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Dec 9, 2014 LuisitaPhD commented on Obama Does Colbert.
He was very cute and personable. Mostly cute.
Dec 8, 2014 LuisitaPhD commented on Weekend Review: Temporary Tattoos? Hawt Pits! Matthew McConaughey... and the Meat Puppets!.
My armpit is all red but it was b/c of a nasty abscess. And it was free.
Aug 29, 2014 LuisitaPhD commented on Google's Secret Drone Delivery Program Revealed.
Imagine the drone collisions and fender and wing benders, with MY muy especial order of dog treats landing in some other person's yard!

I cannot imagine how this will work out once there are more than one or two little Fed Ex Google drones buzzing around up there. I've given up on having my very own jet pack, and Google ought to give it up too.
Aug 4, 2014 LuisitaPhD commented on Chow Bio.
Paletas are my favorite food. Year round.
Jul 10, 2014 LuisitaPhD commented on The Morning News: Emmy Nominations, German Expulsions, and How to Un-Sign a Sneaky Referendum.
huh? Orange is the New Black is supposed to be a comedy?

I guess I totally misread that show.
Jul 8, 2014 LuisitaPhD commented on We Just Can't Stand Ourselves.
"thinking" and "thoughts" are quite vague in this work, as far as I can tell from the article. If a person doesn't have something to think about - that is, to engage with, then sitting is quite hard. I'd be very interested to know what the participants did in their heads that they called "thinking" or "alone with my thoughts." Our minds are very good at engaging, even engaging in a relaxing or restful phase. But even meditating summons a point of focus. The results do not surprise me. It's hard to learn to shut everything off and just relax. I am guessing that the participants just never learned to entertain themselves in their own heads.
Jun 27, 2014 LuisitaPhD commented on Today's Republican Sex Creep Does Not Disappoint.
"Men think of themselves as cars."

(I know it's not exactly MY comment. But I can't let this fine bit of simile rest ignored by the Sloggy public).
Jun 3, 2014 LuisitaPhD commented on A Very Funny Book About What It's Like to Watch Your Parents Die.
And if the fates allow, you will watch one or both of them move to the World of Dementia. It totally sucks.

I love Roz Chast.
May 28, 2014 LuisitaPhD commented on Swedish Hospital Drops Protections for LGBT Employees.
One more disturbing consequence of the loss of non-Catholic hospitals. . . bad for patients and really bad for employees.

I think it is papal PR/unfiltered talk crashing into the Kryptonite Bishopric.
May 10, 2014 LuisitaPhD commented on The Saturday Morning News.
A "super yacht industry"? What the hell is a super yacht industry? No one, not one single person on earth, needs a super yacht.