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Beetlecat is learning about Cuba and having some food.
Nov 14 Beetlecat commented on I, Anonymous.
@11 but fairly jesus/turn-the-other-cheeky... ;)
Oct 31 Beetlecat commented on Poll: Which Stranger Staffer Wore the Best Halloween Costume?.
@1 don't worry -- nobody wants to get on your lawn.
Aug 26 Beetlecat commented on EOD: President Obama Is Giving Tours of Yosemite National Park Now.
@2 We'll get off your lawn eventually. Don't worry.

It was a link directly to National Geographic's facebook page--the medium *they've* chosen to present this video tour. Did you go to Natgeo's site? They have the video on their home page -- linked directly from their Facebook wall.
Aug 12 Beetlecat commented on EOD: Why Millennials Love Hillary Clinton*.
@2. Satire is a biting truth.
Mar 15 Beetlecat commented on Real Donald Trump Quotes About Women (Read By Women).
Freudian slip/typo in the first sentence...
Feb 22 Beetlecat commented on Seattle-King County NAACP Identifies Victim of Yesterday's Police Shooting as Che Taylor.
@2 Would be heartbreaking if it were drug crimes. Even more so if it were pot.
Feb 9 Beetlecat commented on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Win the New Hampshire Primary.
Wait-- you forgot the satirical "ha! it was a joke--this is satire" punchline :(
Feb 8 Beetlecat commented on Erin Pike and That'swhatshesaid Went on Despite Cease and Desist Order, Legal Ramifications Remain Uncertain.
@11 that's entirely my take on it, too. Thatswhatshesaid seems like opening a door to a broader discussion (no pun intended) about women's roles (again, no pun...) in modern American plays. Having the first response be an effort to shut it down is just disappointing.
Jan 8 Beetlecat commented on Bertha: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?.
@10 --- just amazing that something as simple as a pipe could stand in the way of the biggest, baddest digger EVAR (TM).
Dec 23, 2015 Beetlecat commented on How Christianity Infiltrated Seattle Music with a Little Help from Mars Hill Church and the City Council.
@8 -- I can almost see what you're trying to say with that, but I can't help but laugh at the outlandish statement at the same time. :)