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Feb 22, 2011 4f...sake commented on It's Reporting Like This That Makes Me Want to Shoot Somebody in the Head.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he campaigned on his budget repair plan, including curtailing colle

State Rep. Gordon Hintz’s tirade
Feb 20, 2011 4f...sake commented on It Gets Better: The Book.
Feb 17, 2011 4f...sake commented on Solidarność.
Power to the people. Oh and by the way, people deserving what they get is not a one size fits all.
Jan 31, 2011 4f...sake commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
A mother who calls the police because she can't reach her daughter...says she's depressed...complaining about her children. Wow, that is some leap. Shit is fucked up. And Tony Perkins is too.
Dec 20, 2009 4f...sake commented on Jews and Unitarians Conspire to Ruin Garrison Keillor's Christmas.
The higher the monkey goes on the pole, the more ass you see.

Garrison Keillor, shut the hell up.
Dec 19, 2009 4f...sake commented on My Mother's Favorite Christmas Carol Jewish Dreck.
Oh, Judy Garland. Thanks, Dan.
Nov 26, 2009 4f...sake commented on SL Letter of the Day: Anybody?.
What do you want? It's not about co-dependency, it's not about alcoholic family members. What is it that you REALLY want. Figure this out and THEN bring back into the picture this guy who you have made a connection with. Get out of your head and get connected to your heart.
Nov 25, 2009 4f...sake commented on Rape of Irish Boys "Endemic," "Systematic" at Homes Run By Catholic Religious Order.
I agree with 15. Let go of the shame and step into some fucking rage.
Nov 24, 2009 4f...sake commented on Is Your Teen Out of Control... And Smoking Hot?.
@64 and what to do with it (sexuality). For me, it's the kid without the honest dialogue or room to do some flourishing that winds up with the turn on, doesn't know what to do with it, makes a poor choice and may be looking at an uwanted pregnancy, STD or worse.