It's not very popular.

Apr 1, 2013 jimmy commented on Youth Pastor Watch.
States that end with an 'a...gots perverts.
Feb 26, 2013 jimmy commented on "Seth MacFarlane and the Oscars’ Hostile, Ugly, Sexist Night".
@70 - Except the song would be pretty short.

I was in a roomful of middle-aged women laughing at Seth's antics.

When Whoopie Goldberg hosted, after appearing as Elizabeth I, in full makeup, remarked in the next segment, while still trying to get the white makeup off-"Who know it would be so hard getting a virgin of your face." I knew I had herd the funniest joke that will ever be told by an Oscar host. It still stands.
Feb 26, 2013 jimmy commented on The Good Architecture of Seattle.
Why does every imposing, minimal, bland piece of architecture that looks like it was designed by some uptight Objectivist get considered good by those who would have us believe they possess some enlightenment?
Nov 25, 2012 jimmy commented on Slog Bible Study: Malachi 2:2-3.
Holy Dirty Sanchez, Batman!
Nov 11, 2012 jimmy commented on Why Do Republicans Hate America?.
Their anguish sustains me.
Aug 13, 2012 jimmy commented on Soon Will Come the Day When Life Vomits Out Pat Robertson.
Lesbians get left out of the conversation once again because in reality Pat, et al, are freaked out about butt sex. It's an obsession. They don't even seem to be aware that half of gay people are woman, many of whom have procreated.
Aug 8, 2012 jimmy commented on I Went to See Octomom in Tacoma So You Don't Have To.
Who buys any porn at all? There is so much free porn on the internet (for which I am thankful).
Aug 8, 2012 jimmy commented on Lunchtime Quickie: $2000 Is Not Enough To Get Someone Whacked.
Would you buy a car from this man?
Jun 24, 2012 jimmy commented on Remembering the American Dream.
The book was better.

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