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Oct 23, 2010 elenchos commented on Seattle's Rally Against Police Brutality.
Matt, I was all with you on this until you said "I hate the police state."

THE police state? Our police state? Really? Here, in Seattle, the Seattle, Washington "police state"? After you just got done lecturing some twit on your experience in Russia speaking to people who know firsthand what an actual police state looks like, now you're blithely leveling the difference between Seattle's rather fucked up police department and the nightmare of life in an actual police state with secret informants denouncing their own neighbors and families, gulags, copy machines treated like munitions, and on and on and on...

The problem with so many people here -- the bad cops and the nutty activists -- is that they can't distinguish between things. The difference between a when you need to shoot a suspect and when you don't. The difference between a community with a few criminals in it, and a community where they all belong in jail. Between the need to smash fascism and the need for major oversight and reform.

It just baffles me how so many people demand every cop to be capable of appreciating nuance in every split second decision, in every situation, every day without ever falling short, but they themselves are too lazy or sloppy to do the same no matter how low the stakes are and how much time they have to think before they spew.
Oct 23, 2010 elenchos commented on The Morning News.
...And appending snarky one liners to news bullets is edgy, you think? You're yet another Jay Leno imitator, Matt, which puts you in no position to call anybody else lame.
Oct 22, 2010 elenchos commented on Ken Schram Agrees with Me.
I've always wondered what "well educated" actually means.

You know like back in the good old days everybody got a real solid education in school but during World War II they were easily convinced Japanese Americans were all spies and saboteurs -- utter fiction, believed by people who read books and never watched TV or twittered or browsed porn on the web. Or a slightly later generation swallowed the fake Gulf of Tonkin incident hook, line and sinker. Old people today believe lies about Iraq or Obama; the young aren't so easily fooled. Yet we know the older generation is well educated and the younger is poorly educated. Examples abound.

I suppose it is imponderable. Makes me wonder though because I've heard a thousand and one times that more education solves any number of problems.
Oct 22, 2010 elenchos commented on Vote No on King County Prop 1: It's a Tax on the Jobless.
It's sad to see all of you fall for this infantile ideological split: tax = liberal, anti-tax = conservative. Is that the best you can do, people? "Well the guy who is telling me not to jump off a bridge also likes Dick Cheney, so I guess gotta jump!"

The reason our regressive taxes got so regressive is because of all the other times we inched the tax rate up in an "emergency". This is just the latest in a long history of failures to lead by our wimpy local Democrats.

The fact that 1098 has a good chance of passing is all the proof you need that Dow Considine and these other local pols are lying when they say regressive taxes are the only choice. Progressive income taxes are now politically feasible and who knows how long that has been so. I suspect it could have happened four, five, six sales tax hikes ago.

Yes on 1098 and No on King County Prop 1 sends a message: replacing our regressive sales taxes with progressive income taxes is an idea whose time has come.

If you don't agree, then what about next budget cycle? Next election when they again hold vital programs hostage and ask to bump up sales taxes a little higher, is that when you're going to finally draw the line?
Oct 22, 2010 elenchos commented on Cops Threaten Legal Action that Would Cost the City Big Bucks.
The union contract either says the city has to negotiate who they're lawyers will be with the union, or it says the city gets to decide on their own. It says either one or the other.

What makes this such a shitty article is that Dominic Holden shows no interest in that fundamental question of fact. Like, you know, going and reading the fucking contract? To find out what it says? Crazy concept, no?

Dominic Holden doesn't give a shit if the union is correct about what the contract says, because he is going to attack the police workforce every time they stand up for their own interests, with no regard to whether they have a point or not.

It's the opposite of the default position the Stranger takes with any other union dispute. If the BIAW were telling union construction workers they had to make do with the lawyer the BIAW picked for them, the aggro kids would know just who the bad guy was.

But when you're a 12 year old suburban kid with an attitude (in the body of a grown man) the cops are always wrong and you don't want to hear any facts.
Oct 22, 2010 elenchos commented on The Winner of the Stranger's Liquor Initiative Debate!.
Imperfect progress , or doing nothing? Seattle chooses doing nothing! Again!

Whole history of this town right there.
Oct 21, 2010 elenchos commented on Vote No on Both Liquor Initiatives.
There are thriving craft brewers in states without state-run liquor sales and a stranglehold on distribution. There's no reason why you can't compete in Washington just as well as they do.
Oct 21, 2010 elenchos commented on The BIAW's Erin Shannon Makes a Good Point: Vote No on I-1100.
Hey Goldy, you're not going to come up with any sources for your claim that alcohol abuse is lower with state liquor sales, are you?

It's kind of the crux of the matter and you seem to be making stuff up.
Oct 21, 2010 elenchos commented on Confidential to Blag Hag: I Don't Get Fashion Either.
Who would dare to tell the inventor of the t-shirt what to wear?
Oct 21, 2010 elenchos commented on Crying Cops.
You don't actually care what the police union contract says, do you Dominic?