Oct 4, 2013 drewl commented on Judge Slaps Moms with $10,000 Fine After Grocery Industry Brings Anti-SLAPP Suit.
@10 I think you're missing an equal sign in yer equation.
Sep 3, 2011 drewl commented on Slog Comment of the Year.
@30 QFT.

He was a classy and thoughtful guy (and gifted with the steath snark). I still remember reading the news of his passing while I was visiting my parents in ID. I don't think I've ever been as broken up about the death of someone I've never met, but I cried hard. Having worked a couple stints in nursing home kitchens, and having an uncle who has lived in nursing homes for over 50 yrs (kicked in the head by a horse as a kid), I visualized all too well what he was going through. Yet he always had a gentle grace in his posts, even while describing the horror he was living.

Thank you thank you, Gus, for stirring up good memories of elswinger, or as I always heard it in my head:

"elllLLL SwiiinngGerrrr!"

/mexican wrestling announcer.
Sep 3, 2011 drewl commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Friendly Amendment to CPOS Rule.
@ EricaP...

I want to apologize for the dumbass comment I made toward you the other day. I was talking out of my ass, totally failed at making a coherent point, and really should have just STFU. I do like your comments, they're usuallly pretty insightful (unlike mine). Again, I;m sorry.




Sep 3, 2011 drewl commented on Pit Bull Owners Stage Counter-Protest to Show How Friendly Pit Bulls Are By Posing Their Dogs With Babies!.
It's not the dog, it's the owner. Any unaltered dog poses a higher risk than a spayed/neutered dog. That's the crux of the biscuit.

Over the past 25 yrs I have cared for literally thousands of dogs while working for a major midwestern university for almost a decade, helping a friend raise and breed Siberian Huskies (I mostly took care of the pack while she was taking the others to shows), volunteering at the local shelter on occasion, and living with various dogs over the years.

I have only been bitten a few times (maybe 8 or 9?) and the bites were either from doing something for them in a medical situation, grooming (clipping nails) or they had been abused (shelter, university). Only one was neutered, and not (at some point) owned by an ignorant asshole.

Attitude-wise? The worst I've ever experienced were some Rotts back in the early '90s. But again, they were unaltered males raised by asshole owners (the meme is the same, only the breeds change). On the other hand, I've known several pits, boxers, bulldogs, dobies, rotts, and various mashups (even a couple dingos and a purebred Irish Wolfhound!) over the years owned by friends and have only been bitten once. That was while trimming the nails of a friend's purebred (fixed) pit.

This dog, as a puppy, had his paws squished in an unfortunate power window incident and had issues with anyone touching his feet. So I, knowing the dog, and being the 'pro from Dover', said I would do the trimming job. He gave me a couple light nips on the back (due to how I was holding him), but that was only his reaction to me handling his paws. He *could've* ripped my calf off, or tore a good-sized chunk out of my ass.

I completely sympathized with him, because I've had medical procedures done to me where I've wanted to start punching people because of pain/discomfort. That was the only time that dog was ever aggressive (if you could even call it that) over his 13 yr life. After the first time, he never had a problem with his nails again from me or anyone.

I know I'm just spouting anecdata here, but this is what I've seen: It's not the dog, it's the owner. Any unaltered dog poses a higher risk than a spayed/neutered dog.

For solutions? I'd suggest that owning a dog should be like owning a car or a gun. You should be able to prove that you can responsibly handle a potentially lethal object before they give you the license to do so. Tighten and enforce breeding regulations for puppy mills(!), purebred breeders, and individuals (i.e: your license costs way more if you do not fix your pet). To get a personal dog license, one should go through some sort of training (paid for by enhanced license fees) to prove ability to control a potentially deadly object (again, it's the owner that causes problems, not the object).

We do it with cars, we should do it better with guns, I wish we could do it with children. We can do it with dogs. The main difference is that cars and guns do not have minds of their own and do not need to be trained, disciplined, or cared for many times a day.

One more anecdata: I just took in a boxer/pit mix for a friend going through housing issues. Awesome, mellow dog, 3yo fixed male. He just wants to go on walks or hang out while I read or play guitar.

It's not the dog, it's the owner.

Sep 1, 2011 drewl commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pretty Little Hippie.
EricaP @69... wow, that puts most of your previous comments in a new light for me. I'm not sure how to put it, but there seems to be a subtext of a need to punish yourself for some reason, given the comments you've made about your efforts to be GGG. Mostly, I figured it was 'blah blah TMI', but now I'm wondering if it's more a cry for help.
Sep 1, 2011 drewl commented on Seattle's First *Premier* Liquor Store.
@19 BURN!


Minnesota's booze laws are pretty blue (there is the occasional trip to Wisconsin), but they're nowhere near as bad as what y'all have now, or are trying to get. My condolences.
Sep 1, 2011 drewl commented on Dennis Kucinich, Diehard Qaddafi Supporter?.

I'd still rather have him run in my district (MN-6).

Funny thing, M*chele B*chm*nn has hinted she won't defend her seat, but no one on either side seems wants to float ANY possible replacements. It is the 600 lb gorilla riding the white elephant through the china shop that is Minnesota politics.
Aug 31, 2011 drewl commented on Headline of the Day.
It's not.
Aug 31, 2011 drewl commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pretty Little Hippie.
And to clarify @47, there is consent involved in BDSM. This guy targets committed relationships. The person his fuck-buddy is cheating on most likely isn't consenting to this, therefore sadistic. Or sociopathic, given that this seems to be a pattern for him. Potato, tomato, whatever.
Aug 31, 2011 drewl commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pretty Little Hippie.
Spot on, Dan. Dude is a narcissistic, sadistic asshole.