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in the past few hours Just Jeff commented on Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No..
There is only one thing that can bring America back from the brink at this point: the election of Donald Trump to the office of President of the United States.

Now this may seem counterintuitive to anyone with half a brain, but hear me out. President Donald Trump won't save the nation because he'll keep his bizarre promises. He will save our nation because he can't. If he loses this election, his movement of hatred, ignorance, racism and narcissistic self indulgence will continue to fester, grow and gain legitimacy. Everything will be blamed on Hillary Clinton and "rigged" elections.

So I say wholeheartedly, DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT! That piece of inhuman garbage needs to be given enough rope to hang himself and take his idiot followers with him.
Jul 14 Just Jeff commented on The Mayor Is Blowing Up the City's Old Neighborhood Council System—and That's Good News for Renters.
If renters (I am one) are feeling disenfranchised, they have only themselves to blsme. Go to a fucking meeting once in awhile.
Jul 8 Just Jeff commented on I, Anonymous.
Yes. I fucking hate that. Thank God they stopped doing that "so-and-so hasn't heard from you in awhile". So and so had been dead for over a year.
Jun 30 Just Jeff commented on Morning News: Rent Slavery on the Rise in Seattle, Paul Allen Moving Homeless into Shipping Containers.
"Slavery"? Are you fucking kidding me? Who isn't "working for someone else"??
Jun 16 Just Jeff commented on Watch: One of Matt Hickey's Alleged Scam Victims Went on TV Last Night.
Still not entirely following the contriversy here. The underlying message seems to be that if the guy was a real porn recruiter it would have been just fine.
Jun 5 Just Jeff commented on Wallingford Community Council Accused of "Prejudice Toward Renters".
Headline needs correcting. Quote is AGAINST not FOR.
May 20 Just Jeff commented on Who's Trump Humiliating Today?.
#5 We already have Trump, all wishes aside.
May 20 Just Jeff commented on Who's Trump Humiliating Today?.
#4 More like hoping that the person crashing into the tree deters others from doing the same.
May 20 Just Jeff commented on Who's Trump Humiliating Today?.
Part of me hopes that he wins. The only way to truly dump Trump is allow him to fail miserably. The alternative is he and his minions sitting back, cackling and blaming Hillary for everything.
May 19 Just Jeff commented on More Complaints of Racial Profiling on Popular Neighborhood Site Nextdoor.
Erica Barnett has included the words "including Seattle" to her headline. I'm on Nextdoor. Erica Barnett is a liar.