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The CHZA is not trippin.
in the past hour The CHZA commented on Kshama Sawant Shows Up at the DNC to Tell Bernie Sanders Supporters to Vote for Jill Stein.
What has Jill Stein done aside from grin for Green niceties every 4 years?
Jul 23 The CHZA commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
I'm writing in Alfred E. Neuman, fuck this noise
Jul 22 The CHZA commented on That Seattle University Humanities Dean Who Students Wanted Out? She's Resigning..
well at least it was SU and not an actual respectable institution like UW
Jul 20 The CHZA commented on Can "Reparations" Come in the Form of a Borrowed Car?.
i would work on quashing the cultures that shuns education and financial responsibility before asking for handouts

Cosby may be a sick fuck but he wasn't wrong about all that shit
Jul 20 The CHZA commented on My Philosophy.
New rap is getting fucking tired. You're rich, you have a car with flippy doors or big rims or fogged up with weed or all of those things, you take molly, your hoes take molly, you do that in your big flippy door weed fogged car... or if you're gonna be more "out there" you can include LSD and being a three eye nigga or whatever the fuck. They all rap about it differently but it's so much of the same shit.
Jul 19 The CHZA commented on WATCH: Why a Software Consultant from Gig Harbor Helped Lead Yesterday's Dump Trump Revolt on the Convention Floor.
I admire the guy's spirit and intentions... but dump Trump for who else? Cruz was a joke, Yeb! was a joke, Rubio could barely answer questions, nobody cared about Kasich until it was too late. What was Step 2??
Jul 14 The CHZA commented on Look At These Frighteningly Militarized Police in New York.
Murray is too much of a spineless ladder-climber to go for any of this.
Jul 13 The CHZA commented on Tech Writer Plans Children's Book About "Amazocalypse" and the "Monstrous Impacts" of Seattle's Growth.
you can toot the density horn all you want - if you've lived here for more than 10 years you've noticed the influence of tech money and the soulless cultureless growth it has brought
Jul 12 The CHZA commented on Port Angeles Woman Leaves $9 Million for a Performing Arts Center.
Port Angeles is the most methy methhead town I've yet been to in the peninsula. PA doesn't need a performing arts center.