Jul 29, 2013 pablo commented on Twitter Criticized for Not Taking Rape Threats Seriously.
@5 It's not that they don't have a report button, it's that it's ineffective, and the few times company representatives do provide a sign that they've received anything it's been problematic.

i.e. https://twitter.com/femfreq/status/36158…

e.g. https://twitter.com/femfreq/status/36159…
Jul 3, 2013 pablo commented on Resisting the Call of the Siren Servers.
You'll never, ever, ever, ever, ever get anything remotely like those ideas to happen, and if they did, it's unlikely that they'll even work.

Among other things, that the middle class loves the cheap goods and services provided by Siren Servers AND is apathetic to the dissemination of their personal data is not the reason we're all broke.

There's a million reasons to be wary of Siren Servers, namely, the lameness of "Feudal Security"


But the erosion of the middle class has a lot more to do with financial regulation and shitty politics than the fact that Google uses your G+ profile to know you care more about Paris, Texas than Paris, France.

"Big thinkers" often overestimate what's possible at a large scale, and underestimate the complexity of a task, because, well, that pays their rent.
May 7, 2013 pablo commented on Another Book About Romney's Failure.
Paul, I think you're forgetting David Frum's "Why Romney Lost", which was e-published less than a week after the election:


Funny, because Frum endorsed the Romney campaign, but apparently knew it was a hopeless cause and started writing a book on why it lost seemingly as he was supporting it.

It's almost like David Frum is some kind of opportunistic shill...
Dec 14, 2012 pablo commented on What He Said: The Internet Feels Like a Ghost Town.
I think it's a mix of this:


and this:


which is to say, when the Internet multiplied in size, most of the new users went to the controlled walled gardens, and content creators followed (think AOL in the early days, where ads would say "go to *URL* or AOL keyword: *WORD*". Now it's Follow Us On Twitter and Like Us On Facebook).

The "noisier" Internet you remember was the one reminiscent in Anil Dash's post, where we were all just figuring this thing out, and a greater proportion of Internet users were more proactive in their information-seeking and generating. Now giant swaths of people get their day's entertainment from Facebook and Reddit.

Also, a lot of enthusiasm for generating content just died out. There was a time when everyone had to have a blog because we were so excited to publish and be public, until we realized generating compelling content was hard, and we weren't actually that interesting. Statuses on Facebook and Twitter have made anything but short text bursts (Blogspot, Livejournal) useless. The most successful "blogging" platform is Tumblr, and it does it by being terrible at traditional blogging.

All this to say, it's not that it's quieter, just that it's more efficient at satisfying the less-curious masses :-p
Jun 19, 2012 pablo commented on Microsoft "Surface" Sucks.
Hot damn, Goldy, I know you put a disproportionate amount of your self-worth in the fact that you prefer Apple products to Microsoft's, but you still find ways to surprise me.
Feb 28, 2012 pablo commented on How Charter School Advocates Are Like Southern Segregationists.
I know right! To disagree with how the union does its job is the same as disagreeing with its purpose and existence! Also, EVIL RACISM.
Feb 8, 2012 pablo commented on "The law at the time required a prosecution.".
I'm only 90% sure of my pedantry, but shouldn't

"one of the father's of the computer age"

lose the apostrophe?

Shameful though, about Turing. While the government issuing a pardon would be purely symbolic and won't affect anything day-to-day, Turing is one of the country's national historic treasures. The failure to pardon him (and other homosexuals who were prosecuted by this law) shows an ignorance of IMPERIAL proportions (geddit?).
Nov 9, 2011 pablo commented on Mobile Flash is Dead.
A few points...

Flash technology, as a whole, isn't dead for mobile, they're just backing out of the Flash Plugin in mobile browsers. Developers who make content for Flash can still put it on iPhones, Android, Blackberry tablets &etc. with AIR apps. The top-selling iPad game game of September was built this way:


As for Flash being dead (this is in part to @6), there's still lots of places where it'll be around and thrive. Can you do this in your browser with HTML5?


Or this?


WebGL is going in that direction, but by the time all the standards line up, and the browser vendors implement them (not to mention incompatibilities, like in the early days of CSS)... there's still a large place for Flash, though mostly on the Desktop.

(to be absolutely clear though, HTML5 + JS is almost always the better choice. Just not always :-p)
Oct 13, 2011 pablo commented on Microsoft: Windows Users Are Stupider than Mac Users.
Oh, just realized that the article I linked about OS X being insecure was recently updated to say that as of Lion, Apple did patch many of their vulnerabilities that he pointed out. Good on them ^_^

Many of the points I originally made still stand, however, and there are still many vulnerabilities in OS X, and countless more that we don't know because (comparatively) nobody is attacking it.

I'd wager that many of the people who misunderstand the security of myths of OS X had no idea that the security got a major upgrade in Lion, and would have said the same thing 6 months ago.

All that said, sorry for the harsh tone :-p