Nov 15, 2011 JesseJB commented on Occupy Seattle Blocks Rush-Hour Traffic.
Seriously fuck these assholes. It's all insufferable anarkidz and clove-smokers now. OWS it is not.
May 31, 2011 JesseJB commented on The Bird Trapped in a Macy's Window Display.
I saw the pigeon in there on the way to work. I thought about doing something buuuut had to fend off the crazy guy yelling at me about how "everyone in this city is brain dead. Can't make the cut here and I've BEEN to New York! The failure's coming!" So I had to nod and say "yeah" just in case his semi-automatic came out. It trumped the pigeon for sure.
May 1, 2011 JesseJB commented on The Other Seattle.
Downtown store selling colorful non-burqa clothing for petite girls infuriates Stranger comment board.
Dec 21, 2010 JesseJB commented on Meet My Arch-Nemesis.
@20 I dunno, man. I'd have had the belt if I acted like that. But I guess that was the 80's...
Dec 21, 2010 JesseJB commented on Meet My Arch-Nemesis.
God I hope this crap ends with Gen-Y parents.
Dec 16, 2010 JesseJB commented on Obama, the Billionaires, and the People of America.
Even after @18 I think @17 is probably correct.
Dec 15, 2010 JesseJB commented on City Losing $500,000 Annually on Pacific Place Parking Garage.
@ If only there was some sort of reliable "light rail" that would take people from the north end to downtown! Someday...
Dec 15, 2010 JesseJB commented on I'm Pro-Choice (If You're Talking about Choosing to Punch this 12-Year-Old in the Face).

Looks like someone is short-circuiting.

Also, you were the first to use the Nazis slaughtering the Jews thing to appeal to your own argument so you automatically lose.
Dec 11, 2010 JesseJB commented on The Tea Party In Power.
But at least the gays and brown people wont get their Freedumbs!!!
Dec 9, 2010 JesseJB commented on Ferris Observation Wheel Bound for Seattle Center.
I was making guesses on how people would find a way to complain about this idea but I got them allllll wrong. I'll never be a real Seattlite =(