Apr 26 SeMe commented on The Documentary Karl Marx City Reveals the Truth About a Police State.
This is a great review. As someone who lived in a semi- Socialist country (Nicaragua, and also visited yours for a non aligned conference. I gotta say, this was a great review, and a great description of how we grew up in eras and countries where the original project never really took off. One because of corruption ( yours) and another because of Reagan's war (mine) Its hard to explain to someone how it is to grow up in such times and also not somebody who is watching from afar but living it. Thanks brother Charles, you are a great and original writer.
Feb 3 SeMe commented on Super Bowl 2017 Is Both a Football Game And a Battle of Good (Falcons) vs. Evil (Patriots).
Truth be told, most Falcons (Georgia) fans voted for Trump and mos Patriots fans voted for HRC. As an Eagles fan, I loathe them both. As a sports fan, if we rooted for a team based on their players ideology, we wouldve stopped watching football a loooong time ago. No offense, but seahwaks of past were as right wing as any. Steve Larr?
Jan 30 SeMe commented on Starbucks CEO Offers Jobs to Refugees, Earns Boycott Fire from Trump Supporters.
Most Starbucks in Seattle have always been where immigrants, and working class types hang out and have the most diverse staff. No offense, but I feel more at ease there than at an indie/ hipster coffee shop, and they've always hired people of color at a higher ratio than most indie shops. Again, no offense, but the generalization of "all Seattle " is just not true.
Oct 11, 2016 SeMe commented on What You Actually Watched Last Night Was Clinton and Trump Singing a Beautiful Duet.
Say hello to my little hands!!!
Nov 17, 2015 SeMe commented on Why Putting the French Flag on the Space Needle Is Racist.
I agree we should support the French and show solidarity for their dead, but its lying to say that we dont undervalue other peoples sufferring. Brother Charles is right. Funny thing is, there are way more citizens of Lebanese descent living in the USA. There are thousands and entire communities of Lebanese living in Michigan alone. But of course to the majority of white folks in Sea town, they are not Americans or american like, and as always I see that Charles remains their favorite target for their thinly veiled racist views.
Jan 27, 2015 SeMe commented on Licata Staffer Lisa Herbold Considering Council Run.
I'm ready to doorbell, phonebank for you homie. Run Lisa run!
Jun 6, 2014 SeMe commented on Mayor, County Executive, and Governor Respond to Seattle Pacific University Shooting and Call for Action on Gun Violence.
As a veteran of a long forgotten war, I detest guns and consider that amount of power evil, I have never touched another one after my war was over. We were meant for better things you and me. Unfortunately the constitutional fetish over something that was written in the time of muskets will keep change from ever happening. Now they have a new boogey man in the mentally ill and a new villain. Europe has mentally ill, but those shootings don't happen there weekly. There was before this a school of little kindergardeners shot up and nothing happened. Nothing will happen because a lot of Dems are gun enthusiasts and act like we live in an age where we have to hunt for our food.
May 2, 2014 SeMe commented on Whoa! I Like Courtney Love's New Jam.
I agree Mike and yes Hole was an important and talented band. Great sound and sounded great live, unless the widow was totally wasted. I never understood all the hate directed at Courtney. I liked her music and the rest well too me it looked like some mental illness drug convo.
May 1, 2014 SeMe commented on Governor Inslee Names Judge Mary Yu to State Supreme Court.
Judge Yu is awesome!! Great news. She is also, I believe Asian and Latino.
Mar 29, 2014 SeMe commented on D-Day: Now in 3D!.
Important battle, but the war turned with the soviet counter offensive in Stalingrad. The U S and the allies fought with bravery and honor, but let's give the rushkies their due. They won the war.