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Jul 9 Caralain commented on I, Anonymous.
You people are acting like this is a sketchy party full of sketchy people she can't trust. Most rapes are committed by people you DO know and think you CAN trust. I've gone to sleep quite drunk in the same room as a very good friend I called brother, who I knew for years and helped me out of tough/dangerous spots before. Someone I knew had my back. Turns out years later he raped two of my friends. It could have been her boyfriend, or her husband or her cousin. It could have been her girlfriend and a finger. Who the fuck are you to make these assumptions?
May 27, 2013 Caralain commented on Usually When I'm Sent a Photoshopped Image of a Gun Pointed At Me....
These people seriously need to get over themselves.
Apr 7, 2013 Caralain commented on John Corvino: Risky Lifestyle?.
I just wanted to point out, it was facts and arguments like the ones John uses in his videos that changed my mind on gay issues and women's issues. I read a statistic on abortion that showed that where abortions are made illegal, the rates of abortions stay the same, and the number of women who die shoots up. It really drew the veil back for me on the Catholic Church and the patriarchy.
Mar 28, 2013 Caralain commented on SL Letter of the Day: Gay Hahaha.
I believe the term is "hetero-flexible". When you're basically straight, but the very odd person of the same sex cranks your gear, or you're willing to be game for whatever is on the platter.
Feb 7, 2013 Caralain commented on Paying More for a Drip.
So, as an employer, use this opportunity to tell people "go home, you're too sick" when they're sniffly. Then YOU get to revel in them not having holidays, they get to go home and not lose a day's pay and feel better, and your customers don't contract awfulness. Someone else gets an extra shift, which is nice, too. You're going to have to start treating others like full humans, America, get used to it.
Feb 5, 2013 Caralain commented on Another Attempt At a Grindr For Straights.
alternately, you could send a mutual friend of the guy you might like to hook up with (whatever that means) to bring him a handwritten note saying " Do you like me, circle yes or no" to him, and then play it off like your friend pulled a trick on you if he circles no!
Feb 5, 2013 Caralain commented on I, Anonymous.
Oh get over yourselves. Those people are fucking annoying, and we should all make fun of them while drinking MALT LIQUOR and snorting PILES OF COCAINE.
Nov 4, 2012 Caralain commented on A Recommended Reading.
On an unrelated tangent, It's becoming clearer and clearer that a lot of my friends will never be able to marry without committing financial suicide. When one partner has defaulted on school loans, and the other hasn't, you're throwing any chance of financial security out the window by getting married. I want to marry my boyfriend, but I don't want him to suffer from my economic ball and chain.
Nov 3, 2012 Caralain commented on This I Did Not Know: Women in Seattle Spend Hella Scrilla on Threads.
Lets say you need to buy 1 pair of jeans (60), 4 bras 4* 50), 12 pairs of underwear (12*4), a pair of work shoes (80), 3 pairs of cute flats (30), 3 tops (30), 2 sweaters (80), a jacket (60), and workout t and shorts (40), and two pairs of tights/pantyhose (20) which is the MINIMUM I can possibly imagine spending in a year without looking like a grunge hobo, that's $628 a year, and that's if you find everything at an absolute bargain. I'm a broke student and I can't possibly imagine buying any less than this. Clothes wear out, man.
Oct 3, 2012 Caralain commented on SL Letter of the Day: What. An. Asshole..
@27 No. No one has any sympathy for this rapist, mtpsub. I have sympathy for the girl who didn't consent to that kind of sex, and almost got an STI/impregnated at 17 by a dickwad on her first time. No fucking sympathy.

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