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Jun 21 disintegrator commented on A California Woman Is Accusing Donald Trump of Raping Her When She Was 13 Years Old.
I just came here to make the same Bill Clinton comment...

I mean, don't get me wrong, I think Trump is a piece of shit, but there WERE rape allegations against Bill.
Jun 14 disintegrator commented on Game of Thrones Recap! "No One" and Other Unfortunate Punch Lines.
@1: You read that far into the post without ever having seen the show? Remarkable.
Apr 22 disintegrator commented on Workers Challenge Restaurant Lobby's Initiative to Create Sub-Minimum "Training Wages" in Court.
$12 by 2020? It'd probably get pretty close to that anyway with the COL increases...
Apr 11 disintegrator commented on Twelve Amazing Costumes From the 2016 Emerald City Comicon.
I don't remember Log Lady being so hot...
Apr 8 disintegrator commented on This Week on Blabbermouth: The Student Assembly for Power and Liberation Speaks! (Plus David Schmader's WEED.).
That girl from Western was THE WORST. Painful to listen to. Less of that, please.
Apr 4 disintegrator commented on Alaska Airlines Is Buying Virgin America.
Right, but.. The minimum wage law passed... They sued... The suit was thrown out (eventually) in court.

Sounds like the process at work!
Apr 1 disintegrator commented on I, Anonymous.
Hella, yo.
Mar 18 disintegrator commented on Just What Is Paul Ryan Cooking Up in His Little Baby Head?.
Dude, I want to read about this stuff, but turn the sarcasm down a little bit.
Mar 15 disintegrator commented on The Morning News: Help Find This Masked, Masturbating Creep in Toe Shoes.
Man, that's a LOT of effort to go to just to jerk off...