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Mar 4, 2014 stuck in boston commented on Trans Student Attacked in High School Bathroom.
Student faked the story: save your outrage for the next time this ACTUALLY happens…
Feb 26, 2014 stuck in boston commented on On Men Who Gay-Mindfuck Themselves.
When I was 13 I was diagnosed with severe OCD, one of my obsessions was that I was gay. My amazing therapist told me a) no big deal if you are b) you're probably not because OCD obsessions/intrusive thoughts are by definition irrational. His solution was--as it was for all obsessive thoughts--exposure therapy! I was handed a homoerotic coffee table book and told to look at the pictures three times a week for 45 minutes at a stretch and freak myself out that I was gay. I would either realize I wasn't and become desensitized to the anxiety, or I would embrace my sexuality. Needless to say I ended up doing many "exposure therapy" sessions in a locked bathroom with that book. BUT intrusive thoughts are real for people with OCD and anxiety over sexuality is one of them (my shrink also saw a gay guy who was obsessing he was straight). It's easy to dismiss this as closeted behavior, but in reality obsessions over sexual attractions that are different from those the patient claims to have are the kinds of intrusive thoughts that anxiety disorders feed on: they are not easy to empirically disprove, they're hard to talk about without inviting judgement, and they undermine foundational assumptions about the self.
Dec 9, 2013 stuck in boston commented on Protesters Have to Tell the Truth.
I think the issue here is less about the protest than the SF BAY GUARDIAN. Seems to me a piece of Guerrilla Theater which the SFBG didn't bother to vet and circulated as an actual unscripted encounter.
Sep 11, 2013 stuck in boston commented on SLLOTD: Pissed Off.
Agree with @4. I'm pee shy and it takes me a while to pee with a partner around. Try peeing while his wife is in the bathroom in a non-sexual context. Have him sit on the toilet so it's not obvious to his wife if he's peeing or not (the standing with your dick on your non-urinating cock for all to see just adds insult to injury when trying to overcome pee-shyness). Also I SWEAR this works, while you're trying to pee, do some long division in your head. You'll stop focusing on the pee shyness and your body will take over.
Feb 27, 2013 stuck in boston commented on Go to the Opera Stoned.
The only way to see "Einstein on the Beach"
Dec 10, 2012 stuck in boston commented on The Simpsons Meet Portlandia; Neither Benefit from the Arrangement.
I've let my love of the Simpsons lapse, but this episode had a few brilliant jokes, the "ethnic union halls" line has to be one of my all time faves.
Oct 4, 2012 stuck in boston commented on A New Direction for Journalism.
@15 does this address my comment about presupposing source confidentiality when disclosing information in front of multiple reporters in a broadcasting venue?
Oct 4, 2012 stuck in boston commented on Where Do I Stand on Women's Rights? (Answer: I Stand With You!).
Is this the new pro-life strategy, shaming abortion away. "I'm not saying you ladies can't have abortions, I'm just saying if you do have one, we'll be very disappointed in you..."
Oct 4, 2012 stuck in boston commented on A New Direction for Journalism.
Uh did I miss something...why would you believe anything said "in front of other journalists at a public radio station" is in confidence? Isn't that situation --what's the word-- ah yes, the OPPOSITE of what a normal person would assume?
Aug 22, 2012 stuck in boston commented on Did the Medical-Marijuana Industry Go Too Far Campaigning Against Pot Legalization Initiative 502 at Hempfest this Weekend?.
True story
Worked for a medical marijuana dispensary in CA for quite some time. Lots of opposition to the 2010 pot legalization bill from medical marijuana folks and it was defeated. This year many of these dispensaries are being shuttered by the feds. I wonder if the state had approved legalization if the US attorney behind the shutdowns would be so eager to act. The problem with an underground economy is that its only lucrative because it could be shut down at any time. Take it from CA, it's worth the decrease in profits to ensure that dispensaries stay open and people have safe and comprehensive access to life improving medicine.