It's not very popular.

Aug 20 Timrrr commented on The Racial Thing That Happened to Me Recently at a Madrona Restaurant.
Since the most of the comments (commentators) here seem to have forgotten the last (also know as the "concluding") sentence of Charles mini-essay above, let's just recap, okay?

What is needed, then, is not more sensitivity from white servers (the Seattle solution), but real and hard change in the structure of an economic system that disproportionately benefits white people.
(Emphasis mine)
Jun 30 Timrrr commented on Why San Francisco Sucks and Why Density Alone Cannot Save Seattle From Becoming a San Francisco.
The best results possible for the poor can only be achieved if our city removes a large part of its housing stock from the market.

Charles, I assume you mean here "remove from market forces" (IE: lock down price via rent controls) rather than "take off the market" (which would further reduce supply and up costs).

Otherwise I don't understand what that last sentence means.
Jun 29 Timrrr commented on The Sunday Morning News.
Yeah, they won't be able to use those tourist-holding stadiums in Rio for anything ...

...except for the fucking Olympics being held there in 2016 of course!

(Uniformed idgits!)
Jun 23 Timrrr commented on Creepy Religious Text Messages Urge Me to "Reep" What I Sow.
Has anyone else gotten texts that look like these? Or is God communicating via semi-literate text messages these days?

God has always communicated via semi-literate messages. Texting them is just His/Her way of keeping up with the times.
Jun 12 Timrrr commented on The Onion Launches Clickhole: What Do You Think?.
Twelve Things About Clickhole That You Never Imagined Possible - #4 Will Blow You Away!
Jun 5 Timrrr commented on New Column!.
I predict by tomorrow morning this we be all over Facebook, shared by people who believe it's real.

And we, as a city, may find an answer to that age-old question:
Can one actually die from excessive amounts of mournful, exasperated sighs?
Jun 2 Timrrr commented on Seattle Will Not be Affordable Without First a Real Public Transportation System.
I think you got the causality reversed, Charles.
Fixed it for ya:
It is still not considered madness in our society to buy, own, and drive a car [because] we have no major infrastructure plan to reduce our dependency on cars, we are cutting bus services between the periphery and the core, and cutting bus services in the core.
May 18 Timrrr commented on The Sunday Morning News.
I have to wonder if invoking the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Party's political stance some 65+ years ago isn't like asserting that, "Today's Republican Party must be pro-African-American because they were the party that freed the slaves, donchaknow?"
May 7 Timrrr commented on Subway Leads the Pack...When It Comes to Underpaying Workers.
That's $3.8 million they got caught stealing from their own workers.

I'd bet there's at least another $30-40 million they "saved" by shafting workers but was never reported and/or investigated on top of that!
May 2 Timrrr commented on 35 Photos From Seattle May Day 2014.
Enough with Middle-Finger-Guy already!

We all know that it's Guy-Fawkes-Mask-Bro we should really be mocking here.

Get with the program, people!

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