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Nov 6 Reverse Polarity commented on Fuck This Fucking Guy: Robert Satiacum, the Washington State Democratic Elector Who Won't Vote Clinton.
I don't care about his opinions, his background, or his feelings about either Hillary or Bernie. If Hillary wins a majority of votes in WA on Tuesday, he is obligated to vote for her. If he does not, he is literally subverting democracy. Full stop.

Fuck him.
Nov 1 Reverse Polarity commented on Samantha Bee Makes a Compelling Argument That Donald Trump Can't Read.
To be fair, a large majority of men over the age of 45 need reading glasses. I need them now too. I hate them with a fiery passion, but that's the life of an aging male. Without reading glasses, I can't read a goddamned thing anymore (including this here blog thingy), and I'm 15 years younger than Trump.

Trump is a gigantic asshole, but if you stick a legal document in front of any random 70 year old man, 80% would react exactly the same way Trump did.
Nov 1 Reverse Polarity commented on Guest Editorial: Initiative 732 Is a False Promise for Climate Justice.
Once again the good is the enemy of the perfect.

Is I-732 perfect? No. Of course not. But it is a step in the right direction, and it is better than the alternative, which is to do nothing and hope for something better next year (or the year after that, or the year after that, etc).

The pragmatic politics of WA state is that we get the highest voter turn out once every 4 years during presidential elections, especially among younger voters. Big, ambitious, liberal initiatives have the best chance of being passed during these elections. Off year elections tend to skew much more to reliable older voters, and considerably less liberal. So if we vote this down, we will have to wait till 2020 for another realistic chance of passing an ambitious environmental initiative. Sure, you can put your ideal perfect initiative on the ballot next year, but it has a far lower chance of passing.

If there was a better initiative on the ballot this year, I would have happily voted for it. But there isn't. This year, on the ballot in front of me, I-732 is as good a choice as I am presented. I'm not willing to vote it down in the hopes that some day some one will come up with something better, maybe.

Finally, there is no reason that we can't pass I-732 AND also pass whatever brilliant initiative Jill eventually comes up with, if she ever manages to put anything on the ballot. It doesn't have to be either/or. It can be yes/yes. Everyone wins!
Oct 11 Reverse Polarity commented on Scott Baio: What Men Say In Locker Rooms Is What Women Say During Brunch.
Gosh. I'm so glad we have Scott Baio to mansplain women's brunch talk to me. I can rest easy now.
Oct 8 Reverse Polarity commented on Washington GOP Chair Claims Trump Was "Channeling Bill Clinton" During Comments about Groping Women.
@24, what kind of crack are you smoking? If you're going to make ridiculous claims like that, at least make some pretext of providing some sort of reliable evidence or data.

This fiasco is still unfolding, and it is far too early to know what effect it will have on the polls. The earliest polls that might reliably indicate the public reaction to Trumps latest verbal diarrhea will be in 3-5 days from now. currently has Hillary ahead by wider margins than she's had since the conventions.
Sep 30 Reverse Polarity commented on AWWWW! State Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu Reunited with the LGBTQ Couples She Married.
@3 Roy Moore got removed from the bench today... for the second time!!! How fucked up of a judge do you have to be to be removed once, voted back on, and then removed a second time. This is apparently a man incapable of learning from his mistakes.
Sep 28 Reverse Polarity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Too Good To Be True.
A swingers club with 5 men and 15 women? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yeah, no. Dream on. My bullshit detector is at DEFCON 1, and yours should be too.
Sep 27 Reverse Polarity commented on Unsolicited Advice for Hillary Clinton.
Gotta agree with @14 here. I don't know the ins and outs of the Clinton's marriage, but it clearly isn't grounded in sexual fidelity. I have long suspected it is more a marriage of politics, ambition, and power. She became senator, ran for president once before, and became Secretary of State, all because she was Bill Clinton's wife. I doubt she would have achieved any of those goals if she had divorced him. I suspect she probably doesn't care much about Bill's philandering as long as it doesn't interfere with her political goals.

And really, isn't the Clinton's marriage a lot like many of Dan's letter writers? A lot of marriages start out with a promise of fidelity, but after a couple decades, fidelity may take a back seat, sex gets stale or tiresome, and there are a host of other meaningful reasons to stay married that have nothing to do with sexual fidelity. Who cares? As long as they're happy, more power to them.
Sep 15 Reverse Polarity commented on Victory for #BlocktheBunker: North Seattle Police Precinct Project Suspended, Returned to the Drawing Board.
@3, yeah, I think reasonable people would probably agree that they need a new larger precinct building. But it wasn't just a little too expensive, it was crazy too expensive. They should be able to build a facility with the space they need for a third of that price.

The very idea of building a Bagdad-style fortified compound in hippy liberal Seattle while SPD is dragging its feet fighting the Justice Department consent decree was incredibly tone deaf.