Jun 25, 2015 RGW commented on Yes, I'm Still on PrEP, and Yes, I Still Think of It as a Godsend.
@12. This is a reasonable concern. PrEP guidelines now advise that everyone undergo viral level/RNA PCR testing prior to starting PrEP, for just such this reason. These tests are more sensitive for early infection, when an antibody assay may still test negative.
May 18, 2015 RGW commented on Yes, We Protest Shell Oil With Products Made From Oil. Duh. Now Join Us..
I occasionally find myself feeling scornful of the movement because of this perceived hypocrisy. But I also acknowledge that there's really no way to be an active member of modern society without consuming and using petroleum and the products it creates. So I try to push that thought out of my head and recognize that it's a straw man.

But I do take issue with the "no one is trying to be sanctimonious..." statement. That's probably the primary source of my annoyance with this issue/movement. I still do not understand why Shell deserves such a large share of the scorn. They are providing a product that we all want and that we all continue to buy. They are providing it directly as a result of our demand for it. We all want oil and we all want it cheaply. And on top of that, it seems like most of us prefer it comes from a sandy place, far, far away, where brown people without basic human rights or fair wages are responsible for getting it out of the ground and onto ships bound for our shores.

Finally, the definition of sanctimonious: "making a show of being morally superior to other people." Sydney Brownstone: "Chill walk back. Can't help thinking: Jesus Christ, shouldn't people be angrier about this?"
Mar 10, 2015 RGW commented on Why We Should Be Giving Hell to Port Commissioner Courtney Gregoire.
The lack of comments on this remarkably boring piece gratifies me.
Mar 5, 2015 RGW commented on Why You Should Give a Fuck About the Port of Seattle's Decision to Help Destroy the Planet.
Agree with 3. Really growing tired of Ms. Brownstones articles on this subject.

The entire point of McGlade et al is that any additional resource development is likely to push us past 2 degrees. That includes arctic, unconventional and foreign assets. Assuming you block Shell from using the port, then they either find another port to base their arctic fleet or they don't. It is is unlikely that either outcome will significantly alter the amount of oil that they produce as that's going to be largely determined by the demand that we create for it. If demand remains strong, then they'll produce more, be it from the arctic, unconventional (fracking) or foreign. Any increase in the cost of getting that oil is unlikely to be significantly born by Shell as they know that increases in gasoline, airline tickets and transported goods are readily born by the consumer.

Like many today, your article seeks to lay the blame for climate change at the feet of corporations and elected officials. Unless you're never riding in a motorized vehicle, never consuming electricity nor ever purchasing manufactured goods, the blame is on you (and me). Trying to put it onto a corporation that is merely striving to feed our gluttonous appetite is cowardly.
Oct 30, 2014 RGW commented on "I'm going to stand up for fucking Christians.".
@36 Actually I can say all that without being a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are not the only physicians (or more generally, providers) who are capable of diagnosing and managing various mental illnesses. I routinely diagnose, counsel, and prescribe for mental illnesses, as do hundreds of thousands of other non-psychiatrist MD/DO/NP/PAs every day. The majority of care for people with mental illnesses is provided by primary care providers and most people with a diagnosed mental illness areally not treated by a psychiatrist, nor

do they need to be.
Oct 29, 2014 RGW commented on "I'm going to stand up for fucking Christians.".
As a physician, I can say that there's nothing in the video that suggests he's mentally ill. It's certainly possible that he is, but screaming loudly, irrationally, irately and in public is neither sensitive nor specific for diagnosing mental illness. The man does, however, appear to entitled and unpleasant.
Aug 26, 2014 RGW commented on Are Women Who Read Fifty Shade of Grey Likelier to Be Abused By Their Partners?.
Agree with 8.

There doesn't seem to be any judgment implicit in their questions with respect to sexual practices. They note specifically that they ask these questions because they correlate with higher rates of sexual violence, which has been well established by numerous studies. Likewise with the dieting aids and fasting, these questions have also been shown to correlate with higher rates of eating disorders, as has been established by other peer-reviewed studies.

I also agree that correlation is not causation. As do the authors. They specifically note that their study is unable to establish temporality. Given the basic tenets of modern biomedical ethics, it wouldn't be very feasible to conduct a randomized, controlled trial to expose one group of women to 50 Shades of Grey and compare them to a non-exposed control, with the hypothesis that you will cause the former group to be abused. What we're left with is observational studies which attempt to establish correlation. Welcome to statistics and scientific literature.

You also fail to address their primary finding, which is that having read 50 Shades of Grey does, in fact, correlate with having been the victim of emotional abuse from a partner.

Finally, putting "sex researcher" into scare quotes is a churlish move. The lead author has 44 peer-reviewed article on the topic of intimate partner violence and sexual abuse, which is good enough for me. Maybe some of her opinions differ from mine, but I'm glad that there's someone who has dedicated her life's work to studying domestic violence in an effort to reduce it.
Apr 2, 2014 RGW commented on That Ebola Outbreak In Guinea....
"Guineans are fighting the virus with... hand sanitizer."

Kind of snarky and ignorant. Without any specific therapies for ebola, hand hygiene should be an extremely high priority, likely second only to quarantine of the infected.
Dec 3, 2012 RGW commented on The Line at the Cherry Street Food Bank.
I really can't imagine that many of the people standing in line for food for themselves and their families want to be photographed and posted to SLOG.
May 31, 2012 RGW commented on Oklahoma Hospital Refuses Services, Emergency Contraception to Rape Victim.

I think there are a number of doctors (myself included) who would argue that examining and trying to treat a sexual assault victim without a SANE rises negligence and could easily be considered malpractice.

As others have pointed out, the referral hospital was not 20 or 40 miles away, but significantly closer. But even if it wasn't, lots of people travel significantly more than 40 miles for injuries and assaults more life-threatening than those described. We do not have hospitals on every corner. There are plenty of towns which no longer have a single physician, let alone a gynecologist or other specialists. That's just how it is.

As to your question to why there isn't one trained individual on call, the answer is because it costs money to train and maintain a SANE. Clearly it would be nice if there were, just like it would be nice to have universal healthcare. These are good ideas, but railing against the hospital for not providing them is myopic.

In terms of the EC, I agree completely.