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Nov 24 stinky commented on Orange Theory Fitness Responds to Criticism That Its Ad Campaign Exploits Memorials to Dead Cyclists.
Orange Theory is doing this promo stunt in Madison WI as late as this week. Evidently their model is to remove the bikes if people complain, because that's what's reported to be happening there.
Oct 11 stinky commented on Drunk of the Week: "Girly" Shots!.
Oct 10 stinky commented on Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Tells Women to Have "Faith That the System Will Actually Give You the Right Raises".
I think the real story here is that Microsoft cares enough about gender equity that they sent the CEO of the company to a conference that's focused on gender equity. Good on 'em. Let's guess that this is the last time that will happen, thanks in part to our insatiable desire to excoriate anybody that opens their mouth and doesn't say exactly the correct thing. That's tragic, and is a greater setback to the gender equity struggle than anything one CEO might say.

That he doesn't demonstrate a complete understanding of the issues puts him in good company with most of the rest of us.

The more interesting number than the 70/30 overall split is the split for technical positions. That's about 83/17, and it's recognized to be typical for the industry. Mostly, software engineers have college degrees in technical fields such as computer science. And 17% women in technical graduating classes is also fairly typical. So a company that's hiring 17% women into starting positions isn't exhibiting bias in hiring.

Actually, the 17% is for current employees - not new hires. An enduring problem in gender equity is retention. We find that at every step of the pipeline - both before and after graduation - the gender balance degrades. Is that on Microsoft, or is that on everybody - parents, educators, co-workers, a social system that still makes child-rearing primarily a women's job, and a political system that fails to provide adequate support to mothers? Oh, and internet commentors - let's not forget the key role we play.
Oct 1 stinky commented on Chow Bio.
The noodle dish... came first? Ah, nevermind.
Sep 29 stinky commented on Superchef Marcus Samuelsson Is Coming to Seattle, Thanks to the Swedish Club.
I ate at Aquavit a couple years ago. It was: fantastic. I think Samuelsson is not involved any longer - he now has a place in Harlem called Red Rooster, also well-reviewed (but yet lacking a Michelon star) and let's guess that his yet-unreleased book is more about the Southern food served there than the Swedish food served at Aquavit? No matter - judging from his 2012 Fresh Air interview (when stumping for his memoir), he is a well-spoken and engaging speaker. Also, he has a Beard, but not a beard.
Jul 28 stinky commented on Damn the Weather Is Damn Good.
@11, this is teh internetz, not church. Can't you find something to criticize, disparage, piss on, or excoriate?
It's not hard.
Jun 19 stinky commented on T-Mobile CEO Tweets Apology for Calling Other Carriers "Fuckers" Who Are "Raping" Their Customers.
This was a genuine apology for a genuinely offensive statement. He admitted the error and apologized without qualification ("anybody who may have been offended", "if anybody was offended"). Better apology than most for a less offensive statement than many that go without acknowledgement.
Jun 16 stinky commented on RockCreek's Seafood Makes You Happy to Be Alive.
I was impressed with the friendliness of the service at this place. That kind of welcoming attitude- rare- goes a long ways towards promoting forgiveness of any rough edges that might be encountered. Can't wait to go back.
Jun 16 stinky commented on City Light CEO Gets His Massive Pay Raise, But It Won't Be Retroactive.
Since he obviously doesn't need the money to make ends meet, here's a more humane proposal: make the $15 minimum wage retroactive- seven years seems like a suitable interval for that.
Jun 16 stinky commented on Today in Irresponsible Signage.
As a native Clevelander, may I just say "go fuck yourself, you fucking fuck" ?

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