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Sep 9, 2011 Mr.Joshua commented on Does the Northwest Lack Ambition?.
We do have a bunch of sports teams who choke in the second half or as soon as they get to the playoffs.
Aug 16, 2011 Mr.Joshua commented on Should a Midwife Be Able to Wear a Slave Collar at Work?.
I assumed D/S was Dianetics/Scientology and was pondering why they wore collars (something something auras thetans something...)
Jul 27, 2011 Mr.Joshua commented on Dan's New Threat to Rick Santorum!.
He didn't say "gay sex is like man on dog sex," he didn't say "we don't allow gay sex and bestiality are banned because they sicken me." You're all just reading that into what he said.

He did say, "this is a redefinition of marriage. Other things would also be a redefinition of marriage. People with pineapples or pinatas, but don't pretend it isn't a redefinition of marriage."

The usual response is (or should be) so what? The current definition is discriminatory, asserting that a homosexual couple is different from a heterosexual couple and denying them the same rights. Also, you can point to previous redefinitions: anti-miscegenation laws (1660s-1940s) and anti-anti-miscegenation (Supreme Court in 1967), no fault divorce and other women's liberation victories. Or you could attempt to show how gay marriage is not different from various historical systems and this isn't a redefinition at all.

On the other hand, if you think these are all weak arguments, you can misrepresent what the arguer said and then call him names.
Jul 27, 2011 Mr.Joshua commented on Dan's New Threat to Rick Santorum!.
com·pare [ kəm pér ]
examine people or things for similarities: to examine two or more people or things in order to discover similarities and differences between them
liken somebody or something to another: to consider or represent somebody or something as similar to another

If he's not saying they are in any way similar, he's not comparing them. Saying they are both "not marriage" is not saying they are similar.
Jul 27, 2011 Mr.Joshua commented on Dan's New Threat to Rick Santorum!.
@25 That's a perfectly reasonable point. I'm not arguing the logic, I'm just clarifying what Santorum said.

Let's change the words. Someone wants to call "yogurt" a beverage. Santorum says "Yogurt is not a beverage. Never in this history of the civilized world has yogurt been a beverage. I'm not picking on yogurt. Mashed potatoes, ice cream and cake are also not beverages."

So, is he saying yogurt is like mashed potatoes? Or cake? That any of those have, on their merits, a similar claim to be called a beverage as yogurt does?

Hence my clarification, "he isn't saying they are similar, *except* that they are both different from the "definition of marriage."

Comparison, at least the type that could be offensive, would involve saying things are similar. Saying "Dan Savage and Michele Bachmann are both not Hitler" is not comparing Dan Savage and Michele Bachmann, offensive as that might be.
Jul 27, 2011 Mr.Joshua commented on Dan's New Threat to Rick Santorum!.
@21 That's still not comparing them, except to say they are both not "one man, one woman" or whatever his definition of marriage is. He's not in any sense saying they are similar, except that they are both different from "the definition of marriage."
Jul 27, 2011 Mr.Joshua commented on Dan's New Threat to Rick Santorum!.
He didn't compare gay sex to pedophilia. He commented on Lawrence v. Texas that A) He didn't believe there was a constitutional "right to privacy" and B) If the government was constitutionally prohibited from regulating things that occur in the privacy of the bedroom, they were constitutionally prohibited from regulating things like "man on dog" sex.

Scalia said something similar in his dissent.

That is not "comparing homosexuality to bestiality" it was simply a challenge to the legal merits of Lawrence v. Texas.

Yeah, mocking him is real mature.
Jul 20, 2011 Mr.Joshua commented on Rick Santorum Whines About Dan Savage for Pocket Change.
I don't like Rick Santorum, but it does make me want to donate.
Jul 11, 2011 Mr.Joshua commented on Tintin: Now 300% Creepier!.
I vote for "it's fine/what's wrong with you/they can always add sunglasses so the eyes aren't creepy(everybody sunglasses all the time)"
Jun 29, 2011 Mr.Joshua commented on Eliot Spitzer Gets Bullish.
Government regulations are the best friend of the monopolist. Why are Credit Unions fragmented and Big Banks replete in America? Because the high cost of adapting to different regulatory regimes makes it difficult for small players to compete with large, interstate banks.