Me leaving a comment usually signifies the death of a thread. Go figure.

Apr 18 6 commented on The Facebook Killer Is Dead.
For 30 seconds he was, seatackled.
Apr 10 6 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Horny Feminist Seeks Porn That Won't Destroy Her Faith in Humanity.
LW, Make Love Not Porn is pretty nice place to start.
Apr 5 6 commented on I, Anonymous: White People, Stop Asking Me to Pay for Your Party.
Don't like it, don't donate. Simple.
Mar 29 6 commented on Plans For a West Seattle Whole Foods Have Been Indefinitely Delayed.
I'm well aware of John Mackey's beliefs, @14.
Mar 28 6 commented on Plans For a West Seattle Whole Foods Have Been Indefinitely Delayed.
The "Whole Paycheck" joke is definitely tiresome at this point. The bulk of their prices are right in line, if not cheaper than many of their competitors. The stores they are closing/have closed are older and also poor performers. Instead of building stores left and right WF has decided to pull back a little and focus on making some necessary internal adjustment that will allow them to remain successful and also competitive in the marketplace. It's a different store than it was 10 years ago, absolutely - but overall they provide great pay, decent benefits and room for growth. Having a corporate store with admirable core values isn't a negative in my book. I have a fair share of issues with my employer, but I also like to recognize the positives.
Mar 27 6 commented on Reader E-Mailbag: No One Wanted Trumpcare.
That's what everyone said about Trump being elected President, Dempcy. But, I hope you're correct.
Feb 15 6 commented on Is a Tarp a Home?.
@2 As I understand it, squatters right take time to become applicable and vary quite a bit from state to state.
Feb 5 6 commented on And Now for the Annual Seattleites Can't Drive in Snow Film Festival.
Tone it down there, spitfire @7
Jan 26 6 commented on Dutch to Trump: America First, The Netherlands Second!.
Hahahahahahahaha (@CC, obviously)
Jan 17 6 commented on Are These Stickers That Promote White Supremacy Showing Up in Your Neighborhood?.
@1&2 - how in the world do you know the intention of the person(s) who placed these stickers? Hmm?