Apr 30, 2014 olytomato commented on Ouch! Kurt Cobain Death-Scene Note Mocks Wedding Vows to Courtney Love.
It's in Courtney's handwriting, not Kurts. I'm betting Courtney wrote this self-depreciating note as a joke or maybe as an apology after a spat or something, and Kurt kept it because he thought it was funny.
Nothing to see here.
Aug 23, 2010 olytomato commented on The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine.
It was reported DJ AM's official cause of death a year ago in NY was "acute Oxycontin intoxication" but I recall seeing levamisole in list of toxicology report results (along with coke).
May 25, 2010 olytomato commented on Today in Things Tila Tequila Enjoys Snorting.
Didn't she fake a pregnancy recently? What makes this claim of addiction legitimate? She's probably just trying to get herself on a television show.
Feb 11, 2010 olytomato commented on I, Anonymous.
Instead, how about all involved become grown-ups and accept that monogamy doesn't work for the majority of us and admit you fell into the same age-old trap of unrealistic marriage expectations that most people fall into and made some promises you couldn't keep, and realize it didn't work for you and most likely never will, and instead of screaming at each other about it and making the rest of your kid's lives hell, agree that you're all in the same fucking boat and evolve a little bit by deciding to simply move on and leave this behind you?
Or is that asking for too much?
Oct 7, 2009 olytomato commented on Lunchtime Quickie.
It always sucks to see large mammals giving birth in the wildly inappropriate places humans created for them. I mean, concrete floors? Metal rails the baby nearly slipped underneath and out of mama's reach? Blinding spotlights? I'm sure all this ridiculousness didn't add to the animal's stress at all. I saw footage of a large cat giving birth to her one kitten in a raised concrete cage under a spotlight and the baby nearly slipped beneath the bars and fell off the edge. I hate shit like this. Humans sometimes show no fucking common sense or empathy toward these animals at all.
Aug 19, 2009 olytomato commented on I, Anonymous.
I never trust guys who never trust girls who live with guys.
Aug 19, 2009 olytomato commented on Now That's an Italian.
Oh man I am so jealous! I completely understand the deal with italians. I miss them so much I try to recreate them The secret I think is that squishy bread and cheap ham. Since I can't find it around here I try to make that kind of bread and after many experiments I'm getting closer but, man, its just not the same.
I am seriously jealous.

Aug 18, 2009 olytomato commented on Your Daily Poetry.
ooo I like that one too!
Aug 12, 2009 olytomato commented on This Object Is Merely a State.
Weird coincidence: I was talking to someone today about the Alaskan musician John Luther Adams who was interested in the sounds ice made. He was profiled in the New Yorker a while ago. Here's a quote from it:
Adams recalled the Yukon River trip that led him to write “Strange and Sacred Noise” and other tone poems of natural chaos. “When the ice breakup comes, it makes incredible sounds,” he said. “It’s symphonic. There’s candle ice, which is crystals hanging down like chandeliers. They chime together in the wind. Or whirlpools open up along the shore or out in the middle of the river, and water goes swirling through them. Or sizzle ice, which makes a sound like the effervescent popping you hear when you pour water over ice cubes. I have literally hundreds of hours of field recordings that I made back in the ‘Earth and the Great Weather’ period, in the early nineties. I keep thinking that maybe one day I could work with some of that material—maybe try to transcribe it, completely remove it from the original reality, extract the music in it.”

linky: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/…
Aug 10, 2009 olytomato commented on Michael Dailey, RIP.
Michael was a very nice man.