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11:44 AM yesterday Banna commented on Amazon Plans to *Disrupt* the Bodega Industry with "Amazon Go".
Oh no! Won't someone please consider the livelihoods of the people who charge $2 for a banana and sell crack pipe roses by the register?
Nov 17 Banna commented on Building a Wall Is One of the Dumbest Ideas in American History.
The leader of the border patrol union was on NPR this morning, already backpedaling. "When Trump said 'build a wall along the entire border' what he really meant was 'increase the current border fence from 15% to 30% of the entire border." Another example of surrogates having to "explain" what Trump's words mean by completely ignoring the words he spoke.
Nov 8 Banna commented on I Love New Yorkers.
They're probably booing because Trump got to cut the line because "he's busy". I can't imagine New Yorkers have any kind of patience for for bullshit like that.
Oct 9 Banna commented on Second Presidential Debate: The Stranger's Live-Slog.
I miss the live Slogs where us proles could comment in the discussion. The comment density is too low. here.
Oct 9 Banna commented on Second Presidential Debate: The Stranger's Live-Slog.
@1: Probably because there was no revelation in the leaked speeches? Unless you count faked ones, of course.
Sep 26 Banna commented on Presidential Debate: The Stranger's Live-Slog.
Anyone else getting the same post 5 to 10 times in a row?
Aug 26 Banna commented on Maine Governor Leaves Salty Voicemail; Challenges His Rival To a Duel.
I offer to be the second for "dildos at dawn".
Aug 22 Banna commented on Mayor Convenes Homelessness Task Force; Won't Stop Problematic Encampment Sweeps.
@4: If you don't pay property taxes (directly or indirectly through rent), you don't have access to convenient and regular curbside garbage service. There are plenty of options besides "toss it behind your tent" like hump your shit to a regularly emptied public receptacle in a park or something.

Aug 16 Banna commented on Today in Stupid: "No, No, No," Says Trump Advisor. "I Said Clinton Should Be Executed, Not Assassinated. God!".
@1 You mean the BRITISH docudrama, "Death of a President"? Are you saying it was written, staged, and performed by Democratic presidential advisers or staff?
Of course you're not, because you know it's apples and oranges and you're a disingenuous ass.
Aug 9 Banna commented on Did Donald Trump Just Encourage His Followers to Shoot Hillary Clinton?.
@1: You're right. He could absolutely have been simply encouraging folks to exercise their second amendment rights and gift Clinton lots of guns as to curry her favor in the judicial nomination process. That's much more likely.