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Feb 17 Reverse Polarity commented on Mayor Calls Kshama Sawant's Suggestion that Seattle Police Block ICE "Irresponsible and Dangerous".
The mayor is right.

It is good to tell SPD not to ask people about their citizenship, not to arrest people solely based on citizenship, not to assist or be coopted by ICE, not to harass protesters. It's a good thing to provide legal advice and assistance to undocumented immigrants.

But telling SPD to actively block ICE is nuts. Are city cops supposed to attempt to arrest federal agents for doing their job? I find Cheeto Mussolini repugnant and I despise ICE raids, but they aren't doing anything illegal as far as I know. On what legal basis does Sawant expect SPD to "block" ICE? What does she even mean by that?
Feb 16 Reverse Polarity commented on UPDATED: State Supreme Court Says Florist Who Refused to Serve Gay Couple Violated Anti-Discrimination Law.
@2 & 5, It is a matter of proof.

This case is pretty simple, because the florist openly stated she wouldn't do their flowers because they're gay, and that she routinely did flowers for straight weddings. She openly provided all the proof needed for the couple to easily win their case.

But what if she had said "sorry, I'm already totally booked that weekend; can't do it," and never mentioned their sexual orientation? Well, that just makes the case harder to prove. In most discrimination cases by small businesses like this, it is very difficult to prove a single case. Often, the proof comes over time, if you can show a pattern where they always say yes to one group of people and almost always say no to a protected class of people. So a small florist like this could probably get away with it a few times by claiming to be too busy or whatever, as it would be almost impossible to prove discrimination. But if they do it often enough, and an attorney is able to get a group of rejected clients together and establish a pattern of discrimination, then they can still prevail in a case even if the business is cagey about their reasons for turning down minority clients.

Furthermore, it is even possible to prove a case where the business isn't even doing it intentionally. People can be blind and oblivious to their own bigotry sometimes. A business may be treating a minority group differently without even necessarily being aware of it. The attorney general doesn't have to prove intent. They only have to prove that a pattern of discrimination occurs, even if unintentional.
Feb 15 Reverse Polarity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Why Is My Gay Son Hooking Up With a Girl?.
The son may have come out at age 11, and may have received acceptance at home and maybe school too. But I work in education these days, and I can tell you that even in hippy liberal Seattle, there is still considerable pressure for high school kids to conform to heteronormative stereotypes. Not as bad as 20 years ago, and not as bad as North Carolina, but it still exists to some degree. Even in Seattle, a significant number of LGBT students are still bullied and harassed. There are a few gay characters in movies and TV, but we're still largely invisible.

LW didn't say where she is from, but it is possible that the son is feeling some pressure to conform at school or among friends, despite mom being supportive of him. I like Dan's answer, but this might be another possibility.
Feb 6 Reverse Polarity commented on The Space Trash of The Space Between Us.
Yeah... I like all the actors in this, but the trailer looked painfully stupid. That was not a good sign. Your review makes it sound just as dumb as the trailer looked. No amount of good acting can overcome a stupid story.
Feb 5 Reverse Polarity commented on Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer is a National Treasure.
That skit was a wonder to behold. Melissa McCarthy definitely wins the internet for the day.
Feb 2 Reverse Polarity commented on ICYMI: Ed Murray Gets Challenger for 2017 Reelection.
Yeah, because putting someone in the executive branch with zero experience is working out so well in the White House, why not try it here?

I'm willing to vote Murray out of office if someone better comes along, but I'm not voting for someone whose greatest claim to fame is being a "safe streets advocate". Really? Does he have any rational grasp on how to manage the government of a city of 650,000 people?

Jan 31 Reverse Polarity commented on Guest Editorial: King County Should Not Build a New Juvenile Detention Center.
I would wholeheartedly endorse the idea that non-violent children should never be jailed. But that's not the case. Children occasionally commit violent crimes. They rape, murder, assault with assorted weapons. You can't simply give such children counseling and send them on their way.

For non-violent offenses, yes, absolutely, find an alternative to jail. But you will always need at least some capacity for a youth jail for the small number serious violent offenders who happen to be minors. You will never get to zero.

As long as your publicly state goal is zero incarceration and to get rid of a youth jail entirely, I will never take you seriously.
Jan 30 Reverse Polarity commented on Washington State's Attorney General Is Suing the Trump Administration Over Its Travel Ban.
I'm pleasantly surprised. While I generally agree with Inslee's politics, I've been disappointed with him at times. His heart is often in the right place, but he is occasionally a bit ineffectual. I'm glad to see that he, and the AG, have grown a spine.

More like this, please, silent democrats.

Jan 29 Reverse Polarity commented on Updated: Sound Transit Must Give Answers For Not Stopping At SeaTac During Muslim Ban Protest.
Sound Transit should not be the arbiter of the First Amendment. Citizens have a right to protest. Unless there is an immediate threat of violence or riot, then Sound Transit (an entity of the government) should not be preventing citizens from attending a protest. This isn't merely an inconvenience. It is an abridgment of the First Amendment.
Jan 25 Reverse Polarity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She's Wonderful! She's Perfect! (But I'd Like Bigger Boobs...).
Okay, Ricarto, just to be thorough for you... yes, I acknowledge that breast implants exist. I was aware of it, and intentionally didn't bother to mention it in my earlier comment.

I tried to imagine any sort of scenario where someone could say "hey baby, I think you're awesome and smart and mostly pretty, and I'd totally date you if you got breast implants 'cause I like big tits," and not sound like a gigantic douchenozzle. I couldn't.

So I stand by my original assertion that he should never mention breast size. No good can come of it.