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Apr 4 Crazy Cat Guy's Husband commented on The Man Seattle Police Killed Yesterday: 26-Year-Old Chef Cody Spafford.
In 1997, the SPD shut down a main downtown street for 11 hours in order to safely corral a sword-wielding man. The extraordinary care they took, was enough to make the New York Times. I don't know enough to reach a judgment in the current case. But in the 17 years since 1997, something has changed much for the worse within the department.
Jan 1 Crazy Cat Guy's Husband commented on Under Andromeda.
@4, Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy says the Andromeda image is in the ultraviolet, but looks similar to one taken in visible light. http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy…
Mar 18, 2013 Crazy Cat Guy's Husband commented on Michelle Shocked: "God Hates Fags".
Meanders' Facebook announcement of the cancellation has 162 likes.
Aug 22, 2012 Crazy Cat Guy's Husband commented on Q Nightclub: Sneak Preview.
@5 Scott has promised to have a Hoveround night.
Jun 22, 2012 Crazy Cat Guy's Husband commented on SL Letter of the Day: Don't Swallow That.
Cum varies in taste and consistency from guy to guy. I suspect that aversion to tasting cum often follows on a bad experience with a lesser vintage. Yes, @16, some cum has a sweet taste akin to vanilla pudding; I suspect that eating lots of fruits and vegies contributes to that.

Nibble on fruits and vegies throughout the day, and your cum, too, may taste like honey.

(And what is the difference between "cum" and "come", anyway?)
Mar 21, 2012 Crazy Cat Guy's Husband commented on The Million-Dollar Question.
@3, I believe @1 was being ironic.
Feb 29, 2012 Crazy Cat Guy's Husband commented on And Now, the R-74 Ballot Language Progressives Would Like to See.
@11 Sargon, "godspeak" is one word, which I will carefully explain to you the next time we have dinner.
Feb 17, 2012 Crazy Cat Guy's Husband commented on Try Your Hand at a Possible Fall Ballot Featuring TWO Gay Marriage Items.
On the other hand, what if they both passed, as unlikely as that would be?

We'd have successful measures saying that same-sex couples could/could not be married.

Good luck to any court trying to figure that one out.
Feb 15, 2012 Crazy Cat Guy's Husband commented on Mass Uprising.
@11 & 19 Regarding tax status — churches can't involve themselves in electoral politics in the case of candidates for office, but they're free to work for or against referenda and initiatives.

IRS: Charities, Churches and Politics
Feb 11, 2012 Crazy Cat Guy's Husband commented on Stranger Tournament of Dunces, Match 3: Rep. Mark Hargrove vs. Rep. Norma Smith.
@2 To avoid being labeled a double-dumbfuck, you should note that Jim Hargrove is a DINO in the Senate, while Mark Hargrove is, as listed correctly on SLOG, a Republican representative.

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