Yeah, it's a copy of that.

May 20 Zander commented on Tim Burgess and a Rocking Chair Have Raised More Money for City Council Than Anyone Else.
John Roderick got into some labeling of his own tonight at the 36th District Democrats endorsement meeting. He declared that Grant was a "cupcake" and that Burgess was a "pirahna". He then stated that he, himself was a "juicy cheesburger". True story.
May 2 Zander commented on Photos from Last Night's Clashes Between Anti-Capitalist Marchers and Police on Capitol Hill.
Total failure. No message was communicated. If anything it made the police look good for babysitting these knuckleheads. Basically, it amounted to a rally FOR riot police. It wasn't political action. It was political distraction.

Here is some local change that could set a national precedent and make Seattle look good instead of stupid.…
Apr 29 Zander commented on The City Council Is So Over Being Nice to Kshama Sawant.
So now Bagshaw know what it is like to feel like a constituent....
“I was directed to the audience to sit and listen,” Bagshaw said, “and I ended up standing over here for an hour and I did not feel that that was a city council event… I did not feel that any of us were warmly welcome if we were here to listen and have an alternative viewpoint or conversation. I just want the people to know that I really felt personally slighted by that.
Apr 23 Zander commented on Did a "Bomb" Train Full of Volatile Crude Oil Pass By Tuesday's Mariners Game?.
There's a rail tunnel through cascades at Stevens pass. That is the shortest route to Anacortes from North Dakota. I am guessing they don't use because it would be too dangerous and they don't want to lose the tunnel.
Apr 22 Zander commented on Hey, Slog, Who Should Replace Sally Clark?.
The voting is more jacked than normal. I doubted Moseley's support given he is a "Who?" among Stranger readers, so I voted for one the others 4 times using my high tech back button reload technology. Just sayin'.
Apr 20 Zander commented on Hey, Howard Wright, Wondering if You Voted in Seattle in 2013? You Didn't..
Another question is why the City appoints people who don't vote in Seattle to committees about its future.
Apr 16 Zander commented on Former City Council Member Peter Steinbrueck Withdraws Application for Council Vacancy.
It would have been nice if he had considered this before applying. I think more people might have applied but differed to him to avoid conflict. The press did speculate he was a front runner and all. ( FWIW I never intended to apply).
Apr 14 Zander commented on Now That Kenya Has Cut Remittances to Somalia, We Might Need Local Solutions to the Crisis.
Here's an idea. Somalia could crack down on piracy and groups that massacre Kenyans. That would help.
Apr 9 Zander commented on The Gospel According to Aspiring City Council Member John Roderick.
While declared, John still hasn't managed to register his campaign with City Hall. Also will the Stranger be providing 1000 word softball puff pieces to the other 39 candidates?

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