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in the past few hours Reverse Polarity commented on EOD: Don't Worry, Hillary's Team Is Right On Top of This "Vagenda of Manocide" Thing.
Anyone else remember that kooky billboard reader along I-5, near Centralia? Used to post nutty stuff like this. It's still there, but now just spouts run-of-the-mill right wing nonsense. Not nearly as cray cray as it used to be.

Anyway, nice to see that other states have their insane sign merchants too.
Aug 22 Reverse Polarity commented on Sexist Trolls Tried to Derail the 2016 Hugo Awards. They Failed..
Oh puh-lease, snowflakes. Award winning authors like Samuel R. Delany, Ursula K. Le Guin (to name just a couple of my olde tyme favorites), and others have been exploring gender issues in Sci-fi since the 1960s. Time to get over it.
Aug 19 Reverse Polarity commented on What's So Funny About the Naked Trump Statue?.
I couldn't agree more. When I first saw it, I laughed my ass off. Then I got a little uncomfortable. Trump is a vile, hateful turd, and represents the worst of us. But most of what that statue mocks is Trump's appearance. Not his bigotry, not his xenophobia, not his greed, not his pettiness. It mocks his appearance. If not for the orange hair and the label, that statue could look a lot like my dad. My dad is old and veiny and a bit saggy and overweight. In another 20 years, I'll probably look a bit like that statue. When I realized that, the statue got a bit less funny.

Still, Trump is a horrible person, so I can't get too worked up over it. And anything that openly mocks Trump is cathartic.
Aug 18 Reverse Polarity commented on Capitol Hill's Trump Statue Could Be a Safety Hazard, Says SDOT.
Well, it lasted longer than the one put up in Times Square in New York. A city crew had removed that one by 1:00pm.
Aug 16 Reverse Polarity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Blown Opportunities.
As long as we're speculating... I once had a hernia surgery many years ago. It was a pretty gnarly surgery, as these things go. There was a lot of swelling and pain in the groin area, and sex was off the table for a couple of weeks. The swelling made ejaculation painful, so a blow job (or hand jobs) would have been just as bad as any other variety of sex.

There are all sorts of surgeries that might impact sex. Some might only impact certain positions, while others render all sex either impossible or unpleasant. Without knowing more about his specific situation, nobody knows whether or not blow jobs are a feasible alternative.

The question as written is too vague. I can't tell if she doesn't know his specific medical condition, or if she just doesn't explain details in her letter. If she doesn't know, then she should just ask.
Aug 15 Reverse Polarity commented on Seattle City Council Postpones Fight Over Cost of Police Station Amid #BlocktheBunker Protests.
"We will not stop until the number [cost of precinct] is zero," said one speaker.

Okay, now that's just silly. The north precinct IS in need of replacement. It's too small and doesn't meet their needs.

They don't need a $160million military bunker, but they do need a new larger precinct. The number needs to be a lot lower than they currently want for their palace/bunker, but to push for zero is a non-starter.
Aug 12 Reverse Polarity commented on After a Deluge of Angry Tweets, The Daily Beast Takes Down Story on Gay Olympians.
The reporter and the original article were absolutely repugnant. Their editor, if they have one, completely failed.

Having said that, I think the apology was pretty decent. It wasn't one of those useless "we're sorry if you were offended" apologies that don't actually admit to anything wrong. They seemed to sincerely own the fuck up. And as fucked up as the story was, it wasn't in character with the website. The Daily Beast is not Faux News. Usually.
Aug 12 Reverse Polarity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Swinging Double Standards.
lol @1. That was my thought too. Seems like the LW has not met many men, or the answer to her question would have been obvious. If single guys were allowed at swinger's parties, they would completely overwhelm the place. Single women are allowed because they are so rare, in an attempt to somewhat even the odds.
Aug 12 Reverse Polarity commented on EOD: Why Millennials Love Hillary Clinton*.
Millennials have far more at stake than I ever did.

When I was 20, my biggest fear was being arrested and put in prison for being gay in the military. I had no clue that we were fucking up the planet. A few scientists knew about climate change, but it wasn't even beginning to become public knowledge yet. It was never mentioned when I was in school or college.

Now, for you, the very planet is at stake. We may or may not render earth uninhabitable by humans. If we fuck it up beyond repair, it will have little effect on me. I've got 20, maybe 30 years to go if I'm lucky. I will die of old age before the worst effects of climate change hit. We absolutely have to halt climate change, and soon, or your future is totally fucked.

So, millennials, isn't that something worth considering when you vote? Is there really no difference between Hillary and Trump? Do you seriously think they both have the same policies regarding climate change? Sure, Hillary is far from a perfect and inspiring candidate. But if you can't see any difference, if you let Trump become president through your apathy, you deserve the future you will get as a result.
Aug 11 Reverse Polarity commented on Dan Savage to Daily Beast: Take Down Your Creepy Olympic Grindr “Exposé”.
@5, that was my thought too. WTF is wrong with these people? Do they not have editors at Daily Beast? Not even bother with a cursory glance at this stuff before it's posted?

Even in this country, where marriage is finally legal, it is wrong to out someone involuntarily (unless they're a hypocrite politician or something). But to out an athlete from countries where they could be imprisoned or executed is inexcusable. Seriously. Who the fuck thought this "article" was a good idea on any level?