Sep 9 Zander commented on I, Anonymous.
He probably rides on the peddles and keeps the seat low so it doesn't bang into his junk. Also, crazy people swear at people all the time which does not help the overall situation. Mostly though the article just wasn't passive aggressive enough.
Sep 6 Zander commented on City Council Considering Proposal to Limit Homeless Encampment Sweeps.

The limited space is by design. The old Council chambers had more seats and testimonies would drag on. Moreover, the City and Council often draft people to speak in support of their motions. This gives the impression that the people are with them.
Jun 6 Zander commented on In Frantic Texts, Mayor Threatened to "Pull Police Off Enforcement" If Council Moved Forward with Jungle Plan.
One wonders what chance they have tackling the homeless issue when they can't even manage to communicate with each other. It seems that every problem the city faces becomes a drama production at City Hall rather than finding a solution.
May 31 Zander commented on City Council Approves New Plan for Clearing the Jungle.
Putting on my fancy troll cap: So the Council Resolution green lights mass disobedience to Ordinances the City Council has put the on the books? Can the rest of us get mulligans on any code section we want to ignore? If the Council believes public spaces should be used for private camping they should rewrite their own laws.
May 2 Zander commented on In 5-4 Vote, City Council Kills Street Vacation for New Sodo Arena.
I think we already know what kind of partner the NBA would be for Seattle. A wise move to not play their shell game.
Apr 25 Zander commented on The City Council Will Soon Spend Half a Million Dollars More a Year on Staff.
Hooray for Districts, more people are engaging our elected officials on the issues and Council members now think it is in their best interest to be more responsive. The questions people should be blogging about is why is was not this way for the last hundred years.
Mar 26 Zander commented on Happy Washington State Democratic Caucus Day!.
Hillary lost by 9 votes and one of her supporters insisted we review 5th grade math about whether .7 was really bigger than .2. Spoiler alert, .7 is actually bigger than .2 and Bernie wins the 5th Delegate from 36-3566. I am worried that some of other over-eager Hillary fans might have tried this new skipping math reading of the rules in other precincts.
Feb 12 Zander commented on Returning Column!.
You deliberately forgot about bringing up old arguments from the past. Again!
Jan 15 Zander commented on Here Are All the Seattle Catholic Priests Who Have Been Accused of Sexually Assaulting Children.
The Seminary in Kenmore shows up a lot. I wonder if it had some sort of rehab role by getting priests away from congregations.
Dec 11, 2015 Zander commented on As an Austrian, I Am Baffled by America's Love for The Sound of Music.
Americans love musicals where a dude bangs the babysitter. Yeah, that is pretty much the whole plot line.