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May 18 RonK, Seattle commented on The Morning News: White House Staffers Joke About Impeachment Behind Trump's Back, Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes Are Dead.
Re the Port item, something is garbled here. Port Commissioners can't fire anybody except (by majority vote) the Port CEO.

And as the article states, "Creighton isn’t a defendant in the lawsuit".
May 15 RonK, Seattle commented on The Morning News: New Parking Lot in Pike Place Market to Escalate Seattle's Traffic Woes, KOMO Owned By Rightwing Nutters.
Charles has adopted Trump's definition of "fake news".

News -- whether factual and representative, or deceptively distorted, or outright false -- is "fake" if propagated by allies of an opposing camp ... and also "fake" if one disagrees with its placement or prominence, even though it's published by ethical mainstream media and is not in factual dispute.
May 4 RonK, Seattle commented on Don't Let Congressman Dave Reichert Off the Hook Just Because He Voted "NO" on Trumpcare 2.0.
FWIW, WA-8 voted D in every presidential contest from 1992-2016. Its PVI is tossup - no partisan lean either way. It's a shade whiter than Jayapal's WA-7, with a roughly equal median age.
May 4 RonK, Seattle commented on The Morning News: Republicans Likely to Pass Disastrous Healthcare Bill, Are the Criminal Records of Murray's Accusers Relevant?.
"None of us asked for this living nightmare"?

Sorry, OA, but one of us threw every ounce of his being into defeating Trump's opponent and promoted crank theories about what an unimaginable horror she'd be as POTUS.

Whoever that was, he was totally begging for this living nightmare.
Apr 20 RonK, Seattle commented on Quick Poll: Who Would You Vote For Mayor If You Could Vote Right Now?.
Can't we get Molly Moon into this race?

What do we want? Salted lavender-pomegranite ice cream! How we gonna pay for it? Voter-approved excess levies!
Apr 19 RonK, Seattle commented on Meet the Man Who Could Turn Eastern Washington Blue.
@6 -- You sure you're not a Nigerian Prince with a bazillion dollars to deposit?
Apr 18 RonK, Seattle commented on On the Blabbermouth Podcast: Dreamy Jon Ossoff and Dodgy Devin Nunes.
@2 -- a.k.a. "Louisiana primary".

Potentially subject to strategic manipulation, as a major party may eliminate the opposing party from the runoff by successfully injecting multiple candidates bearing the opposing party label into the primary stage, thus fragmenting their vote. Also tends to favor centrist candidates of either party.
Apr 11 RonK, Seattle commented on Potential Challengers to Mayor Ed Murray Have More Than a Month Left to File. What If....
@4 -- There may be a flaw in that proof. I keep running into people who voted for Sawant in 2013 with the intent of lighting a fire under Conlin, not electing Sawant.
Apr 9 RonK, Seattle commented on Is the Case Against Ed Murray Politically Motivated? Here’s What the Lawyer for His Accuser Says.
@51, @54 -- So long as it could be reasonably argued the earlier accusations were politically motivated, legal expenditures from Murray's surplus funds account are not a problem.
Apr 7 RonK, Seattle commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Evidence Trumps a Man's Claims.
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