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Sep 4, 2015 vooodooo84 commented on I Can't Handle All this Animal Killing—I'm Still Traumatized by the Time I Tried to Kill an Ant When I Was 6.
If citizens of your state invaded Kansas to impose slavery, you are from "The South"
Jul 10, 2015 vooodooo84 commented on Roast Chicken and Rare Steak: Which Is Feminine, Which Is Masculine?.
Many foreign chef's will have a strong advantage naturally knowing through the structure of their languange. http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/…
Mar 5, 2015 vooodooo84 commented on Frequent Fox News Guest: Islamic Radicals Support Gay Rights (Cannibalism Too).
I suppose dishonesty is one way to deal with their cognitive dissonance.
Dec 4, 2012 vooodooo84 commented on What Do You Think of the Upstream Color Trailer?.
I want an ageless orgasim and all I get is ageless onanism
Sep 27, 2012 vooodooo84 commented on Eww. There's a body art trend in Japan known as "bagel head.".
Cardassians are the bad guys, they should just put on simple nose wrinkles.
Sep 7, 2012 vooodooo84 commented on Eruption on the Sun.
I love SOHO
Aug 15, 2012 vooodooo84 commented on Two Things About Paul Ryan (One of Them Involves Hitler).
This is a worse "hitler reacts" than even the "hitler reacts to new burning man ticket system"
Aug 4, 2012 vooodooo84 commented on Seattle Cop Appears to Punch Man in the Face.
@18, that doesn't include overtime which is routinely quite hefty
Jul 15, 2012 vooodooo84 commented on Slog Bible Study: Isaiah 45:7.
@14 The LORD created spam