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The CHZA is not trippin.
11:34 AM yesterday The CHZA commented on Amazon Plans to *Disrupt* the Bodega Industry with "Amazon Go".
>Talking to butchers and bakers and the people who work at that deli? UGH. Catching five minutes of a soccer game with the guy who owns the bodega down the street? FUCK THAT.

Oh come on, like the PNW is some kind of bastion of sociability with its grocery workers.

Everyone's been stuck choosing between huge checkout lines or huge self-checkout lines (watching moms and dads hunt and peck for a good 30 seconds per item is great) which is what the entire target of this concept is.

Reaching contrarianism is so cool, guys.
9:51 AM yesterday The CHZA commented on The Morning News: Housing Crisis Helped Cause Deadly Fire in Oakland, Studios Still Affordable in Tacoma, Video of Women March.
>and men, who need to take a backseat in this new sequence of struggle against the powers that be

thanks for giving me carte blanche for not giving a fuck about your grievances? what is this statement supposed to mean?
Dec 4 The CHZA commented on Photos: At Seattle March Against Hate, Chants of "Women! United! Will Never Be Divided!".

I like how responses to me are almost always someone presuming a plethora of opinions I definitely hold because I said one particular disagreeable thing.
Dec 4 The CHZA commented on Photos: At Seattle March Against Hate, Chants of "Women! United! Will Never Be Divided!".
I see we're already back to the "WE'RE FIGHTING" days of the Iraq war protests. Keep preaching to the choir, keep marching, keep giving affirmative hugs. You're doing this for yourselves.
Dec 1 The CHZA commented on The Morning News: Washingtonians Fleeing Seattle Because of Crowds, Oregon Schools Ban Santa, Tacoma Cop Killed.
Apparently rich-asshole-oriented developments outpacing our terrible transportation network and associated insufferability of the people buying those places don't count.

Morons weren't setting off huge fireworks mortars for every Seahawks touchdown 5 years ago.
Nov 23 The CHZA commented on Jill Stein Is Now Demanding a Recount in Three States.
Recounts aren't going to flip leads with tens of thousands of votes.
Nov 23 The CHZA commented on Gyld, the Seattle-Based Music Streaming Service, Was a Great Idea, Then the Checks Started Bouncing.
I'm sorry people got pulled into & lost time and money on this venture. The Web 2.0 days have come and gone - when big players like iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, and Tidal are already out there, why would you try to create a ground-up streaming business?

People should be reaching out to existing providers with ideas and plans for curating local music in existing outlets. If I could hit a "Local" tab and see music from the metro area, the state, the PNW, whatever, that would get artists more exposure with no stakes depending on the underlying platform.

Not to mention the lack of a robust app option. Making Gyld a site-only venture guaranteed it would be DOA. Streaming off of your desktop is for older 9 to 5ers, everyone is using their phone or tablet for everything now.

My consultancy rates are exceedingly reasonable if any of this is blowing your mind (which it shouldn't if you've been using the internet for music for even the past 2-3 years)
Nov 22 The CHZA commented on I, Anonymous.
Is donating $20 to some shit and marching in some protest nobody important gives a shit about more or less effective than whinging on Facebook?

Most of this shit is completely out of our control.
Nov 22 The CHZA commented on You Will Enjoy Jody Rosen's Epic Twitter Rant on Bullshit "Urban Elites vs. Middle Americans" Clichés.
I read all of these and I'm glad this person used Twitter, as trying to assemble large thoughts in standard multi-paragraph form wouldn't have gone too well with this half-connected idea jumble.