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Apr 3, 2014 PussyDunkinHines commented on Jägermeister Becomes Symbol of Gentrification and Gay-Bashing on "Cap Hill".
Dominic - Haven't you been a cheerleader for developers for years? It's not just this Jager ad that's the problem. You've had a hand in paving the way.
Mar 22, 2013 PussyDunkinHines commented on Seattle Needs to Welcome Growth and Get Over Itself.
#6 & #17 - Totally agree with you. All you really need to know about this guest post is that he's the director of Smart Growth Seattle. His perspective is based on increasing the dollar amount in his checking account.
Jun 29, 2012 PussyDunkinHines commented on Really, HuffPo? I Don't Like Effeminate Gay Men?.
I'm the sissy that Dan interviewed way back in 1996. I placed a personal ad in the stranger specifically mentioning that I was feminine. Only ONE person answered my ad - Dan Savage - and it was to interview me for the piece on This American Life. Love you Dan!...:)
Sep 6, 2011 PussyDunkinHines commented on East Precinct Increases Patrols After Cal Anderson Park Violence.
I think you're missing another option in your ironic multiple choice options, and that would be:

I live right next to Cal Anderson Park and I enjoy seeing more cops in the park because I don't want to get stabbed or have my ass beat.

That's the option I would select. I guess that's not ironic enough for you?!
Sep 1, 2011 PussyDunkinHines commented on Anti-Pit Bull Rally Canceled Due to Security Concerns.
She used to come into Kinko's and absolutely go bonkers about any type of service dog that might be in the store. She would literally become unhinged. I have been in a yelling match with her more than once and I can confirm that she is batshit crazy. Imagine her pushing a stroller with what looked like a 9 year old barely able to fit inside it - and her screaming 'have you ever seen a two-handed pig farmer??!!!'... cuckoo.
Jul 7, 2011 PussyDunkinHines commented on Washington Is Getting Fatter.
As I was watching the Pride parade I couldn't help but notice how chubby/out-of-shape/fat a lot of people seemed. It was kind of surprising. Oh, and jj41423 is right.
Jun 24, 2011 PussyDunkinHines commented on Trans Advocates.
@17 Well, I think semantics around the use and meaning of the word disorder are pretty loaded. Don't you?

Let's change the context a little bit. Should being black be labelled a disorder or not? Should being gay be labelled a disorder or not?

It's all just semantics and terminology right?
Jun 24, 2011 PussyDunkinHines commented on Trans Advocates.
@13 - if you want critiques why don't you google Alice Dreger and you'll find pages of critique. Here's one for you:


Why is The Stranger promoting Alice Dreger and her ideas?
May 13, 2011 PussyDunkinHines commented on Old Woman Beheaded in Spanish Supermarket.
What is it with spontaneous beheadings?! There was the one a few years ago of that guy getting his head cut off while sleeping on a bus, and now it can happen while you're shopping for groceries. I'm voting no on spontaneous beheadings.
Apr 15, 2011 PussyDunkinHines commented on RuPaul's Drag Race: Manila Takes the Lead!.
Michelle Visage is giving those girls an awesome critique and her observations are dead on - and she's not afraid to say them. I guess that's what makes someone a cunt?

Alexis Mateo might be a sweetheart, but her drag is so old school. She needs to step out of 1988 and into 2011.

I really like Manilla and Raja, but I have to say if Raja doesn't win I'll be disappointed. Loves me some Raja.