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May 9 sissoucat commented on Savage Love.

Even if the liberals consider themselves done once gay marriage is accepted everywhere, I think the outrage over homophobia is here to stay. And that means an easier, but I agree with you, not perfect, life for all gender minorities. Look at what happened with the segregation issue and civil rights. There are still unacceptable levels of racism and of police violence against black people, but whenever it happens it makes the news and people are outraged and some perps are punished. A far cry from when a black person being killed in a racist attack was not even called racism, but 'they had it coming'. It will be slow, it won't happen in the red states as fast as in the other states, but it will slowly tend towards equality.

Thanks for the love, vennominon, WoofCandy, Cat Brother. I have some shit happening in real life and it's nice to not only decompress over here, but also feel appreciated. Hugs !
May 9 sissoucat commented on Woman Sues Homosexuals in Federal Court—All Homosexuals.

So right ! We've read the genesis book as a cultural endeavour my kids and I, and ever since their opinion on christianity is 'Who cares for whatever God is supposed to have said ? God is a liar !'.
May 9 sissoucat commented on SL Letter of the Day: Verify.
@3 Why ?


(courtesy Mickael K of Dlisted)
May 9 sissoucat commented on Savage Love.
Another angle : the teacher-highschool student bond is a hard one to shake.

Three of my student have gone on to become teachers. The one who became my son's teacher treated me with the reverence due to an elder, not with the courtesy shown to a parent. It was 'don't worry, M'am, I'll personally watch over him'. Among the two who've integrated my highschool, one had a quite relaxed approach to it, and I was the one gloating the first year : 'actually, your biology teacher is an ex-student of mine, I'm so proud of her' and asking her 'I hope I was not too bad of a teacher to you ?' And the second one, fresh from this year, is still looking up to me as if I had some kind of magical knowledge way above her own. She actually expected me not to remember her 'because I wasn't much of a good student in your class'.

So, while possibly sexual attraction could happen with an ex-student, I wouldn't personally hit on one until I knew we were in the same place, treating each other as equals. But that's just me, and my personal distaste with power dynamics in sex. Rock stars have sex with awe-struck groupies all the time and nobody objects to it.
May 9 sissoucat commented on Savage Love.
May 9 sissoucat commented on Savage Love.
In my country, it's considered inethical to cause someome to lose his job over any deviant sexual behavior which is not illegal . I know in yours politicians lose their work over dick pics. There's a female politician from northern Europe who was filmed way back by a tourist while a male had sex with her on a castle's battlement. That was embarrassing but she didn't lose her career over it, nor was made to apologize.

Tar and feathers though was good. I wonder : is tar and feathers just an humiliation thing, or is it actual torture by skin burning ? Can one die of it ?

@Still Thinking thank you ! So lovely to hear from fellow teachers ! I quite agree with you.

@Cat Brother oh, awesome ! Purrs and licks all over !


Yeah, well I happen to be a woman and I still can make a difference between someone to whom an ex-*adult*-student willingly gave her personal info, and attempted to build a relationship with, and who used it to serenade her with dick pics and 'I love you's - and a total stranger who physically and verbally sexually harasses a woman in the streets.

There is a difference between annoying behavior and a let down of one's experation, and outright threat. You conflating the two makes you the very last person who should be teaching kids.

Not to mention that you give ammo to woman-haters who love to depict feminists as irrational cry-wolf bitches. A lot of whom frequent ihollaback, I've found.

Sample question from there : 'My male teacher told me that my bra was showing, and to cover it. Is this sexual harrassment ?' The crowd : 'Hoo, the disgusting leech was totally eyeing your underaged breasts in the classroom ! Report him to the supervisor and the authorities, sexual predatory assholes got no job being around kids !'
May 8 sissoucat commented on Savage Love.
Thank you Hunter.
I'll have to leave now, it's really late in the night over here, and I'm going to pay for that tomorrow morning. Sweet night y'all.
May 8 sissoucat commented on Savage Love.

Thank you for the analogy. I giggled at the 'franc' mention. I happen to know the Côte d'Azur a bit, though not the inside of casinos.

I can't offer you better words than nocutename. I hope that you'll someday have a pleasanter experience than with your last boyfriend, not because I think that being alone is inherently wrong, or a worse place to be than inside a relationship - but because I value you so much and I'd love for you to get some happiness, and for most of us humans having sex with someone we love feels tremendously good. I understand that you wouldn't be looking or planning or hoping. It's a bore to hope for sex or a relationship when nobody suiting is likely to come along.

What angers me is your comment 'I'm too poor to have it treated'. In Europe you'd get your knee treated costlessly. And, if you're in a big city you would be able to choose the hospital you trust best to have the surgery, or more probably the injections needed. I passionately hate those rich MFs who've made it their business that poor people in the US still get today the same level of shitty care that was accessible to Europeans before WWII.

Please have it looked at before your knee gets too bad. No joint is as vital as knees to keep one's full independence when aging. I don't want you to become prematurely wheelchair-bound.
May 8 sissoucat commented on Savage Love.

Sorry to disappoint you, in the case I saw it was two boys. But ! We do have some OS couples kissing in the corridors and the staircases. And we don't mind, as long as they don't make a porn spectacle of themselves. You missed on that :)

I hope I didn't frighten Chairman for real... see, I do have a thing for the shy ones.
May 8 sissoucat commented on Savage Love.
@Hunter : I was there, and very scandalized over what she did, and I made the case that someone in a teacher position should have told her to knock it off, and that it was your only fault in the situation, if there was one. Exposing one's genitals to a teacher is not sexual thoughts or flirting, it's a sexual act. At least it's considered as such in my culture. And sexual acts have no place in the classroom... and then I got a lot of shit from someone who insisted that going commando was probably a thing too in my own country, despite local me claiming it wasn't, and that I was such a fool to say that no French highschooler or juniorschooler would think of doing such a thing in class - unless completely kukoo or groomed by a sexual abuser. To the best of my memories, that's what happened. Do you find me inconsistant ?

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