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Oct 14, 2015 Greg commented on Astronomers Think They Have Found a Star System With a Civilization.
Do they have a pointless machine for us to build?
Jul 27, 2015 Greg commented on Confidential to David Toledo: Your Posters Fucking Suck and We'd Never, Ever Endorse an Asshole Like You.
Shitty wheatpaste posters suck when they're on your stuff, don't they?
Dec 17, 2014 Greg commented on The Tunnel Project Is Not 70 Percent Done.
Needs more spreadsheets.
Oct 1, 2014 Greg commented on Another Name in the Race for Seattle City Council's District 5: Pastor Sandy Brown.
Expanding the city's housing programs to provide shelter for people with drug and alcohol addiction problems has four main benefits:

(1) It takes homeless alcoholics and drug addicts off the streets.
(2) It saves money currently being spent on ER visits and arrests.
(3) It encourages people in the housing to drink less.
(4) It gives people struggling with addiction easier ways to get help.

Here are a couple of links discussing the economic and public health angles.……
Oct 1, 2014 Greg commented on Another Name in the Race for Seattle City Council's District 5: Pastor Sandy Brown.
There is NO REASON why sidewalks should be so expensive. $250k per block face just doesn't make sense at all. Does anybody know how the cost is figured?
Jul 29, 2013 Greg commented on Today Is "Don't Be A Dick Day".
And I already blew it by 9:30 AM. Well, better luck next year, I guess?
Jul 29, 2013 Greg commented on Twitter Criticized for Not Taking Rape Threats Seriously.
Twitter won't do anything about this unless it becomes enough of a PR disaster that they HAVE to do something about it, just like with every web site everywhere. By putting this post up on Slog, Cienna is helping to make sure that it becomes visible enough that Twitter has to deal with it.
Jun 10, 2013 Greg commented on What's More Terrifying than the Government Monitoring Your Internet Activity?.
Charles, you are a troll.
Jun 5, 2013 Greg commented on Why I Ride Fearlessly Without A Helmet.
Do what you want. You're an adult, and solely responsible for the consequences of your actions. I'll keep wearing my helmet when I ride, thanks very much.
May 28, 2013 Greg commented on Portland Voters Are Stoopid.
@143: Thanks for demonstrating that you didn't bother to read the USDA abstract. Since you're too lazy to click, let me quote it for you:

"There is considerable circumstantial evidence that arsenic is an essential trace element. Recent studies using laboratory animals suggest that arsenic has an essential role related to methionine metabolism... Based on this finding, a calculated arsenic requirement for humans eating 2000 kcal would be 12-25 ug/day."

And actually, my point about dosage does justify fluoride in water, in that it demolishes all the silly arguments about skeletal fluorosis from concentrations less than 2 mg/L. Fluoride is NOT toxic at the typical doses supplied by fluoridated tap water. If you disagree, tell me why and give some actual numbers or sources.

You know, it's sad. There are actually reasonable arguments to be made against water fluoridation, including cost vs. benefit, the relative public health effectiveness of alternate delivery methods (toothpaste, salt, mouthwash, etc.), inconsistent dosage, and medical consent. But you won't hear any of those from the anti-fluoride crusaders because they involve facts and logic, which are as abhorrent to them as soap and penicillin.