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4:42 PM yesterday RonK, Seattle commented on An Actually Reasonable Email From an Actually Sane Sanders Supporter.
For the umpteenth-and-second time, elections are not about what you want. Elections are about what we get.

And every moral choice is between the lesser evil and the greater evil. Every fucking one.
Jun 29 RonK, Seattle commented on How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Bernie-Or-Busters and Love the Polls*.
Following a life-long behavioral motif, Bernie has once again seized irrelevancy from the jaws of opportunity. A peculiar choice as cult hero ... but these are peculiar times.
Jun 27 RonK, Seattle commented on The Democratic Party Platform Moves Slightly Left, Thanks to Sanders.
@11 -- If the policy brief's 4800-word main text is too "vague" (compared to what - anything Sanders has ever produced???), maybe you should delve into the 65 footnotes.
Jun 24 RonK, Seattle commented on Hey, Bill Bryant. Your Party Is Going Nuts Over #Brexit. You?.
@1 -- Inslee IS Governor of the USA's most trade-positive state. Brexit already threatens adverse impact on Boeing. And Bryant is an international trade professional, trade policy advisor, andPort of Seattle Commissioner. Per Ballotpedia:
As noted in his Port of Seattle Commissioner biography, Bryant's knowledge of U.S. trade policies has earned him appointments by "both Democratic and Republican administrations, Congress, and the United States Export Import Bank.
He can't very well evade this issue by mumbling the trade equivalent of "I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies".
Jun 15 RonK, Seattle commented on A Queer Person Visited Every Business in Tukwila—and Asked Them to Lower Their Flags for Orlando Shooting Victims.
Before you go off on some slack-jawed minimum-wage counter person, please apply Hanlon's Razor.
Jun 15 RonK, Seattle commented on Listen to the Chairman of Washington State’s Anti-Trans Bathroom Initiative Tell Men to Follow Women into Bathrooms.
Please be considerate of other patrons when discharging personal defense devices in confined spaces such as a public restrooms.
Jun 14 RonK, Seattle commented on Hillary Crushing Trump In New Poll.
Hit Post too soon. Prev MSNBC discussion was on polls 2 wks and 4 wks stale.

@14 - 9% for Johnson is consistent with other results (but not necessarily predictive, as it reflects protest vote intent).
Jun 14 RonK, Seattle commented on Hillary Crushing Trump In New Poll.
Fresh polling out today: Bloomberg shows Clinton 49, Trump 37, Johnson 9.
Jun 14 RonK, Seattle commented on Hillary Crushing Trump In New Poll.
Team Sanders may have a more than abundant lunatic fringe, but it's not built on a lunatic core. And most of that core will turn around when they get out of the lunatic echo chamber and get exposed to more reliable accounts of the real Hillary.
Jun 13 RonK, Seattle commented on The Morning News: Orlando's Victims Mourned in Seattle, Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony Awards Speech, and Another Shooting.
Errata: Amended reports indicate the 911 claim of loyalty to Daesh/ISIS/ISIL came later in the action, when the shooter was holding hostages in the bathroom.