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libraboy is wondering how to contact "Kim in Portland".
Sep 19, 2010 libraboy commented on I, Anonymous.
Just pass on that phone number to the state. Weeeeeee!
Aug 23, 2010 libraboy commented on The Morning News.
A half gallon of vodka? Way to be your son's friend, moron.
Aug 22, 2010 libraboy commented on Clint Didier's Complicated Goodbye.
Jesus! Somebody actually asked if they could write him in? What part of "top-two primary" is so hard to understand?
Aug 19, 2010 libraboy commented on Non-Victorious Rossi Gives Victory Speech.
He didn't have to WIN to get into the general election. He is still unfortunately a credible threat, especially with how the middle feels about incumbents this year.
Aug 12, 2010 libraboy commented on Control Tower.
Great column, Matisse!
Aug 11, 2010 libraboy commented on Vote for Stan Rumbaugh for State Supreme Court.
This article might have been helpful if it had been released before the ballots came out. I've already voted.
Aug 10, 2010 libraboy commented on "A witness stand is a lonely place to lie.".
@11 Invoke not the name of the devil, for you shall surely draw its attention.
Aug 10, 2010 libraboy commented on Tacoma Teen Killed by Amtrak Train.
@6 Actually "after" is correct. It's a physics thing. Cause and effect happen in linear time, and cause always precedes effect.
Aug 10, 2010 libraboy commented on Lady Gaga In Ripped Fishnets Crowd Surfing at Lollapalooza.
Know what I love about crowd surfers? Ducking out of the way and watching them crash to the ground.
Aug 8, 2010 libraboy commented on Is It Still Too Early in the "Summer" to....
Dan, I love you, but I'm still going to call you a scrotum every time you complain about the weather. Kisses!!!!

The rain is making my basil and carrots quite happy.