Nov 19, 2011 Dan commented on Outing the Bullies.
I was constantly tormented by teachers in both Middle School & High School. I was a fat kid. I had a Science teacher in Middle School who while talking about gravity and how the heavier an object was the more gravity it exerted, circled my desk while holding a world globe in his hand. I was 11 or 12. In High School my freshman P.E. teacher, on the the first day of class, asked me in front of the entire class if I needed to go back to the locker room and put on my sports bra. Humiliating to say the very least.

Nov 15, 2011 Dan commented on On Glitter, Transphobia, and Hate Speech.
I have been reading Dan's column since the "Hey Faggot" days and just have never seen him be transphobic. I've been around transfolks most my out gay life and for much of that that time they used the word tranny all the time. I remember many columns that Dan gave sound, smart advise to Transpeople. But you can't please everyone all the time. It's like when QueerNation started and many Gays had a problem with the word queer. My guess that in 5 years the Trans Community will embrace the word tranny just like most gays have embraced the word queer. Oh and to PapaBear-Fuck off! You still obviously still have an issue with being fat, hairy & stinky. And I am a bear.
Nov 3, 2011 Dan commented on "A Republican License to Bully".
Please stop responding to Seattleblues posts. He's always posting his views on here and if your a regular reader of SLOG you know his shtick. His world view is pathetically narrow and will probably never change. He obviously get a charge from the vitriol he inspires people to spew at his ridiculous and ignorant statements.
Aug 21, 2011 Dan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Dicks Be Dicks.
Sorry haven't read all the posts but has anyone brought up hormone therapy. I've known quite a few people on hormone therapy; gay men with hiv, woman postmenopausal & transfolk,both men & women. The hormones can make you a little crazy when you first start taking them. It's adolescents all over again. Some transmen have mood swings, increased anger, and increased aggressiveness when they first begin hormone therapy.
Or he might just be a douche.
Mar 7, 2011 Dan commented on It Gets Better: Michael Cunningham.
So Seattleblues, instead of listening to "ivory tower academics" ie. educated mental health professionals, we should listen to you? What exactly are your qualifications?
Dec 29, 2010 Dan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Can't Help You.
This chick is not queer.
Dec 29, 2010 Dan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Can't Help You.
Marrena, I would call you Queer.
Sep 15, 2010 Dan commented on Where Are You Reading Slog?.
Sitting in my flat in Berlin.
Jul 6, 2010 Dan commented on Gallagher Is a Paranoid, Right-Wing, Watermelon-Smashing Maniac.
I always thought that he was a fag when I would see him on tv as a kid. And I'm a fag so I should know!
Jun 3, 2010 Dan commented on Worst Popes Ever.
Hey Pro, Popes and the INSTITUTION that is the Catholic Church are the butt of the joke, not Catholics. You're are either stupid or Pope Benedict XVI.