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Jan 6 stinky commented on Can Portlandia Be Funny In the Age of Trump?.
Dunno. Nothing I've seen on that show has dampened my enthusiasm for doing something like taking a workshop on breaking down a pig or blow a whistle at motorists while I ride my bike. Portland folk in that demographic get mocked because they are interesting. If they weren't, the show would not work.

PEOTUS mocking a disabled reporter as a way of defeating the conversation is about as far from sketch comedy as any thing I can imagine. That comparison seems just about random.
Jan 6 stinky commented on Link's Ridership Continues to Surge.
I fear that the party is over before the band is back from their first break - PEOTUS has come out against federal support for transit projects and for using the highway trust fund for projects other than highways. These are positions that play well to his rural base.

Vancouver BC has a similar reality at the provincial level (though not so much at federal) - leadership that plays to a rural base that doesn't want to be taxed to move city folk around other than on highways. Loves them a shiny new bridge, though. The recent limited-scope transit levy referendum failed hard even though it was just the served lower mainland region that would be taxed for it. It's hard to see how what's quite frankly at best a mediocre system by international standards will be expanded. That means overcrowded, polluting, noisy diesel buses on into the future. Blech!
Oct 5, 2016 stinky commented on Auto Industry: Why Build a High-Speed Train Line Between Vancouver and Seattle When You Could Have More Cars?.
One of the promises of autonomous vehicles is that they will take less lane space than human-piloted vehicles. Ideally, they will travel very close together, gaining fuel efficiency by drafting.

There is nothing that says that the autonomous vehicles using the lane can't include autonomous buses.
Aug 5, 2016 stinky commented on This Week on the Blabbermouth Podcast: Seattle Socialist Tries to Defend Support for Jill Stein.
Editor: the podcast episode on this page is not the correct episode. None of the content matches the description.
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Aug 2, 2016 stinky is getting ready to bake dessert.
Aug 2, 2016 stinky commented on A City of Empty Towers.
It's actually somewhat worse than CM describes it. $1.56 million Canadian - the median price of a detached house - is closer to $1.2 million US at today's exchange rate - not the stated $1 million.
Aug 12, 2015 stinky commented on What We Learn from the Cop Who Shot and Killed a Small Dog.
You can slip on wet leaves on a sidewalk, possibly breaking bones or sustaining a concussion. An officer confronting such a menace doesn't really have a choice in such a situation: s/he must shoot those leaves off the path. For those of you who have never walked in the shoes of a police officer, you really shouldn't be commenting about what constitutes proper behavior. When you do, you constitute yet another deadly threat.
Aug 4, 2015 stinky commented on Making the Ballard Bridge Safe for Cyclists: One of Us Has to Die or All of Us Have to Act.
Please stick to writing (stridently) about what you know. Seattle bicycle transportation policy isn't in your portfolio, and as bad as the Ballard Bridge situation is for bicyclists is, a post like this, full of misleading half-truth and unmentioned relevant truth, is more destructive than it is constructive. You probably knew that even as you wrote it, but, you know, pageviews.