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Jun 21, 2016 Andrew Cole commented on Washington Judge Says Hospitals that Provide Maternity Care Must Provide Abortions On Site.
This only applies to public hospitals, right? So any private, or, say, Catholic-owned hospitals are still exempt?
Jun 16, 2016 Andrew Cole commented on Bernie Sanders Is Still Running for President.
Rich Smith; didn't read, I assume. Some petty mean girl bullshit is what it is.
May 19, 2016 Andrew Cole commented on How the Continuation of the Bernie Sanders Campaign Hurts the Chances of a Democrat-Controlled Senate.
@35, what an odd way to frame this. The primaries aren't the general election for a number of reasons, but the biggest one is probably that they don't all happen at once. Like, they're cumulative, rather than speculative? So it's not just that Sanders is down in the polls in California (which he is, and which have been pretty accurate this election, barring Michigan), but that he's down enough ACTUAL VOTES AND DELEGATES that making up that deficit even with a landslide in California is going to be difficult near to the point of impossibility. He'd have to win California by something like 40 points, which would mean outperforming his polls by an equal amount. He outperformed in Michigan -- a historically stunning upset -- by less than half that.

I mean, a better analogy would be in the results are coming in on Election Night and Clinton is down by enough states that she would have to sweep the remainder to clinch the election, and they're all red strongholds. At that point you keep hoping and praying, I guess, but the writing would be on the wall.
Mar 31, 2016 Andrew Cole commented on I Found Donald "The Woman Must Be Punished" Trump's Running Mate.
@3, There are several states where that's actually been put into law. Here's an article about a Montana case:…
Mar 15, 2016 Andrew Cole commented on I Don't Think Those Forever 21 T-Shirts Were Rapey Either.
@3, actually, reaching out to men around sexual assault is pretty effective, the same way that reframing the conversation around drunk driving made a difference. You can tell people to keep their eyes up, and to be ready to dodge a weaving car, but what actually cuts into the number of drunk drivers and rapists out there is convincing their friends that they should step in. That's not blind to reality, that's dealing with it.
Mar 15, 2016 Andrew Cole commented on I Don't Think Those Forever 21 T-Shirts Were Rapey Either.
I wonder if this would have been interpreted differently if the model wearing the shirt had been visibly feminine instead of visibly masculine? On a man, the advice seems hectoring, or dismissive, or victim blaming, if you assume it's aimed at women: "Well, why didn't you SAY SO," that kind of thing. On a woman it seems more supportive, or consent based, or it could, anyway. We don't generally tell men that they need to stand up for themselves and not send mixed signals.
Oct 28, 2015 Andrew Cole commented on Alien Is the Best Horror Movie Because It Is Not a Horror Movie.
Yeah, yeah, the read on Alien is straightforward and cogent, but that first paragraph! It's a very strange definition of horror, that doesn't include any of the monsters that explicitly want to eat their victims (werewolves, zombies, vampires, cannibals, etc) and ALSO doesn't include any horror movie grounded in the specific fear of inscrutable human malevolence (slasher movies, pursuit movies) or general existential panic. Horror movies aren't always or even often concerned with evil, per se, just fear. Lions don't have to be evil to be scary.
Sep 23, 2015 Andrew Cole commented on We Saw You Have Sex on the Beach, Text About Drugs, and Eat Pizza While Cycling.
Was Bus Tunnel Rifle Cane Mudede? That sounds like Mudede.
Mar 12, 2014 Andrew Cole commented on Sixth Woman in Recent Months to Leave Seattle Times Newsroom.
Did I miss a Slog post about Goldy leaving? I get the feeling it was a little fraught, but, jesus, I know more about the turnover at the Times than I do here. Not even a blip?
Jan 27, 2014 Andrew Cole commented on How Far Behind Schedule Is the Deep-Bore Tunnel?.
This isn't apropos of anything, but can I just say that seeing "Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Fan" in the corner of Will in Seattle's box has really put a lot of things in context for me.