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Beetlecat is learning about Cuba and having some food.
Mar 27 Beetlecat commented on The Morning News: NYC Allows Dumb Fearless Girl Statue To Stay for a Year, Nordstrom Cutting 106 Jobs.
@6 could you be reported for your *concern*? Just Asking Questions?
Mar 16 Beetlecat commented on University District Dive-Bar Cafe Racer Is Up For Sale.
Racer is a dive bar?
Mar 15 Beetlecat commented on Portland Anarchists Who Are Repairing Potholes Have Lost Their Minds.
@25 YES!!!!

Poor Mrs. Buttle and family (And Mr. Buttle, too, I assume).
Mar 13 Beetlecat commented on Purim Is Still Important More Than 2,000 Years After Esther.
@11 -- he's less "liberal" than liberal-provocateur, and he saw in Milo someone who was yes, shitty, but also good at that same schtick, and was actually willing to give him credit for it. If you're looking for Maher to be a splendid Liberal icon, you're gonna be disappointed.
Mar 10 Beetlecat commented on Grunge Tours: Meet the Seattle Rock Nostalgia Merchants Competing for Your Tourist Dollar.
@1 The Sound Garden is there.

Funny that OK Hotel never gets mentioned. Maybe it's just *too* heartbreaking to see it now turned into "lofts" -- :I
Mar 7 Beetlecat commented on New CIA Leak Reveals that Wikileaks Could Be a Department of the KGB.
@2 the endless warehouse of straw-lefties, perhaps. Keep burning them and you'll eventually run out. ;)
Jan 29 Beetlecat commented on Veteran Protesting at Airport Told: Your Legs Will Get Blown Off By a Terrorist.
*obviously* only far-left people travel by airplane. Real Americans travel by stage coach, and in box cars like the hobos of old.
Jan 19 Beetlecat commented on Live from DC: Our Best Tweets About the Inauguration! (All of Which Are Better Than Any Trump Tweet).
@1 by commenting on an article about and featuring them, you're engaging with them, thereby ensuring there will be more. Thank you! :D