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Apr 27, 2011 Dingo Rossi commented on Do We Want Biden?.
Joe Bidden is there to work the Senate to do the White Houses bidding, guy is a serious behind the scenes player with strong ties to Capitol Hill. He was elected to the Senate long before most Slog readers were even conceived. Obama being a relative newcomer to the Senate needs that kind of clout to jam items through the Senate with a 60 vote filibuster proof majority. Keep Joe where he is.
Mar 28, 2011 Dingo Rossi commented on "This Is Just a Good Political Ad That Is Neither Racist Nor Insane".
The problem with this ad (while being a great ad) is that it's blatantly false. The Chinese Government when faced with the global fiscal crisis pent at least as much if not more than the United States trying to escape it.

Aug 24, 2009 Dingo Rossi commented on Awkward Question: Artstar.
He worked the Santigold show last night.
May 16, 2009 Dingo Rossi commented on You Want a Baseball Open Thread, Too?.
We still have pro-sports teams? I though they all left with the Sonics.
May 12, 2009 Dingo Rossi commented on Governor's Inaction Stalls Homophobic Referendum.
@17 it's nt a suprise, it's misuse of your office. I seem to recall lots of sloggers complaining about the unethical tactics of the Bush Admin, but when one of their own does the same thing (regardless of what side you are on) one should cry foul.

Remember then-Sen. Obama promised us the end of politics as usual? This clearly is politics as usual and it's highly undemocratic. Most everyone here is for gay marriage why don't we encourage putting it up to a democratic vote on the subject instead of stifling it?
May 11, 2009 Dingo Rossi commented on Governor's Inaction Stalls Homophobic Referendum.
So let me get this straight...the Governor is subverting the democratic process of her opponents delaying the signing of the bill. Political corruption at it's finest.