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Nov 7, 2012 Cheryl dos Remedios commented on Taking Whatshertits to Another Level: Ben Beres's Print Is Cut from a Show at Cornish.
It's a fascinating conversation that poses more questions. AR 102 DRAWING: BARE BONES tops the Cornish Art curriculum list. Would a drawing of a breast from those classes be removed from the gallery if a model's name was added by the artist? And who would decide? If you're making an argument about discrimation in a place of employment, then I find it odd that staff would effectively consent to having students draw a naked model, and yet protest a fictional drawing of their own breasts, escpecially in a grouping of 108 other female artists. Yet the model gave consent; the staff did not. So the instinct is to stand with the women who want the work removed because you have to wonder why they feel so vulnerable that they view this is an act of discrimination. But what about the rights of the artist, the exhibit curator, all of the other women included in the print (who presumably want the work shown), and the audience? It's a classic moment of moral philosophy, but it seems like the exhibition should be allowed to move forward as planned in good faith.
Jul 11, 2011 Cheryl dos Remedios commented on Traffic Downtown Nearly Identical if We Build $3.1 Billion Tunnel or Shut Down the Viaduct and Build Nothing.
The arts and heritage community needs to wake-up to the impacts on Pioneer Square. For well over a year, WSDOT has recognized that the volume of traffic rerouted into Pioneer Square “would not be acceptable,” but they offer no alternatives.

The amount of traffic – combined with the scale of the southern interchange itself – will permanently alter the character of Pioneer Square. In addition to the giant portal, likely changes include constant streams of traffic on previously quiet streets, no street parking, elimination and damage to trees, damage to buildings from traffic vibration, etc. Plus the potential loss of historic buildings - the 619 is the tip of the iceberg.

Many Seattleites are dreaming of an open waterfront, so it's important to acknowledge that the same 4-lane road is being planned along the waterfront with –OR- without the tunnel. We can restore the waterfront AND preserve Pioneer Square.

Here's a quote from Knute Berger's March article "My picks for this year's list of the "most endangered" historic properties in Washington"

"The Square is in transition, and as WSDOT's approach to the 691 Building demonstrates, proposed trade-offs need to be zealously watchdogged . . . and public awareness raised about potential threats and the importance of the fabric of the district, not simply its individual buildings. The city must also ensure that WSDOT adheres strictly to the letter and spirit of federal and state preservation laws and requirements."

Here's the link to the full article:…

If you care about the Pioneer Square cultural district, please "like" Save Our Soul {SOS} Seattle on FB:
Jun 9, 2011 Cheryl dos Remedios commented on The State Has Completed Its Study for a New Floating 520 Bridge.
@avocado, yes it is weird that no one is freaking out.

WSDOT is planning to build 12 lanes of highway through the Arboretum.

Please. Someone. Freak out

WSDOT has moved the on/off ramps "out" of the Arboretum by adding on/off ramps into the Arboretum's wetlands. Yet there is no increased capacity on I-5, so the purpose of the ramps? To regulate traffic "flow" (in other words: to store cars in wetlands). Next time you are on I-5, count the lanes. Imagine that swath of pavement - I-5 at it's widest - cutting through the Arboretum's waterways.

You can count the lanes on WSDOT's own video, between Montlake and Foster Island, 3:45 mark (3 lanes traffic + 2 lanes ramps + 1 lane shoulder x 2).…

Please. Everyone. Join me. FREAK OUT!
May 12, 2011 Cheryl dos Remedios commented on City Council, It's Time to Represent Seattle!.
This plan includes 10 lanes of traffic from Montlake to Foster Island, cutting through Seattle's most pristine wetlands. Check out 3:45 mark of this video from WSDOT's 520 Project home page:…

Next time you're on I-5, count the lanes and ask yourself, is this really what we want cutting across the northern edge of the Arboretum? 10 lanes of pavement?
May 9, 2011 Cheryl dos Remedios commented on If Arts Funding Provides Such an Enormous Return on Investment, Why'd We Just Defund 4Culture?.
I strongly agree that government needs to fund the arts. Also a quick clarification: 4Culture's funding stream is still being considered by the legislature during the special session - things are still very much up in the air. You can join the Advocate4Culture Coalition at… - it's free and easy to sign-up, and we'll send you action alerts so that you can help save 4Culture.
Apr 27, 2011 Cheryl dos Remedios commented on Could Kickstarter Be Evil?.
Nice debate. I was curious about this when I gave money to the Ai Weiwei documentary "Never Sorry." It felt funny to be called a "backer" for a $10 pledge, but it also felt good to do something.

Given the huge investment of time that artists put towards grant applications, I've been curious about microfunding models in general . . .Would it be possible to pay artists a flat-fee for uploading documentation of publicly accessible temporary work - after the fact? Could this be a way to have artists focus more time on their work, and less time on paperwork? "It's complicated" pretty much sums up ideas like these, but I'm thrilled to see new models emerging. We need a constellation of funding strategies to support the arts (to borrow a phrase from a friend).
Apr 21, 2011 Cheryl dos Remedios commented on City Study: Traffic Impacts from Proposed Tunnel Worse Than State Estimates.
The reason that many Seattle Councilmembers gave for signing ordinance 123424 was that they wanted SDOT to be a co-lead on the project. The fact that WSDOT is now cutting SDOT out of the process is not only highly irregular but should be an alert to anyone who cares about public process. The Stranger's slant that WSDOT's recent actions are somehow a result Mayoral politics fails to recognize that a transportation agency should not be engaged in politics at all, but should be following clear public process. The story that we've heard a thousand times is that the tunnel project could go forward, if only the Mayor would stop asking questions. The real question is: why are tunnel supporters so quick to disregard good public policy?
Apr 13, 2011 Cheryl dos Remedios commented on The Sound of Indifference.
Thanks to Jen Graves and The Stranger for being champions of 4Culture. It is an incredible agency! It is stunning that an ill-informed, anti-tax sentiment might override the voices of 1000s of citizens asking to dedicate future lodging tax revenues to support 4Culture's arts and heritage programming -- especially given that the lodging tax is NOT set to expire. This political climate makes it frustrating for ordinary citizens to understand how the legislative session works. Remember School House Rock's "I'm Just a Bill?" We need an April Fool's Day / zombie remix!

If you want to do something to help 4Culture, please join today. If you've already joined and responded to action alerts, thank you! We know that it's our collective action - plus support from leaders like Murray, Hunter, Orwall, Constantine and Chopp - keeping this "dead" bill alive.
Jan 20, 2011 Cheryl dos Remedios commented on Biggest Show Ever at SAM Got Bigger.
@3: read the comparative biography "Einstein, Picasso: Space, Time, and the Beauty That Causes Havoc." you'll dig it. It explores how cubist painting evolved as an understanding of the 4th dimension - a much more compelling story line than the typical narrative about how many ways Picasso could "consume his muse" (to steal a phrase from a friend).