbitant cost of these medications — blue cross certainly doesn't. They are not over-the-counter drugs, which is a stupid implication. Insurance companies operating in this state are forced by law to cover birth control.

Birth control is more widely covered and more affordable than erectile dysfunction medications. Groups like Planned Parenthood should stop exploiting this myth because it's a) false and b) insulting to poor and middle-class men who cannot buy access to medications that would help them achieve a healthy sex life.