Dec 19, 2012 moshker commented on A Guide to Massacre Prevention.
Banning guns in public places is tantamount to the unilateral disarmament of the law abiding. Just plain dumb. Keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill is the key here. Canada, Israel, and Switzerland all have a large amount of firearms per capita. What's different? I would honestly like to know. This is an issue that needs to be studied. Sane regulations need to be put in place that don't demonize gun owners and hobbyists. I don't trust bleeding heart liberals to make smart decisions about gun rights because they are too ill informed and blinded by partisanship. Pro gun politicians need to step up and lead on this issue.
Dec 19, 2012 moshker commented on Savage Love Episode 321.
So difficult to have a rational conversation about gun rights with people who are so ideological or ill-informed. This is the first time I've discussed this recently and I'll try to avoid the inflammatory, sweeping, partisan, and judgmental tone that infuses Dan's statements about gun ownership. I'm sad to say that his tone is justified. Gun owners and the NRA have failed to push sensible gun regulations that serve to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally vulnerable. Media conglomerates have failed to do the same with violence. Now some reasonable and informed people are concerned the government will restrict their gun rights without effectively solving the problem. I think that is a legitimate concern. I wish the ideologues on both sides would stfu and let the informed, impartial, and rational lead the debate.
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