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Beetlecat is learning about Cuba and having some food.
Apr 11 Beetlecat commented on God Sends Sign to Mars Hill Church.
@19 Is it hateful to hate someone who already hates you, or is it simply a level playing field?
Apr 8 Beetlecat commented on Jeff Bezos Does Good Thing.
Is it weird that it seems like Bezos is giving money to things that are a stone's throw from the new Amazing-zon campus on SLU? What's going to get $20M next? 13 Coins? ;)
Apr 1 Beetlecat commented on Do It For Denmark.
Heaven forbid they encourage immigration rather than pumping out more babies... ;)
Apr 1 Beetlecat commented on Fhqwhgads!.
@2 I think you're projecting ;)
Mar 31 Beetlecat commented on Best Easter Egg Ever.
It's about as accurate a representation as "Sleepless in Seattle" tried to achieve... ;D
Mar 29 Beetlecat commented on D-Day: Now in 3D!.
But the landings were so dramatic and expensive!
Mar 29 Beetlecat commented on D-Day: Now in 3D!.
Mar 26 Beetlecat commented on Facebook Buys Virtual Reality Headset Maker for Two Billion Dollars.
@14 -- it's good to keep tabs on the folks who's factories we'll have to sweat and toil in, or who's wars we'll have to fight and die in.
Mar 26 Beetlecat commented on Former Mars Hill Pastor Urges Current Members to Think Seriously About Their Involvement with the Church.
Debt to God, Seattleblues?

You have to assume that the person on the receiving end of that collection plate has anything to do with helping you cancel that debt. I'm sorry if you do, and you think that god gives a damn about that $5, $10, $20 you just took out of your pocket.

We're better off to go work a soup kitchen for an afternoon every ten days. For us and others.

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