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Aug 8 MarkyMark commented on Is Scarecrow Video Forming a Nonprofit Alliance with the Grand Illusion?.
I live in terror of the day Scarecrow is forced to close. Hopefully some local tech millionaires will take pity and fund it as a non-profit or something. I do think that their antiquated rental fees/policies are nuts however. But then, its never actually been run as a real business from day one.
Aug 7 MarkyMark commented on European Space Agency's Rosetta Satellite Is Now Orbiting a Comet.
I'm digging the near-universal horrifically bad "science" reporting on this one today. Its not actually "orbiting" the comet - its just matched the comet's trajectory, and is currently staying about 60 miles in front of it, using thrusters to move in a giant triangle while it photographs the surface, so that the controllers can decide how best to next move in closer.
Jul 28 MarkyMark commented on When Bob Met Bette.
Fun fact: Bette was born and raised in Honolulu.

YouTube: opening of her 1977 TV special Ol' Red Hair is Back
Jul 18 MarkyMark commented on A Quick Refresher on Who's Running, and Where, in the 2015 City Council Elections.
I cannot imagine a more suitable graphic to succinctly sum up the attitude of The Stranger in general and Slog in particular to the city of Seattle; one that stops at Greenlake at the north and SODO at the south -- perfect!
Jul 8 MarkyMark commented on Frustrated By KUOW?.
I stopped listening to KUOW much years ago, after a steady diet and annual donation$. In particular I got totally sick of NPR's saturation-coverage of the minutiae of regional wars around the globe. I came to the conclusion that its really bad for people to get a steady diet of disasters happening on the other side of the planet, which they can do absolutely nothing about. Its just not good for your mental health. The local stuff they did got pretty boring. Now I listen to CBC Radio 2 (on 92.1 FM which I can just receive in the north-end), and during commutes I listen to the many many podcasts I subscribe to via iTunes -- including Weekday and On The Media (which has been getting oddly lame itself lately).
Jul 3 MarkyMark commented on You Better Run, You Better Take Cover: Bad Trip Australian Psychodrama Wake in Fright.
Fun fact: in the 1970s Gary Bond was the boyfriend of British actor Jeremy Brett (the one who played Sherlock Holmes as a raging queen on Brit TV from 1984 to 1994).
Jun 30 MarkyMark commented on Missed Underground Marketing Opportunity.
Without its cream filling, a twinkie is just flat and useless.
Jun 23 MarkyMark commented on Headline of the Day.
It was featured in Dlisted, that's my Morning News.
Jun 19 MarkyMark commented on The Morning News: Did You Know You Can Hit and Kill a Cyclist and Get Off with a $175 Ticket?.
Regarding Amazon's (mis)Fire, the much-touted "Firefly" feature has been available on the iPhone for a while -

On Fire Phone, Amazon Steals Its Own Fea…

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