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Jul 14, 2014 Dingle Berries commented on Transgender Pagliacci Employee Fired, Then Offered Job Back, After Complaining About Customer Harassment.
Dylan Paul's whining makes me want to buy more Pagliacci pizzas than I already do.

I used to work with a woman who was often mistaken for a man. She understood that people would make that mistake on occasion and, when it was appropriate, she would politely correct them. No big deal, no demands for apologies, not threats, and NO WHINING. Ms. Paul needs to mellow out and learn that people do not always conform to her expectations. ESPECIALLY if she hopes to continue working in a customer service position.
Jul 4, 2014 Dingle Berries commented on Unless You Are a Professional, Don't Take Pictures of Fireworks Tomorrow.
So true, Mr. Constant! Enjoy the moment!
Apr 2, 2014 Dingle Berries commented on Piecora's Pizza to Close Forever on April 15.
Too many things I'll miss: Can't vote for just one in this poll! :(
Dec 26, 2013 Dingle Berries commented on The Man Who Loves.
Oh, man, this interview could have run four times as long! Loved Mr. Love's insights! I want more!
Oct 28, 2013 Dingle Berries commented on Wrap Your Dreams in Trouble: Lou Reed, 1942-2013.
@2 and @10 FTW - thank you!
Oct 28, 2013 Dingle Berries commented on Satan, Scarecrows, and Skin.
Awesome list, Kelly O! Is "Aliens" not included because it's more of an action film? Because I remember pretty much screaming my head off, along with the rest of the audience, when that film came out. Also, I didn't sleep a wink the night I saw the 1978 version of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." The final shot freaked me the hell out.
Sep 6, 2013 Dingle Berries commented on Super Food.
I agree, Megan - the Pagliaccio salad at Pagliacci is fantastic! I've been tempted to tell them that I have very specific food allergies and have to be very careful about what I ingest, in order to get them to reveal to me the ingredients list for their salad dressing. I want to make/eat it every day!
Jun 16, 2013 Dingle Berries commented on Egyptian Theatre to Close at the End of This Month.
Huh. Last I heard (admittedly second hand) was that SCCC and Landmark had come to terms to extend the lease for another year. I'm sure we'll get a clearer picture once one of the two parties posts something.

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