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The CHZA is not trippin.
11:51 PM yesterday The CHZA commented on Edward Scissorhands Made by Director Who Wants to Be True to White People.
So white culture isn't allowed to be it's own thing now, regardless of how it's portrayed? I mean there is a large amount of mainstream white cultures, it's still 60%+ of the population. It's not bad if people of color don't show up in everything. Art doesn't need to be a reflection of America's Amazing Melting Pot every single time. It's not an insult.
8:22 AM yesterday The CHZA commented on Unh! Pineapple Pen!.
this feels like a Gangnam Style for people who are too dumb to do anything but watch TV all night
Sep 28 The CHZA commented on The Morning News: Amazon Launching Employee Bus Service, SPD Illegally Purchased Online Tracking Tool.
For the El Cajon shooting, I'd like to hear why anyone in that man's place wouldn't also get shot. You can't fucking kungfu stance and make a gun pointy motion after reaching into your pants and expect to just get shoved to the ground.
Sep 25 The CHZA commented on This Should Get All the Genius Awards.
Dan is officially turning in to every other parent on Facebook
Sep 21 The CHZA commented on Sady Doyle's Trainwreck Deconstructs Our Obsession with Suffering Women.
Well if they're women and receiving negative attention for their behavior or situation, obviously there must be some kind of misogynistic component. Anyone who has bad things to say any woman is obviously misogynist (they might use gender-specific bad words! Totally invalidates everything – so you don't have to trigger yourself having a discussion, right?). Why bother looking at personalities?
Sep 21 The CHZA commented on Well, Here's an Image of Donald Trump That's Enough to Make Your Heart Stop.
>which unlike the Clinton Foundation (which makes AIDS drugs affordable for people in developing nations, etc.),

Yeah, let's pretend that there wasn't a recent document released that clearly showed money received by the Clinton Foundation and then what access or position was granted in return.
Sep 21 The CHZA commented on The Morning News: We Need to Talk About Skittles and Nuremberg.
> Don't rape your classmates vs. seriously don't fucking do it, and don't let your friends do it.

Still with this? On what planet do you have to live where you think this is effective toward anyone?
Sep 21 The CHZA commented on Guest Editorial: Why You Should Sign Initiative 873 to Change the State Law on Police Killings.
this doesn't really address any core problems with policing. if someone's dead there's still a problem.
Sep 20 The CHZA commented on I'm a Millennial Who Plans to Vote for Clinton, But Her Appeal to Millennials Is Hard to Watch.
@14 Hillary is not Skylar White. The latter character managed to stay true to her character, the former I have no idea what her actual character is.

People don't dislike Hillary because [insert easy-to-dismiss PC-fodder strawman exaggerations]. Pickup truck morons who barely graduated high school are the easiest haters to target, and it's nobody here.

They dislike her because A., she's a Clinton and people have had enough of dynasties in our government, B. nobody trusts her to follow any of Sanders' populist policies, C. have you noticed that a wide majority of the mainstream media tends to peak at "we gotta vote for her because it's fuckin TRUMP!"?

Clinton is a fucking dud and a terrible person by her own design, not everyone's prejudices against her. You can bet that millions would love to have a president Elizabeth Warren over her (shame she did not run). Nobody likes her. People have different reasons and depths for not liking her, but you need to stop acting like all criticisms are inherently baseless and invalid because she's a woman. At the base of it you have no actual argument aside from your assumed characterizations from others.